Malaysian football going for the German way

A media briefing and workshop was conducted by FAM, FMLLP and MPS to give a clearer picture on what we can expect in Malaysian football.

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There were a number of things to be gleaned from the media briefing and workshop conducted by Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) and MP & Silva (MPS). Held in a hotel in Petaling Jaya, the workshop aimed to keep FMLLP stakeholders apprised of the latest and planned developments for the 2016 season, and was attended by the State Football Associations and respective clubs.

During the meeting it was divulged the structure of FMLLP. In his presentation, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FMLLP, Kevin Ramalingam stated that the model chosen for the privatisation of the league was a hybrid solution. The solution combines the organizational structure of the German Bundesliga with the revenue distribution model of the English Premier League. The idea is to take the good points from the Bundesliga in the manner where over half of the players came straight from the academies and formed the fulcrum of the squad that won Germany the World Cup in 2014.

FMLLP structure will consist of the following

  • League Congress comprising total of 29 seats. 1 seat from each of the participating Super League and Premier League Teams with the balance 5 seats from FAM.
  • League Executive Committee comprising of 3 seats where 3 from the Congress will be voted into the board for a particular term.

The money distribution will be based on a point scoring system, depending on how successful teams are in a combination of various competitions. For seasons 2016 – 2021, a sum of RM70 million a season is guaranteed a minimum amount to be distributed amongst 4 sections. The sections are;

  • League teams (RM21 million)
  • FAM (RM28 million)
  • League operations (RM14 million)
  • Referees and youth development (RM7 million)

Although, there are still question marks over the eligibility of state teams and clubs to comply with the standards required for the privatization which will decide whether these teams are successful with their club licensing application. To which Kevin states that teams will be given 2 years to get their house in order as FMLLP expects the league to be in full compliance come 2018. Only those that get promoted from FAM league into the Premier League will only be given a 1 year grace period on or after 2018.

League Clubs

MPS joins the cast as a special partner and will act as FAM’s global media and commercial advisor. The role of MPS is through 3 areas;

  1. Media rights
  2. Sponsorship
  3. Production / Broadcast

With their long history in managing the media rights in a variety of world class sports worldwide, MPS promises to bring greater engagement possibilities from media and sponsorship. With increased media production, it will enhance the image of Malaysian football with quality and consistency. Amongst the proposed updates are the following;

  • More broadcast time slots, meaning more matches on TV
  • Digital offerings – official streaming through various platforms
  • HD production with dual-language commentary available

“Since the launch and announcement to privatize the football league, our team has been working closely with our partners to develop many exciting plans for the next season, developing media distribution, commercial strategies in addition to broadcast initiatives for the next season,” said Beatrice Lee, MP & Silva’s Managing Director, Asia Pacific.


There are many areas of the plan for the entire FMLLP structure that still requires work on. The fans have always cried out for a better run league from infrastructure to league organization. However, the one singular most important barometer that everyone wants to see is the improvement in quality that ultimately pushes the Malaysian national team up a few levels. Time will tell on that one.