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Key Events

L. O'Brien
2 - 3
H. Reed
B. De Cordova-Reid
1 - 3
João Palhinha
K. Tete
1 - 2
T. Adarabioyo
1 - 1
T. Awoniyi
R. Yates
1 - 0

Match Stats

40% 59%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 7
Total Passes 375 555
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Fulham have their first win on the road this season, and it lifts them up to sixth in the table. Their next game, after the international break, is against Newcastle United. That's four losses on the bounce for Forest, who stay in 19th. They face a struggling Leicester City next time out.
Fulham hold on to beat Nottingham Forest 3-2. It was the hosts that took the lead early in the first half, with Awoniyi thumping a header in from a corner. Fulham couldn't turn their threat into a goal before the break, but three goals in six minutes in the second half turned the game on its head. Adarabioyo equalised with a header and Palhinha curled in a delightful finish before Reed added a third on the half-volley. O'Brien pulled one back following a quick counter, but Forest couldn't find a late equaliser.
90' + 5' Forest are struggling to get on the ball at the moment, and when Dennis does have the opportunity to break forward, he stumbles over it, losing out to Ream.
90' + 3' CHANCE! Cairney just manages to get the ball away from Yates before sliding a great throughball down the right for James. He knocks it past McKenna before trying to curl it into the far post, but it flies wide.
N. Kebano
B. De Cordova-Reid
90' + 1' And De Cordova-Reid also goes off, with Kebano on in his place.
Carlos Vinícius
A. Mitrović
90' Fulham are making their final changes as we head into six minutes of stoppage time. Mitrovic is taken off, with Vinicius on for him.
E. Dennis
N. Williams
88' Final roll of the dice for Forest here as they look to find a late equaliser. Williams is replaced by Dennis.
87' Worrall's long ball is chested down by Surridge and he spins away from Adarabioyo while touching it out to Lingard. His cross is glanced on by Surridge, but it loops into Leno's gloves.
85' It's a poor corner for Fulham and McKenna nods it away before Surridge tries to help it out to Lingard for the counter. Ream crashes into him before Reed intercepts the attack, and Forest aren't happy that they don't get a free-kick.
T. Cairney
Andreas Pereira
83' Second change for Fulham now as they try to see out the win. Pereira is taken off, with Cairney on to replace him.
82' It's a poor clearance from Tete and Yates chests it down just outside the D. The space opens up so he has a go himself, but fires his shot straight down the middle at Leno.
80' Minutes ago, Fulham looked fairly comfortable in this game, but Forest have their confidence back after that goal. Surridge finds himself in space down the left, but his cross is cleared by Diop.
Andreas Pereira
Yellow Card
78' It's a clumsy foul by Pereira as he clips O'Brien's heels, and he's shown a yellow card.
L. O'Brien
77' O'BRIEN PULLS ONE BACK! It's much better from Forest, as they cut Fulham wide open with a series of one-touch passes. Lingard lifts it over the top to Johnson, who drills a low cross in from the right. It's blocked by Adarabioyo, but it bounces off his heel straight to O'Brien, and he whips his shot over Leno into the back of the net. 3-2!
76' Forest are starting to find their rhythm again here, and they're starting to move the ball quicker. Lodi swings a cross in from the left, but it's blocked by Tete.
74' GREAT CHANCE! The Forest defenders sit back as James cuts inside from the right, and he clips a good cross to the edge of the six-yard box. De Cordova-Reid gets in front of the defender but volleys his shot over the bar.
72' GOOD SAVE! Pereira is clumsily fouled by Worrall, and the Brazilian steps up to take the free-kick just outside the D. He manages to lift his shot over the wall this time, and Henderson pushes it wide of this far post.
L. O'Brien
R. Freuler
70' And Freuler also makes way, with O'Brien on in his place.
S. Surridge
T. Awoniyi
70' And there's another double change for Forest as well. The goalscorer, Awoniyi, is taken off for Surridge.
D. James
69' Fulham are making their first change of the game now. Willian goes off to be replaced by James.
68' Each of the last nine goals that Forest have conceded in the Premier League have been scored during the second half.
