Plans underway to improve Media Prima's match telecasts

Goal spoke to Media Prima's Brand Manager on the future of Malaysian domestic football on their TV channels.

Goal spoke to Media Prima's Feisal Malik to ask about the company's plans for the television broadcast of Malaysian domestic football, after they've taken over that duty from subscription-based Astro this year, albeit on an ad-hoc basis.

G: Do you think that the fans' criticism on Media Prima's technical quality of the match telecast, is warranted?

F: We truly understand the fans’ concerns. They are very passionate about local football, hence the demand in high quality transmission when it comes to live football. Our quality of transmission varies according to platforms. For instance, viewers who watch our programmes on our on-line portal, Tonton or subscribers of Unifi who watch our shows on HyppTV will experience an almost HD-like quality. So, in the meantime these are the two alternative platforms available for viewers who wish to watch the matches in higher transmission quality.


G: What is being done to correct this?

F: At this moment we are working on optimizing our transmission quality on Astro and with their assistance we hope to complete this work in a few more weeks. We at, Media Prima, are football fans ourselves so it is important for our viewers to be able to experience how live football is meant to be watched.


G: Another criticism by the fans is the lack of pre and post-match discussions on Media Prima channels. Any thoughts on this?

F: We do have plans to streamline our football-related content, and showcase our football shows better. Work towards improving our production and plans for additional support programming are currently being done. Viewers can expect the gradual changes soon.


G: What happened with the second round of the FA Cup the other day, when none of the matches were broadcasted at all?

F: We do not have the rights to broadcast the FA Cup matches at the moment. FAM will be making the announcement once they have sort out the broadcast deals.


G: Are there discussions between Media Prima and the broadcast rights holder, MP & Silva on the telecast?

F: At the moment, discussions are between MPB and Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).


G: Before we finish this, do you have anything to say to your viewers, and local football fans in the country?

F: Being the most-watched FTA channels (TV3 and TV9) in the country, local football can now be seen by everyone nationwide. The ratings have more than doubled on our channels as compared to the ratings in the previous years. Our league is one of the best and most exciting in the region so let us all be part of it, enjoy the beautiful game and continue supporting our local football.