Weigang 'not happy' with the way Perak played

The 3-0 win against JDT in their Malaysia Cup match may have been satisfying, but Perak's veteran head coach Karl Heinz Weigang is far from happy.

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The result may have been satisfying but Perak's veteran head coach Karl Heinz Weigang is far from happy.

Eventhough Perak beat JDT in convincing fashion in their Malaysia Cup Group C campaign, the German felt his team made too many technical and tactical mistakes in the match.

"I'm not happy with the way we played. I can only give a thumbs up to the crowd because they encouraged the players.

"From the very first minute, I told the players to attack, they did but it wasn't enough," adding that he is who is and he can change his demands or himself because he is a German.

Weigang, who didn't comment much about the match and instead asked reporters to comment about the game, also lambasted FMLLP for their 'inhumane' football season schedule.

"The schedule made by a private group is killing everybody. I would like to suggest them to do this - The people in the group should play a curtain raiser for every match to feel how the players feel.

"They have no knowledge of the human body. I go around the stadium to meet the fans because I didn't play but my players, they play their hearts out for every match. 

"We win every match and people want to see somebody. While the players cannot do, after a strenuous performance, I be that somebody," adding that many teams in the country are struggling with the packed league and cup schedule.


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