Khairy Jamaluddin reveals Harimau Muda system was not made for long term

Khairy believes that the FAM should no longer continue with the Harimau Muda system

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Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has stated that the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) must disband the Harimau Muda system.

According to Khairy, the Harimau Muda system is no longer relevant, and the state football associations should take the responsibility to groom potential players.

“There are many private companies that are coming forward to sponsor the state teams. Maybe some will disagree, but I can see that the quality of players has started to improve,” said Khairy to Bernama.

Other than believing that Harimau Muda system is no longer releveant, Khairy, who used to be the FAM’s Deputy President, also suggested that it should be terminated because it was not planned for the long term.

“When I started introducing this system when I was in the FAM, my original aim was to develop the junior set up but it was not a long term plan.

“The ideal system will be to send young players back to their states to be groomed and allow the state teams to take responsibility,” added Khairy.

FAM earlier had decided to merge both Harimau Muda A with Harimau Muda B, with the coach of Harimau Muda A Ong Kim Swee given a new task, which is to find young talents for the upcoming Asian Games.

However, Kim Swee has been heavily linked with the Sabah FA this season, but he has been quick to deny any speculation.