JDT launch JDT Foundation, opportunity for fans to 'own' the club

JDT take another step in developing local football, developing JDT Foundation to give a chance for the fans to have a say in the club's development programmes.

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The Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) football club are set to make another landmark in the development of local football by launching the JDT Foundation in September.

According to the JDT Foundation Board of Trustee chairman, Datuk Hasni Mohammad, this foundation will give fans the opportunity to have a ‘say’ in the football club.

Quoting from Bernama, Hasni said “We are thinking of proposing membership fees but have yet to decide on the mechanism as well as the fees.”

“It could be like offering equity kind of ownership or probably through donations and after receiving certificate from Registrar of Companies (ROC), we will be able to embark on business ventures like in creative industry as well as services to generate income.”

Hasni also said that citing from big European clubs such as Valencia and Barcelona, through this foundation, the fans actually “own” the football clubs.

Hasni added that JDT owner, Tunku Sultan Ismail Ibrahim (TMJ) wanted the foundation to be a platform for JDT supporters to be more involved with the development of JDT football programmes.

“We are also looking at welfare of former sportsmen not just in football, but also in other sports that have contributed to the state’s sports development.”

“JDT are already a well known brand in country and in the region so we are confident that the the number of supporters that we have can help strengthening JDT foundation and make it a success,” added Hasni.

The JDT foundation has already collected RM1.5 Million from sponsors and individuals to kick-off the foundation activities.


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