Balachandran leaves Malaysia U16, teams up with Frenz United

S. Balachandran has left the Malaysia under 16 team and decided to join Frenz United as their new head coach

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Rumours speculating about the resignation of S. Balachandran, the Malaysia under 16 head coach, have been answered as it has been confirmed that he will be the new coach of Frenz United.

According to the spokesperson of Frenz united, the official announcement on the appointment of Balachandran will be made soon.

Quoting from Mstar, a spokesperson said, “Yes, it’s true. He will be the new coach of this academy and honestly, we have been working with the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) for quite some time now. He has lots of experience and meets all the criteria to be with this academy.

“As a professional academy, we won’t stop him if he wants to share ideas with the national team in the future. He will have no time to rest as he will be tested for the international tournament this January.”

Meanwhile, the FAM also have confirmed the resignation of Balachandran, but refusd to give any comments in regards to the issue.

Balachandran was put under the spotlight when the Malaysia under 16 team advanced to the semi-final of the FIFA World Cup Under 17 Qualification competition, before losing to Australia. They also finished second behind South Korea in the group stages of the competition.

His team also won the FAM-Frenz Asia Champions Cup last August, and also made history when they won the AFF B16 Cup in Myamar last year.

Frenz United were established in 2012, with the objectives of finding talented football players between the ages of 13 to 17 years old.