Azraai Khor blames the 'invisible hands' that caused him to resign from Kelantan's post

Azraai Khor admitted that he was disturbed in doing his job by 'invisible hands', while he also believed that he has failed to live up to KAFA's expectations

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Azraai Khor claimed that he was tired of the ‘invisible hands’ that has been disrupting him in doing his job at Kelantan for the last three months.

Azraai, who resigned from head coach post at Kelantan yesterday, confirmed that it was the ‘invisble hands’ that led him to end his short three-month stint at Kelantan football club.

According to Utusan, Azraai said he was tired of ‘entertaning’ some of the individuals who always interrupted with his planning and strategies to face Super League matcches.

When asked who were the individuals, Azraai refused to reveal the identities and he just hoped that this issue will not be discussed any more.

“I think it’s best that only I know who they are. I hope this issue ends here. I have also sent my resignation letter to Kelantan Football Association.”

“This was the best decision for everyone and those who are more qualified can continue to do this job. I am afraid that if I continue to be the head coach, it will jeopardize my relationship with KAFA,” added Azraai.

“My job here was to bring back the image of Kelantan’s football team, but I have to admit that I have failed in doing that. But there were improvements and changes that happened during my time here.”

Azraai’s three month stint with Kelantan ended with five defeats, one draw and one win in the Super League, though he did manage to bring Kelantan to the FA Cup final, which they lost to Lions XII 3-1.