Transfer News: Perak's search for new imports a 'tyeobsy-turvy' affair

T-Team replaces Fabio Flor with another Brazilian, Perak's latest signing fired...only days after his signing.

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The saga that is the Perak football team has taken yet another turn, and what a comical turn of event it is, unless you're a Perak fan. 
Lebanon national player Imad Ghaddar, who had just been signed by the Bos Gaurus a few days before their Saturday encounter against Selangor, had been sacked over the weekend by the Perak FA without playing for even one minute, reported Harian Metro.
Perak manager, Azhar Ahmad told the tabloid that the 23-year old forward had refused to play against Selangor despite him already being listed on the startlist against the Red Giants, claiming that his back was sprained. However a check by the team medic did not reveal anything wrong with him, and he still refused to make his debut. The Bos Gaurus had no other option but to terminate his contract over this insubordination.
Azhar told that Imad's place will be replaced by another foreign player who is yet to be decided. However, Perak faced no problem from another Lebanese player who had been signed at around the same time as Imad, 31-year old Hassan Daher, who made his debut for Perak against Selangor.
Perak are currently bottom of the league, having gone seven consecutive matches without a win. They are the only team to have never been relegated from MSL since the league's inception.


Sinar Harian yesterday reported that T-Team have signed former Bangkok Glass midfielder, Leandro Dos Santos as a foreign-signing replacement for their recently-injured centreback Fabio Flor. The signing was confirmed by the club's CEO Abdul Rashid Jusoh, who explained that the 27-year old had arrived on Friday, and passed the requirements laid out by the club before putting pen to paper.