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O. Burke
2 - 1
I. Kousoulos
A. Georgiou
1 - 1
K. Artymatas
Yellow Card
A. Robertson
J. McGinn
1 - 0
C. McGregor
Yellow Card

Match Stats

53% 46%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 6
Total Passes 512 466
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Belgium BEL Belgium 10 10 0 0 40 3 +37 30 W W W W W
2 Russia RUS Russia 10 8 0 2 33 8 +25 24 W L W W W
3 Scotland SCO Scotland 10 5 0 5 16 19 -3 15 W W W L L
4 Cyprus CYP Cyprus 10 3 1 6 15 20 -5 10 L L L W W
5 Kazakhstan KAZ Kazakhstan 10 3 1 6 13 17 -4 10 L W L L L
6 San Marino SMR San Marino 10 0 0 10 1 51 -50 0 L L L L L


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Clarke's time in charge of Scotland is off to a winning start and his side are now up to third place in Group I. They now turn their attention to a tough game on Tuesday when they face the group leaders in Belgium. There were a lot of positives for Cyprus to take from that game and they will be hoping that they can get back to winning ways when they face Russia in their next qualifier.
90' + 5' Cyprus have a free-kick in a good position just outside the box and Efrem is the one stood over it. He goes for goal himself, but his shot is high and wide of the target. 
90' + 3' Fraser has been taken down twice in quick succession by Cyprus defenders as they try to stop him from advancing into the box. They're just giving away cheap free-kicks though which is allowing Scotland to keep possession as they head for the corner to run down the clock. 
90' + 1' The game is so open now as Cyprus pile nearly everyone forward for a corner. Scotland clear it and are straight on the counter-attack but Forrest can't pick out Burke's run through the middle. 
O. Burke
89' BURKE PUTS SCOTLAND BACK AHEAD! He rises well to get on the end of Fraser's cross and his header had beaten the keeper, but it rebounded off the crossbar and back into play. He reacted quickest and reached the loose ball first to tap it into the empty net and give his side the lead just minutes after they were pegged back. 2-1 Scotland!
A. Georgiou
87' Georgiou's corner into the box is whipped into the crowd of players waiting in the middle to pick out his team-mate. 
I. Kousoulos
87' KOUSOULOS EQUALISES FOR CYPRUS! He pulls away from Robertson on the corner after the Scotland captain gets drawn towards the ball and he rises well to get his head the end of it and fire his effort past Marshall and into the back of the net. 1-1!
85' GOOD SAVE BY PARDO! McTominay feeds the ball through to Fraser who takes a touch on the edge of the box before curling an effort towards the far corner, but Pardo gets across his line to palm the effort out for a corner. 
84' Scotland are slowing the game down now by trying to run down the clock a bit. Mulgrew is taking his time to take a throw-in much to the annoyance of the Cyprus players. 
82' Margaca put a brilliant cross into the box from the left wing and both Georgiou and Efrem came close to getting on the end of it. There was a mix-up between the two Cyprus players though, and in the end, neither of them could register a shot on goal. 
I. Pittas
A. Makris
80' Final roll of the dice for Cyprus now as Makris comes off and is replaced by Pittas. 
S. McTominay
J. McGinn
79' McTominay is the second player to come on for Scotland as he comes on in place of McGinn. 
78' GOOD CHANCE FOR O'DONNELL! He was unmarked as he drifted into the box from the left and he chipped the keeper who was coming to close him down. He just couldn't get his effort of target though and it bounced wide of the far post. 
77' GREAT SAVE BY MARSHALL! McGinn gave the ball away to Makris and he decides to have a go from just outside the box. He drives his shot on target, but Mulgrew gets across to block it. That only makes the effort loop up though and Marshall, who was already coming off his line to make the save, had to track back to tip it over the bar. 
76' Robertson's goal was just his third in 20 appearances for Scotland and his first since September 2017 when he scored against Lithuania. 
