Fiasco in Larkin as Johor Darul Ta'zim vs T-Team match gets suspended

An altercation between players and officials at the half time whistle ended up affecting the game as T-Team refused to come out of their dressing room for the second half
Fans at the Larkin stadium were only treated to 45 minutes of football action as a minor fiasco that emerged at half time forced the match into being suspended, with T-Team refusing to come onto the pitch for the second half.

According to the reports, Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) head coach Cesare Ferrando had a spat with one of the T-Team coaching staff at half time. The bickering escalated as players from both sides stepped in, and the fracas apparently also continued inside the tunnel and dressing room.

However, the JDT players emerged after 15 minutes, ready to start the second the second half. T-Team though, refused to make their way into the pitch; reportedly protesting against the blowup that happened at half time.

As a result, the match commisioner announced that the match would suspended temporarily and that a more thorough decision will be made by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) within the next few days.

It came as a disappointment for all the fans as they were entertained by a spectacular first half display from both teams. JDT initially took the lead via Luciano Figueroa, before the Argentine forward scored another one on the 20th minute mark.

T-Team kept pushing hard and pulled one back through Marzuki Yusoff's powerful free-kick attempt on the 29th minute before both sides continued going on the offensive before the half time whistle was blown.