McDermott reveals details for January budget spending

The Reading boss has set his eyes on an important transfer window, as he hopes some wise investment can help his side remain in the Premier League
Brian McDermott has revealed his details for a January transfer window which could help Reading climb out of the relegation zone.

The newly-promoted side have had a tough start to life in the Premier League and currently find themselves six points adrift of 18th-placed Wigan.

But McDermott insists that the club will not overspend in the window, and refuses to quote figures regarding his January allowance.

He told the official Reading webiste: “We have been a sensible club, punching above our weight for a long, long time. The budget we had last year we won the Championship with. West Ham went up, Southampton went up, but look at all those clubs down in the Championship with bigger budgets. I think that there’s a lot to be said for that.
"Look at what happened at Portsmouth, what happened at Leeds. What happened at Cardiff to a point a few years ago. Clubs nearly go out of business. It’s not going to happen here, we won’t let that happen. Because the club is too important. This club has been here since 1871. This club is too important."

McDermott spoke of the troubles which he has faced as a manager, believing that the value of a player is only part of the problem, with the player's ambition being a tough hurdle to negotiate.
On transfer targets, McDermott added: “You see them – but whether you can get them, that’s a different story. You’re obviously in a situation where we’re down where we are and it’s whether they want to come, whether we can afford them – and everything that goes with it.”

But McDermott understands that he will face the pressure to make sure his budget is used appropriately, and to purchase the players which are suitable to keep Reading in the Premier League.
He continued: “The club sets the budget, it’s never any different. I always get a budget and we work to the budget; that’s it, that’s how it works. The club will get a budget for the January window and we’ll work on that. I’m never going to tell someone to go and spend a load of money. It’s someone else’s money, so I will say ‘this is what we’ve got to work with – we’ll work with it’. The owner is on the same page, the chairman is on the same page – we’re all working in the same direction. We’re all trying to get to where we have to get to. We did last year, we won the Championship. This year it’s obvious what our objectives are.”