K. Artymatas
Yellow Card
74' Artymatas is the latest player to be shown a yellow card after catching McGregor with a late challenge. 
O. Burke
E. Brophy
73' Clarke makes his first change of the game now as he brings on Burke to replace Brophy. 
72' Artymatas is trying to make something happen for his side in the middle of the pitch by switching play out to Makris on the right. His first touch is heavy though and he gifts the ball straight back to Scotland. 
I. Kosti
M. Špoljarić
70' Substitution Matija Špoljarić Ioannis Kosti
69' Spoljaric is down and receiving some treatment. At first, it looked like he had cramp, but his manager has substitutes warming up suggesting that it could have been a muscle strain instead.
68' Cyprus just haven't been able to get on the ball in the last few minutes and they're struggling to get out of their own half as Scotland continue to push forward. 
A. Georgiou
M. Ioannou
66' First change of the game is made by Cyprus as Michalis Ioannou comes off to be replaced by Georgiou.
65' Forrest is closed down quickly by Nikolas Ioannou in the box so he cuts it back to McGregor in the middle. The midfielder takes the shot first time and Pardo spills the low shot and is lucky that it didn't bounce into the back of the net instead of going out of play.
63' Scotland look very comfortable on the ball now as they patiently build up an attack once again from the restart. Cyprus are still sitting back though and just allowing them to slowly push into the final third. 
J. McGinn
61' McGinn was given a lot of space on the edge of the box as the Cyprus defenders just sat back which gave him time to get his head up and see Robertson's run forward. 
A. Robertson
61' ROBERTSON PUTS SCOTLAND AHEAD! It's a wonderful goal from the captain! McGinn squares the ball to him as he's running towards the box and takes a touch before driving his shot across goal, past the keeper and into the back of the net. 1-0 Scotland!
60' Cyprus are starting to slowly build up another attack down the right wing. Makris took a heavy touch to bring the ball under control though and ended up fouling Fraser as he tried to win it back. 
58' O'Donnell chips a good cross into the box from the right wing and he's looking for Brophy at the far post. The forward isn't on the same wavelength though and Nikolas Ioannou is able to chest the ball to Pardo. 
56' Cyprus fail to get their lines clear and Forrest is quick to get on the end of the loose ball. He puts it back into the crowd of players waiting in the middle of the box, but none of his team-mates can get on the end of it to have a shot on goal. 
54' Cyprus are starting to pile some pressure on Scotland again now and they have a corner to attack from. Artymatas swings the cross into the box, but Marshall comes off his line to reach the ball first. 
52' Out of nowhere, Spoljaric is suddenly played in by a brilliant throughball from Artymatas and is in on goal. He has two Scotland defenders closing him down though and in the end, he scuffs his shot and it's a comfortable save for Marshall. 
50' Makris pulls away from Robertson and is able to drive a low cross into the middle of the box. Efrem comes very close to getting on the end of it, but McKenna gets there just ahead of him to clear the ball away. 
48' Fraser once again gets into a good position on the left but there's nobody in the middle of the box so he cuts it back to Robertson. He takes a shot first time, but it's always rising and it sails over the crossbar. 
47' Fraser loops a cross into the box from the byline and Brophy is in the middle waiting to get on the end of it. The keeper is quickly off his line though and he reaches it before the forward. 
46' Cyprus get us back underway for the second half!
Scotland have looked dangerous when they've got forward, especially when they've got Fraser involved in the attack. If they can get him involved more, then it looks like they can really cause Cyprus a lot of problems. Cyprus have been getting into some positions of their own though and have tested Marshall in Scotland's goal. Their problem so far has been that their build-up is too slow, so if they go for a more direct approach in the second half, they could really test Scotland's defence. 
