T-Team's Peter Butler to report Bojan Hodak to the FAM

The T-Team head coach has accused Bojan of directing insulting remarks towards his mother during their clash with Kelantan last week
Peter Butler has vowed to report Bojan Hodak to the FAM after claiming that the Croatian head coach directed insultive remarks about Butler's mother in a sideline spat during the Super League clash between Kelantan and T-Team last week.

Both men appeared to argue on the sidelines over a decision made by the referee but Butler expressed his disappointment after the game, demanding apology from Bojan himself. However, the Croation has distanced himself from the controversy, claiming that he will not apologise for something he never did.

Now, Peter Butler has reaffirmed his decision of reporting this case to the FAM in the near future, adding that even the Kelantan FA general secretary Azman Ibrahim contacted him to apologise on the incident.

"I'm disappointed and very sad because he threw all those insulting remarks towards my mother, who passed away some time back due to cancer," he told Berita Harian.

"Now, he's not only too arrogant to apologise, but he doesn't even want to admit what he did. I'm baffled as to why the Croation is finding it so hard to apologise, when even the Kelantan FA general secretary Azman Ibrahim rang me up to send apologies from their side.

"I've got no problems whatsoever with KAFA and I'm touched by their management's humble decision to apologise from me, even though they had no faults or role in this in this incident."

Prior to that, Bojan claimed that Butler's accusations were merely created to attract widespread media attention, adding that he has got no problems if Butler does intend to bring this case to FAM.