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Viktoria Plzeň v Internazionale Live Commentary, 14/09/2022

0 - 2
E. Džeko (20)
D. Dumfries (70)
Doosan Aréna


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Inter get their first points in the Champions League but remain third due to their goal difference. They face Udinese in Serie A at the weekend. Plzen are still at the bottom of the table without a win. It doesn't get easier for them with Bayern Munich up next in the competition, but it's back to the league against Slavia Prague on Sunday.
Inter get off the mark in the Champions League with a 2-0 win over 10-man Viktoria Plzen. A goal in either half was enough for Inter, with Dzeko coolly slotting home the opener just 20 minutes in. Just after the hour mark, Bucha slid in on Barella, catching him with his studs and saw his yellow card upgraded to a red by VAR. Dumfries then rounded it off for the visitors, finding the back of the net after a quick break.
90' + 2' Gosens' throw goes straight to Cermak and Plzen have another opportunity to try and find a late goal. Inter are closing them down high upfield though and making it difficult for them to find a way through.
90' Inter are happy to just keep possession in their own half as they look to see out the final few minutes. Calhanoglu tries to feed it through for Dumfries, but N'Diaye cuts it out.
88' CHANCE! Cermak wriggles his way into a pocket of space and curls a great cross onto the penalty spot. Bassey runs onto it late and thumps a header towards the near post, but sends it wide.
86' At 36 years and 180 days, Dzeko is the oldest player to score and assist in the same Champions League game since Didier Drogba for Chelsea in November 2014 (36y 259d).
A. Čermák
A. Vlkanova
Viktoria Plzeň
84' And for Plzen, Vlkanova is replaced by Cermak.
K. Asllani
M. Brozović
84' Final changes for both sides now, starting with Inter. The captain, Brozovic, makes way for Asllani.
83' Inter are looking dangerous down their left as Gosens advances forward. He has three in the box to aim for, but his whipped cross is too high for everyone.
81' Inter break quickly on the counter again, with Martinez leading the charge down the right. He tries to whip it to Dzeko at the far post, but Pernica gets a vital touch to take it away from him.
79' GOOD SAVE! It's a good free-kick for Plzen, with Vlkanova floating it into the box. Bassey is off balance but manages to glance a header towards goal, which Onana stretches to tip wide.
R. Gagliardini
Yellow Card
78' Mosquera tried to jump over Gagliardini's sliding challenge, but the Italian lifted a leg to stop him and goes into the book.
L. Holík
M. Havel
Viktoria Plzeň
76' And Holik is on in place of Havel.
M. N'Diaye
L. Kalvach
Viktoria Plzeň
76' Another double change for Plzen now. Kalvach is taken off and replaced by N'Diaye.
75' Plzen are slow to close down Inter now as they don't want to leave space in behind on the edge of the box. Martinez decides to have a go from range, curling it towards the far post, but he sends it wide.
R. Gagliardini
N. Barella
73' And Gagliardini comes on in place of Barella.
H. Çalhanoğlu
H. Mkhitaryan
73' Mkhitaryan makes way for Calhanoglu.
L. Martínez
J. Correa
72' Inter are making a triple change of their own. Correa is replaced by Martinez.
F. Bassey
T. Chorý
Viktoria Plzeň
71' And Chory is also taken off after struggling to get into the game. Bassey is on for him.
E. Jirka
J. Sýkora
Viktoria Plzeň
71' Plzen are making a double change here. Sykora is the first to go off, with Jirka on in his place.
E. Džeko
70' Dzeko got his head up when he reached the edge of the box to spot Dumfries to his left and put it on a plate for him.
D. Dumfries
70' DUMFRIES SCORES! That second Inter goal has been coming, and Plzen were caught out on the break! Dzeko drives through the middle and spots Dumfries in space down the right again. He tees him up and he takes a touch before firing his shot over Stanek into the far side. 2-0 Inter!
69' The referee has been called over to the sideline by the fourth official to have a word with both managers. It's not clear what was said between them, but they've had their warning.
67' GOOD CHANCE! Kalvach whips it in from the left, but can only pick out Acerbi in the middle. His header only goes as far as Sykora, who weaves his way into the box before hitting a low shot across goal that's blocked by Dzeko.
66' Inter are knocking it around confidently in midfield, and all of their passes are being met with cheers. Plzen are sitting back though, closing down the space ahead of them.
D. D'Ambrosio
A. Bastoni
64' Inter are making the first change of the game, and it's Bastoni, who's just been booked, that very slowly makes his way off the pitch. He's replaced by D'Ambrosio.
63' Plzen are dropping deeper after going a man down and Inter are trying to take advantage quickly. Dumfries gets away down the right and wins his side another corner.