Both teams have created good opportunities but go into the break level at 0-0. Forrest had an early chance for Scotland when he fired a shot over the crossbar from the edge of the box before Makris saw a tame shot saved at the other end. Mulgrew tested Pardo from a direct free-kick which the keeper saved at his near post with Brophy then almost turning in the resulting corner with a diving header, but his effort was wide. Sotiriou had possibly the best opportunity for Cyprus towards the end of the half when he was left unmarked in the box, but his low effort was saved well by Marshall.
45' + 1' Michalis Ioannou is down receiving treatment at the minute after being caught by McGregor and he walks back off the field with the medical team. With half-time just seconds away, he's staying off the field as there's no point him coming back on now. 
C. McGregor
Yellow Card
45' McGregor receives a yellow card after sliding in on Michalis Ioannou and catching him late. 
44' Cyprus are keeping the ball well again and it looks like they're happy to keep possession in the middle of the field as they just run down the clock until half-time.
42' Margaca mishits his clearance and almost plays his team into trouble as it's heading back towards goal where Fraser is hovering. Nikolas Ioannou is first to reach it though and he safely heads the ball back to his keeper. 
40' GOOD SAVE BY MARSHALL! Sotiriou receives the ball on the left side of the box and he takes his shot first time before he's closed down by the Scotland defenders. Marshall gets down well to push the effort off target and Robertson is the first to reach it to clear the danger. 
38' Fraser squares the ball to Forrest on the edge of the box and he takes a shot first time. He drives it low and it's blocked by Laifis which takes it looping towards goal. His block took the power off the effort though and it's a comfortable save for Pardo. 
36' The crowd isn't happy with the referee as they feel like he's not been giving the decisions to their side. McGinn is just nudged off the ball Nikolas Ioannou and he goes to ground, but the referee signals for a free-kick much to the fans' annoyance. 
34' Fraser has just moved out to the right while the corner is being taken and the initial ball into the box is cleared out to him. He puts a brilliant cross back into the penalty area as he tries to pick out Mulgrew's run to the far post, but Pardo is quickly off his line to collect it.
32' The home side are the ones slowing the pace of the game down now as they pass the ball between their defenders while they wait for Cyprus to start closing them down so the space can open up in midfield. 
30' Scotland have been growing in confidence in the last few minutes and are starting to cause Cyprus more problems now. Fraser once again puts a cross into the box, but he overhits it and it curls straight out of play. 
28' Fraser whips in the resulting corner for Scotland and picks out Brophy's run towards the far post. He dives onto the ball to reach it with his head but can only send his effort wide of the goal. 
27' MULGREW COMES CLOSE! The defender is stood over the set-piece on the edge of the box and he decides to go for goal himself. He gets his effort around the wall and Pardo makes a good save at his near post to deny him. 
N. Ioannou
Yellow Card
26' Nikolas Ioannou is shown the first yellow card of the game after dragging back McGinn on the edge of the box. 
24' Sotiriou decides to have a go from a very long way out after he spots Marshall off his line. It's a looping shot, but it's always going well wide of the target. 
22' Scotland haven't really been able to get a foothold in the game so far. Whenever they do win the ball back, they give it away with sloppy passes which is helping Cyprus as they've been trying to dictate the pace.
20' Cyprus are just slowing the pace of the game down a little bit now as they keep possession in their own half once again. They're happy to just pass it between their defenders as they patiently try to build up an attack from the back. 
18' CYPRUS COME CLOSE! Sotiriou turned brilliantly with the ball on the edge of the box but fell to the ground as he did. He quickly got back to his feet to get his shot away only for McKenna to block it. His clearance only went as far as Makris, but his effort was poor and it was a comfortable save for Marshall. 
16' Fraser is the one stood over the set-piece and he curls his shot low into the middle of the six-yard box. Most of his team-mates had pulled away to the far post though which allows Laifis to clear the danger.
15' Scotland have a free-kick in a very good position on the left edge of the penalty area after Kousoulos took out Fraser instead of playing the ball. 
