Pahang - Johor Darul Takzim FA Cup semi-final second leg postponed

Overcrowding of the Darulmakmur Stadium in Pahang led to the postponement of the FA Cup semi-final second leg between the Southern Tigers and the Elephants

All hell broke loose last night as the second leg of the FA Cup semi-final tie between Pahang and Johor Darul Takzim scheduled to take place at the Darulmakmur Stadium was delayed for over two hours before it was eventually cancelled due to overcrowding and crowd trouble.

The problem was apparent just minutes before kick off when fans were seen escaping the packed stands by hopping over the barrier to get on the running track surrounding the pitch.

Even the aisles between the seats were already filled with standing fans.

Thankfully, the fans made no attempt to approach the pitch, attempting instead to watch the start of the match by sitting cross-legged on the outer edge of the track.

However, the match commissioner Ahmad Fuad Daud refused to give the go ahead for the kickoff as more fans were pouring onto the track.

Stadium security and PDRM with the help of several Pahang fan group leaders were then seen trying to get the fans to sit further from the touchline in order to maintain security.

But as the minutes wore on, both sets of players were rushed back into the dressing rooms.

Eventually the Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah who was also in attendance, came down from his seat and onto the track to calm the Pahang fans down.

He was then later seen talking sternly to the match referees.

Afterwards it was decided that the fans had to vacate the track, and after a while they were seen shuffling off.

Only then did the Pahang players came back from the dressing room, looking eager to start the match which by then, had already been delayed for an hour.

However, the fans were to be disappointed again, as the JDT players refused to come out for security reasons.

Confusion reigned for the following half hour despite the fans having cleared the track area, until the Kuantan District Police Chief, Jasmani Yusoff, announced on the PA system that the 40,000 capacity stadium was safe and the match could be started.

He was then seen circling the track, to the crowd’s delight, although the JDT players did not show any sign of wanting to return to the pitch.

But as he approached the area occupied by the JDT fans, some of them leapt over the barrier onto the track.

It was then revealed that they were escaping 'missiles' that were thrown at them from behind, outside the stadium.

As more and more of them leapt over the barrier, they escaped onto the pitch instead to escape the pebbles and rocks.

As hell broke loose, an announcement was made that the match, which at that point had been delayed for two hours, was to be cancelled.

Pahang fans then started to invade the pitch themselves before police had to break up a scuffle between fans from both sides.

A few of them were detained for disorderly conduct while several fans were reported to have suffered from minor injuries from the incident.

Reports have emerged saying that the overcrowding was caused either by the purchase and sale of counterfeit tickets, or the issuance of more tickets than the maximum stadium capacity by Football Association of Pahang (PBNP) themselves - although PBNP have not made any statements regarding this issue.

This incident happened almost one week after the JDT-Kelantan league match at Larkin last week was plagued by a similar trouble which also caused the match to be postponed for awhile, although it was not cancelled.

FAM officials are set to convene in Kelana Jaya this afternoon to decide the outcome of the match.

It is also unclear whether PBNP, as the host, will be punished by FAM for their failure to control the crowd.

Stay on for FAM’s decision regarding this match after their meeting later this evening.