Zainal Abidin to take over Selangor

Along with Zainal Abidin's coach appointment, Patrick Wleh's signing from PKNS was also confirmed by the recent Malaysia Cup champions Selangor.

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Selangor announced the appointment of former Pahang head coach Zainal Abidin Hassan as their new head coach, replacing Mehmmet Durakovic.
The confirmation was announced on their website which finally settled the rumours that the Australian, also a former player at Selangor, was set to be sacked despite leading Selangor to their long-elusive 33rd Malaysia Cup title recently.
Team manager Amirudin Shari explained in the announcement that the decision was made by mutual consent, as Durakovic had one more year on his contract as Selangor head coach. Amirudin claimed that the 50-year-old coach had been offered another role at the side to lead their youth players, but Durakovic opted to take a sabbatical and the monetary compensation instead for now.

"The Selangor FA will coordinate future involvement of Mehmet Durakovic at the club, for the future development of Selangor," added Amirudin.
Several publications have rumoured that Durakovic is receiving almost RM1 million as compensation from the Klang Valley side.
Zainal meanwhile will officially take over the role beginning January 1 2016, and the announcement said that the decision to appoint Zainal was made "after considering Zainal's 14 years' of experience and achievements as head coach."
Selangor fans, and the media alike, had been understandably upset at the rumour of Durakovic's termination, appalled at the treatment received by the head coach who brought Selangor their first title in five years. Many of them had also expressed the opinion that even if Durakovic needs to be replaced, Zainal is not a better head coach than he is.
The announcement also confirmed the signing of Patrick Wleh from PKNS for one year, which earlier had been rumoured by the media. 
The announcement ended by revealing that the Red Giants are looking to fill their remaining foreign player spot, by assessing players from Latin America.