Kelantan's 'Magical' Pink Kit

Kelantan finally launched their mysterious and controversial jersey.

GOALBY   Izzat Akmal   Follow on Twitter

Kelantan finally revealed their latest kit today, and to make it sweeter, they have added the requested jersey, the Pink colored jersey as their third kit. And, to make it more interesting, the team, now known as Pamoga Qu Puteh Red Warriors, will kill two birds with one stone by wearing them, they could play football with it and also make them whiter and skinner.

That is at least, claimed by their main sponsor, Datuk Seri Dr Hazmiza Othman (Dr Vida). The jerseys are not much-changed since last season, with their previous sponsors like Chengal Jati, Unikl and RedOne still be printed on the jersey, but the big difference is the addition of Pamoga Qu Puteh logos on the crest replacing Chengal Jati.

The jerseys are made by not Nike or Adidas or maybe Warriors, but by DSV, Datuk Seri Vida herself. However during the ceremony, the players were still donning Warriors’ socks, their previous season’s kit sponsor.

Apart from that, the jersey is said to be “magical” with the power of making those who are wearing it to be whiter and skinner. Despite with lack of scientific explanations, Dr Vida did mention about the research made by her company, Vida Beauty. The product are focusing on materials that will make the wearer’s skin fairer and slimmer.

The technology used, according to Dr Vida, are imported from three nations of Thailand, Vietnam and China will have the ability to smoothen the blood circulatory and evaporate moisture, thus, it can  burn excessive fat and the evaporation process will make the wearer feels like they were just came out of sauna.

Just like she said, “It will seem as though the jerseys came down from outer space.” We will surely see the result when the season is over.

Despite the fact that the sponsorship might have saved Kelantan FA (KAFA) with a deal worth RM16 million for two years, they’ve been hit by several controversies regarding the sponsorship, and with the launching of the jersey, things may have come to the closure.

Despite all the questions and wonders, they finally concluded it with a ceremony introducing 2016 Pamoga Qu Puteh Red Warriors jerseys, and Kelantan will still don red as their main kit, blue as the second kit and the exclusive pink as their third kit.