13' Fraser breaks down the left wing and is left in a lot of space as he squares the ball into the middle of the box. Kousoulos clears it, but only as far as McGregor who has a go from the edge of the box. His effort hits Artymatas on the way through and McGregor felt that he blocked it with his hand, but the referee waved the claim away. 
11' McGregor receives the ball on the left side of the box and tries to cut it back to Brophy in the middle, but Laifis intercepts the pass to put it out for a corner, which comes to nothing. 
9' Scotland are struggling to get out of their own half at the minute as Cyprus continue to press high up the field. After Forrest wins the ball back, he tries to turn with it and is caught by Margaca who gives away the free-kick. 
7' For all of Cyprus' possession at the start of the game, they haven't really been able to get into any positions that have troubled Scotland. Once again, Makris receives the ball down the right, but he can't pick out a pass to a team-mate in the middle. 
5' FORREST COMES CLOSE! In Scotland's first attacking move, Fraser cuts the ball back to Forrest on the edge of the box and he takes a touch before firing his shot on goal. There's no dip on it though and it flies over the crossbar. 
4' Cyprus are looking to Makris down the right a lot in the opening exchanges as they try to find a way into the box that way. So far though, he hasn't been able to put a cross into the box as Robertson is marking him closely. 
2' Cyprus are keeping the ball well in the opening couple of minutes and are just passing it between their defenders for now as they try to build up some confidence while in possession.
1' Brophy gets the game underway for Scotland!
The teams are out on the field now, with kick-off just moments away.
The last Scotland manager to win his first game in charge was Gordon Strachan in February 2013 against Estonia.
Ran Ben Shimon makes four changes to the side that lost to Belgium in their last qualifier. Makris, Spoljaris, Sotiriou and Michalis Ioannou all start. They come in to replace Antoniou, who drops to the bench, while Dossa Junior, Giorgos Merkis and Fotios Papoulis aren't involved in the squad. 
Clarke makes five changes to the side that beat San Marino in their last outing. Marshall comes into goal to replace Bain, who gets a start on the bench. Mulgrew, McGinn, Forrest and Brophy are the other players to come into the starting line-up and they replace Russell and Armstrong, who both drop to the bench, and David Bates and Callum Paterson who are left out of the squad. 
CYPRUS SUBS: Minas Antoniou, Neophytos Michael, Giorgos Vasiliou, Ioannis Kosti, Fanos Katelaris, Ioannis Pittas, Anthony Georgiou, Andreas Avraam, Konstantinos Petrou, Marios Antoniades, Nestoras Mitidis.
CYPRUS STARTING XI (4-3-3): Urko Pardo; Ioannis Kousoulos, Nikolas Ioannou, Kostas Laifis, Renato Margaca; Matija Spoljaric, Kostakis Artymatas, Andreas Makris; Giorgios Efrem, Pieros Sotiriou, Michalis Ioannou. 
SCOTLAND SUBS: Scott McTominay, Scott Bain, Tom Cairney, Stuart Findlay, Liam Palmer, Jon McLaughlin, Marc McNulty, Stuart Armstrong, John Souttar, Johnny Russell, Greg Taylor, Oliver Burke. 
SCOTLAND STARTING XI (4-5-1): David Marshall; Stephen O'Donnell, Charlie Mulgrew, Scott McKenna, Andrew Robertson; James Forrest, John McGinn, Kenny McLean, Callum McGregor, Ryan Fraser; Eamonn Brophy. 
Steve Clarke is taking charge of Scotland for the first time today after his appointment in May. He will be hoping that he can get off to a winning start after a tough start to his side's qualifying. Scotland currently sit fifth in Group I after the disappointment of losing to 3-0 Kazakhstan in their opening game before they beat San Marino. It's very tight in the group at the minute though and they could go above Cyprus with a win. They started their qualifying campaign with a 5-0 win over San Marino before losing to Belgium in the following match. 
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Euro 2020 qualifier between Scotland and Cyprus at Hampden Park!