Malaysia U22 players prefer call-up approach

Malaysia U22 players have expressed their preference for the current call-up approach, over an extended training camp.

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Malaysia U22 players, when interviewed after their friendly against Bahrain U22 on Tuesday, have expressed their preference for the current call-up approach instead, over an extended training camp approach proposed by Malaysia U22 head coach Frank Bernhardt.

The German recently made the proposal to the Malaysian FA (FAM), in preparation of the 2017 SEA Games which will be hosted in Kuala Lumpur by Malaysia. FAM have set the target of winning the gold medal in the tournament for Bernhardt. It was then reported that the Young Tigers will be gathered next year for a period of only three months, and not longer. 

According to midfielder Khairil Anuar Zamri, he believes three month centralised training should be enough for the team.

“For me, the best option is the call-up system and the three months centralised training. This is because most of the players are playing for their state sides and clubs, and I’m sure their clubs need them as well,” said the Perak player.

“I think three months is a long-enough period for the centralised training, because we’ve been together since 2013. So I think three months is enough to train ourselves for the competition.”

JDT centre-back Dominic Tan also said he favoured the call-up system, as the three-month training period can be fully used for the team to train.

“I think the call-up system is better, and three months is sufficient because before this, even with a two to three-week call-up we can see improvements, so three months should be good for us,” explained Tan.

For Selangor striker Adam Nor Azlin, playing with their respective clubs gives the players more experience, but he was quick to add that as professionals, the players must accept any decision.

“In my opinion, as a player, we can gain more experience playing club football, but the coach wants the team to gather for a longer period of time, to transform us into a better squad.”

“For me, I’m okay either way. As a player, I have to be professional and accept whatever decisions made later. We have to sacrifice in order to give our best for the country.”


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