P. Bucha
Red Card
Viktoria Plzeň
61' BUCHA IS SENT OFF! Plzen are down to 10 men! The midfielder was originally shown a yellow card for a poor challenge on Barella, which saw him catch the Italian on the side of his leg with his studs. After a very quick VAR review and an even faster glance at the monitor, the referee upgrades the card to a red.
A. Bastoni
Yellow Card
60' Barella is down receiving treatment after a bad tackle from Bucha and Bastoni is asking the referee why it wasn't a red card, so he's booked for dissent.
59' Plzen are pressing from the front now and it pays off as Bucha dispossess Bastoni. Inter flood back into their shape though and the hosts can't find a way through.
57' Inter are back to dominating possession, but it's all in their own half until Brozovic goes long for Dumfries. He surges into the final third again, only to see a cross blocked by Jemelka.
55' The game has opened up in the last few minutes, with Kalvach bursting forward down the left. He cuts back inside before looping a deep cross into the far post, but there's too much on it for Mosquera.
53' CHANCE! Inter break quickly on the counter and Bastoni has space and time to swing in a cross from the left. He picks out Dumfries at the far post, but he thumps his header over the bar from close range.
51' It's a clumsy foul by Bastoni on the back of Vlkanova, and he gives away a free-kick through the middle. Kalvach lifts it in, but it's cleared by the first man.
49' GOOD SAVE! Inter have made a great start to the second half and Barella sees a shot blocked on the edge of the box. It bobbles back to Dzeko, who squeezes it through a gap in the crowd, but Stanek tips it wide.
48' GREAT SAVE! Inter have a free-kick on the left and Bastoni swings it in this time. Dzeko flicks a header on which Stanek pushes away, and Jemelka sticks out a leg to block Acerbi's follow-up effort.
46' Inter get us back underway for the second half!
Inzaghi will be fairly pleased with his side's performance so far, though he will be thinking they should be further ahead. They're in control though, and he'll be hoping for more of the same. Plzen had a couple of bright moments towards the end of the half, and if they can start the second half like that, they could cause Inter some problems.
Dzeko's goal gives Inter a 1-0 lead over Viktoria Plzen at half-time. The visitors dominated the first half from the start, enjoying 68 per cent of the possession. They made it count when Correa picked out Dzeko in space and he coolly picked out the far corner with his low shot. Mkhitaryan has squandered a few good chances, while Vlkanova sent Plzen's best chances over the bar.
45' CHANCE! Plzen patiently work it down their right again, with Havel playing a clever one-two with Sykora to open up a pocket of space. He pulls it back to Vlkanova, who curls a great shot towards goal, but it lands on the roof of the net.
43' GOOD SAVE! Plzen committed a lot of bodies forward and Brozovic exploits the space. He squares it to Dzeko on the edge of the box, but his low cross is stopped by Stanek. It comes back out to Mkhitaryan, who scuffs another shot on goal, but Hejda blocks that one.
42' Plzen are upping the pressure as we near the end of the first half. Havel's first cross is scuffed away by Bastoni, and his second attempt almost reaches Sykora, but he fouled Dumfries trying to reach it.
40' Dzeko has scored seven goals against Plzen with Roma and Inter; against no team does he have a better record since his move to Italy.
38' CHANCE! Brozovic lifts a lovely chip over Plzen's defence to pick out Mkhitaryan's run down the right of the box. He lets it drop over his shoulder, but can't connect with the volley, and it rolls straight into Stanek's gloves.
36' It's a great throughball from Barella to Correa on the edge of the box, and he does well to squeeze a shot through Jemelka's legs. It takes a slight deflection off the defender though which helps it back to Stanek.
34' Plzen's frustration is starting to show as a couple more needless fouls are put in. Inter are in control here and are happy to patiently work it upfield.
32' Stanek goes long to try and get his team upfield again, and this time, he does pick out Chory. He has no one with him in support though, and Inter quickly win it back.
30' Dumfries is getting a lot of joy down the right side and he wins another corner for his side. Brozovic swings it in, with Acerbi only able to help it on. Mkhitaryan slices at it from the edge of the box, sending it high and wide.
28' The Plzen fans aren't happy because they think the referee's decisions are favouring Inter. Bucha blocks off Barella's run through the middle and Inter have another free-kick.
26' Pernica's first thought when he wins the ball back is to get it straight upfield, and Mosquera nods it down for Vlkanova. Acerbi is closing him down, so he takes the shot quickly, firing it high into the stands.
24' Plzen are struggling to get a touch on the ball at the moment as Inter patiently continue to work it from right to left and back again. It looks like Dumfries has found some space, but is quickly cut off by Sykora.
V. Jemelka
Yellow Card
Viktoria Plzeň
22' Jemelka takes Dumfries out, kicking him in the shins in an attempt to stop the run. He's booked for the challenge.