66' GREAT CHANCE! Awoniyi almost gets a second! Gibbs-White swings the corner into the near post and Worrall rises highest to get the flick-on this time. Awoniyi makes a late run to the far side but glances his header wide.
J. Worrall
W. Boly
64' And Boly is the other player making way, with Worrall on in his place.
J. Lingard
S. Cook
63' Forest are making a double change as they try to get themselves back into this game. Cook is the first to make way, with Lingard on to replace him.
K. Tete
Yellow Card
63' It's a clumsy challenge from Tete on Freuler, and he's shown a yellow card.
62' Forest are all over the place and they can't get close to Fulham at the moment. The visitors are happy to keep possession in their own half for now as Forest aren't hurrying to close them down.
B. De Cordova-Reid
60' It's a great run from De Cordova-Reid to latch onto Mitrovic's pass and he quickly gets his head up to spot Reed's run.
H. Reed
60' REED SCORES! Forest are falling apart here! They lose it on the halfway line, and Mitrovic's throughball down the left catches them out. De Cordova-Reid squares it into the box where Reed runs onto it and hits the low shot first time, slotting it past Henderson into the far bottom corner. 3-1 Fulham!
João Palhinha
Yellow Card
58' Palhinha is booked straight after his goal for what is deemed to be an excessive celebration.
K. Tete
57' Willian drew two Forest defenders with him down the right, leaving Tete with the space to pull it back to Palhinha.
João Palhinha
57' PALHINHA SCORES! And just like that, Fulham lead! It's a wonderful hit from the midfielder, who is hovering on the edge of the D. He steps onto it, firing his first-time shot past Henderson. He stretches but can't get close to it as it hits the top corner. 2-1 Fulham!
56' Fulham are keeping the pressure on here as Diop plays a good long ball over the top for Reed to chase. He fizzes a low cross into Mitrovic, but he sees his shot blocked.
54' It's a great cross from Willian, who took over corner duties from Pereira.
T. Adarabioyo
54' ADARABIOYO EQUALISES! There's some pushing and shoving in the box as Willian swings the corner in, but Adarabioyo doesn't get involved in it. He drifts away from his marker to get a free header and thumps it into the far bottom corner. 1-1!
52' Lodi can't find a way through down the left, so Forest patiently work it out to the opposite flank. Williams tries to pick out Johnson's run but overhits the throughball and Leno collects again.
50' Fulham break quickly on the counter this time, and Willian loses Lodi with a clever bit of footwork. He has three in the middle to aim for but drags his pullback well behind everyone.
48' Forest are looking to make a quick start to the second half, with Gibbs-White flicking it through to Johnson. His first touch takes him past the defender but also gets away from him and Leno slides out to collect it.
46' Forest get us back underway for the second half!
Cooper will be pleased with how his side started the game, but they began to sit back after taking the lead, so he'll be hoping for an improvement after the break. Fulham had a good response to going behind, and Silva will be urging them to make a quick start to the second half.
Awoniyi's early goal gives Forest a 1-0 lead over Fulham at half-time. The breakthrough came from a corner, with Yates flicking on a cross to Awoniyi, who thumps a header under Leno and into the back of the net. Fulham had the better chances after that though, with both Mitrovic and Tete forcing Henderson into good saves, but they haven't found a way through yet.
45' + 1' GOOD SAVE! There's time for one last attack for Fulham after Willian bundles the ball away from Freuler before picking out Tete's overlapping run. He takes the shot instead of crossing it, and Henderson pushes it wide of the near post.
44' Forest move it upfield quickly, switching it from left to right. Gibbs-White sells Johnson short with his pass though, and Ream steps in with an important interception.
42' Forest's free-kick is blocked by the wall, but the hosts keep hold of it. Lodi swings in another cross from the left, looking for Yates at the far post, but Leno plucks it out of the air.
I. Diop
Yellow Card
40' It's a clumsy one from Diop as he clatters into Diop before falling on top of the forward. He's the latest player to receive a booking.
38' After a scrappy bit of play in midfield, it's worked out to Williams and he swings a good, early cross into the box. Tete sticks out a leg but can only clear it to Lodi. He sets himself before hitting the shot, but Tete throws himself in front of it.
