TMJ to take a step back from JDT

JDT owner Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim wants to concentrate more on his duties to the state of Johor beginning 2017.

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Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) owner Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has announced his intention of relinquishing some of his roles at the club.

In an interview published on the club's social media, Tunku Ismail, also known as TMJ by fans, stated that he plans to do so in order to focus more on his duties to the state of Johor, which he is the crown prince of.

"...I have a bigger mission, and that mission is The state of Johor. I have done my duty for football. I've put the right people in the club, and I have the best fan base that will make sure our club's project will be a success.

"Now my mission is to focus on my duty for my state of Johor and for Johor's economy. That is my mission from next year onwards. Doing what I'm born to do. To successfully ensure that Johor does well in every single aspect," explained TMJ.

He added that he is also planning to do that in order to see the club be more independent, although he stopped short of describing his move as a break from football.

"I will always be in football. I own 70 percent of the club. But I won't be as hands-on as I was for the last three years. I want to see how the club runs itself.

"I would like to see if they are able to achieve what they have for the last three years if I'm not that hands on with 100% committed. Nonetheless, I will still monitor the progress of the club," promised the crown prince.


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