J. Correa
20' Correa debated having a shot, but unselfishly laid it off when he saw Dzeko was in a better position.
E. Džeko
20' DZEKO SCORES! It's cleverly worked along the edge of the box by Inter, with Correa then spotting Dzeko in space on the left of the box. He has time to take a touch before coolly slotting it under Stanek and into the far bottom corner. 1-0 Inter!
19' Again, Inter work it down their right side, and Dumfries ignores Barella's underlapping run to curl it into the far post. Dzeko rushes onto it late, but he can't direct his header on target.
17' SAVE! The corner is played into the back post for Inter, with Dzeko heading it back across goal. Skriniar then helps it towards the near post, where Acerbi goes for the volley, but it's straight at Stanek.
L. Kalvach
Yellow Card
Viktoria Plzeň
15' The yellow card is out again, this time for Kalvach who clatters into Mkhitaryan, catching him in the face with his shoulder.
14' Brozovic steps up to take the free-kick just to the right of the D, but he can't get any height on the shot and it's straight into the wall, with Bucha clearing it for Plzen.
J. Sýkora
Yellow Card
Viktoria Plzeň
12' When Inter's patient approach doesn't work, Acerbi goes long to Dumfries, who is tugged back on the edge of the box by Sykora, who is shown a yellow card.
10' Plzen have won their last eight home European matches (including qualifiers). They've only lost one of their last 19 on home soil in European football (W16 D2), a 5-0 defeat to Real Madrid in their last Champions League campaign in November 2018.
8' Inter are on the attack again here, with Skriniar allowed to carry it a long way forward. Dumfries then squares it into Brozovic, who decides to have a go from a long way out, but it's into the crowd of Plzen defenders.
6' Dzeko has dropped deep to get on the ball and he plays a brilliant reverse pass down the right for Dumfries to chase. He just manages to keep it in play to swing in a cross, and it's Dzeko that he's aiming for, but Pernica clears it.
4' A sloppy pass from Barella goes straight to Hejda, who lifts it over to Chory and he chests it down for Sykora, who sets off down the left. He cuts inside before trying to fizz in a cross, but Skriniar blocks it.
2' Inter are enjoying all of the early possession here and Mkhitaryan makes a darting run into the box from the left. He takes a tumble as Hejda gets tight to him, but the referee only points for a goal-kick.
1' Chory gets the game underway for Plzen!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Inter won their last Champions League away match in March 2022, 1-0 against Liverpool, though they were eliminated 2-1 on aggregate that night. They haven't won consecutive away games in the competition since October 2011.
Simone Inzaghi makes six changes from the narrow win over Torino on Saturday. Just like last week against Bayern, Onana gets the nod ahead of Handanovic in goal, with Acerbi, Bastoni, Mkhitaryan, Gosens and Correa also being brought in. De Vrij, Dimarco, Calhanoglu, Darmian and Martinez all start on the bench.
Michal Bilek makes just three changes to the side that beat Sigma Olomouc in the league at the weekend, with Hejda, Jemelka and Mosquera all coming in. Holik, Tijani and Jirka drop to the bench.
INTER SUBS: Alex Cordaz, Samir Handanovic, Danilo D'Ambrosio, Raoul Bellanova, Matteo Darmian, Lautaro Martinez, Kristijan Asllani, Stefan de Vrij, Hakan Calhanoglu, Federico Dimarco, Roberto Gagliardini.
INTER STARTING XI (3-5-2): Andre Onana; Milan Skriniar, Francesco Acerbi, Alessandro Bastoni; Denzel Dumfries, Nicolo Barella, Marcelo Brozovic, Kenrikh Mkhitaryan, Robin Gosens; Edin Dzeko, Joaquin Correa.
VIKTORIA PLZEN SUBS: Erik Jirka, Ales Cermak, Libor Holik, Martin Jedlicka, Fortune Akpan Bassey, Marian Tvrdon, Vaclav Pilar, Mohamed Tijani, Modou N'Diaye.
VIKTORIA PLZEN STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Jindrich Stanek; Milan Havel, Lukas Hejda, Ludek Pernica, Vaclav Jemelka; Lukas Kalvach, Pavel Bucha; Jhon Edison Mosquera, Adam Vlkanova, Jan Sykora; Tomas Chory.
Neither side got off to the start that they were hoping for in their opening Champions League fixture, with Plzen being brushed aside 5-1 by Barcelona while Inter were beaten 2-0 by Bayern. The Italian side's form has dipped as of late, with them losing three of their last five games in all competitions (W2), though they did get back to winning ways against Torino on Saturday. As for Plzen, that was their first defeat of the season so far, winning 11 and drawing two of their other outings.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group C meeting between Viktoria Plzen and Inter at the Doosan Arena!