The Red Warriors officially unveil 2013 season kit in Kota Bharu

Kelantan FA held a ceremony to officiate the launch of their new kit for the 2013 season of Malaysian football

Kelantan Football Association (KAFA), with the collaboration with The Red Warriors Sdn Bhd and their new main sponsor Hotlink, held their Jersey and Merchandise Launching Ceremony at the Kelatan Trade Centre, Kota Bharu on Thursday.

The ceremony, which started at 2.30 pm, mainly introduced Kelantan’s new sponsors and the new kit that the squad will use for the upcoming season.

Hotlink will be their main sponsor for 2013, with the value of their sponsorship being the biggest in the history of Kelanan FA.

Alongside them, Kelantan are also being sponsored by, Warriors, Sinar harian, Syarikat Muda Osman (SMO), Mamee, Tresenergy, Desa Murni Batik dan Pure’re Spritz. While the amount of all the sponsorship were undisclosed, KAFA president Tan Sri Annuar Musa stated that Kelantan will be financially secured for the year.

As for the kit, TSAM also announced that Warriors, which is the company that produces the kit, have made two versions of it; fan's version and the player's version. The former will be sold at a reasonable price, compared to the latter and the main motive of this move was to combat the sale of fake kits.

Hotlink, as the main sponsor for the Red Warriors, will be looking to enhance their relationship with fans as they announced plans to give away free tickets to their first 500 Hotlink users that reload their prepaid in every TRW home matches.

Mr Mazlan Mokhtar, East Coast regional head of Maxix stated that this partnership is a step to further increase their relationship with customers in this region. He also stated that this partnership reflects Maxis’ continued commitment in developing and supporting local sports growth.