Negeri Sembilan receives warning from Chief Minister

President of Negeri Sembilan Football Association, Datuk Seri Mohamad Hassan has warned the team and coach V. Sundramoorthy to perform better or major changes will be made

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Negeri Sembilan Football Association have voiced a warning to its football team and coach, V. Sundramoorthy, after poor performances so far this season.

The President, who is also the chief minister of Negeri Sembilan, Datuk Seri Mohamd Hasan, has stated that he has talked to the team’s manager Datuk Abdul Ghani over the issue so that the team can improve and start to get winning results as soon as possible.

“I’ve talked to Datuk Abdul Ghani Hassan so that our team can improve. We are actually a strong team, (with) very good players but we are lacking in terms of tactics and strategies. We keep playing the same way, which our opponents already know, and that’s our weakness”, said Mohamad Hasan.

According to him, his side are considering whether to make changes to the playing squad, or sacking coach V. Sundramoorthy if their forms continue like this.

He insisted that he has no problems to end Sundramoorthy’s contract, and has the right to do so if the coach does not bring good performances to the team.

In regards to the transfer window, Mohamad also informed media that they are currently in search of a midfielder to strengthen their team.

Negeri Sembilan have only collected 12 points from nine games this season and are currently occupying 7th place in the league. They were relegated from the Super League last season alongside Felda United and they are looking for a quick return to top-flight football.