Fans repeat call for FAM President to step down

PFSLJ repeats call for the FAM President to step down, and to respond to their criticism.

The underground fan movement, ‘Presiden FAM Sila Letak Jawatan’ (PFSLJ), invited members of the media for another press conference in Bukit Jalil earlier today.

In the interview, they outlined several updates to their key demands which they released in their first press conference in December last year.

They are calling for the resignation of the President of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Sultan Ahmad Shah for five reasons.

The five main reasons cited are: FAM’s insistence that the FIFA rankings are not important, an uncompetitive domestic league that does not improve the quality of the local footballers, the lack of accountability in management and fairness in handing out punishments, the lack of a clear direction in guiding the national team’s future, and most importantly the ‘trigger-happy’ use of Article 88 by FAM to silence criticism to and by its own members.

PFSLJ speaker, Alfadli drew attention to Malaysia's two recent matches against Yemen and Saudi Arabia, whereby the Tigers defeated the lower-ranked Yemen whose domestic league has gone defunct for six months, whereas they were soundly beaten against the higher-ranked Saudi Arabia, a country with a more competitive league as a proof that the FIFA rankings are indeed an accurate representation of a country’s strength.

Apart from calling for the resignation of the President and the reshuffling of FAM, they are also calling for FAM to respond to these allegations, and to prove that they are wrong, instead of just defending their posts.

They claimed that this silence is a proof that their allegations are true.

In addition, they also condemn the haphazard use of Article 88 on FAM members which they said breeds subservience and inhibits improvement in the organisation.

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