36' Fulham are starting to get a lot of joy down the right and Tete swings another good cross in. Mitrovic chests it down at the far post, but Boly gets an important touch that prevents him from having a shot.
W. Boly
Yellow Card
34' Boly is late getting across to Pereira and ends up standing on the Brazilian's foot which earns him a booking.
33' GREAT CHANCE! Pereira lifts the free-kick towards the far post, and Palhinha brings it down completely unmarked. Instead of hitting it first time, he hesitates before curling it straight at Henderson before the flag goes up.
32' Fulham are still dominating possession here, but now Forest are back in their shape, making it difficult once again. Willian spins away from Cook and wins another free-kick.
30' GOOD SAVE! Pereira takes the resulting corner as well and Mitrovic makes an unmarked run to the near post. He thumps a header towards goal, which Henderson sees late, but the keeper bundles it away.
29' Pereira steps up to take the free-kick just outside the box, but he can't get enough height on it. Awoniyi makes the block in the wall and it loops onto the roof of the net.
S. Cook
Yellow Card
27' Willian bursts past Forest's defence, and he's almost in the box when Cook puts a hand on his shoulder to tug him back. He's shown a yellow card, and the Fulham players are convinced it should be red, but Boly was there on the cover.
25' Fulham are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but are struggling to find a way in behind Forest. The visitors are patiently switching it from side to side, with little luck in opening up their opponents at the moment.
23' CHANCE! It's a wonderful cross in by Ream on the left, as he curls the low ball onto the edge of the six-yard box. Pereira slides in to try and get a touch to take it past Henderson, but it's just out of his reach.
21' Again, Fulham break quickly on the counter, with Tete and Willian linking up well down the right. The Brazilian swings in a cross, but it's too close to Henderson.
19' Forest manage to work it through Fulham's high press this time, and Gibbs-White makes a promising run through the middle. He has options on either side, but Palhinha brings him down before he can pick one out.
17' There's a little bit of sloppiness sneaking into Forest's play as they try to rush it upfield. Another sloppy pass from Freuler is cut out and Yates ends up fouling Pereira in an attempt to make up for it.
15' De Cordova-Reed stretches to intercept another long ball out to Johnson, and he turns before setting Pereira away down the left. He squares it into Palhinha, but he can't pick out Mitrovic.
13' Forest see two crosses blocked before Fulham quickly break on the counter. Pereira slides it through to Mitrovic, who takes it around Cook but then slices at the shot, sending it high and wide of the far post, much to the Forest fans' delight.
R. Yates
11' It was a good leap from Yates on the edge of the six-yard box to beat the defender to it, and he sets up Awoniyi.
T. Awoniyi
11' AWONIYI SCORES! Gibbs-White swings in the resulting corner, and Yates rises above Adarabioyo in the middle to help it on. Awoniyi is there for Forest and he thumps his header into the ground, under Leno and into the back of the net. 1-0 Forest!
10' GOOD CHANCE! Johnson bursts forward down the right, leaving Ream behind, and he puts a low cross into the box. Gibbs-White just slips as he hits the shot, but a deflection off Diop helps it wide of the near post.
8' Tete does well to get a cross in from the byline, but it's nodded straight back to him by McKenna. He recycles it, trying to pick out Mitrovic, but the defender gets in the way of it again.
6' Forest's attempt to patiently work it upfield doesn't work, so Boly decides to go long, lifting it over the top for Awoniyi to chase. There's too much on it though and Leno comes out to collect it.
4' It's a heavy challenge on Reed from Gibbs-White, and Fulham have a free-kick. Pereira floats it in, and Mitrovic tangles with Cook just inside the box off the ball, but the referee shakes his head at the penalty claim.
2' A slightly nervy moment for Leno early on as Ream knocks it back to him, unaware that Johnson is chasing him down. He's close to cutting it out, but the keeper clears his lines in time.
1' Pereira gets the game underway for Fulham!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away. A minute's silence took place beforehand in honour of Queen Elizabeth II.
Fulham have won five of their last seven league games against Forest since 2017 (L2), as many as in their previous 20 against them between 1968 and 2016 (D7 L8).
Marco Silva makes just two changes from the defeat to Tottenham last time out, as Willian gets his first start for the club, and Diop is also brought in. Kebano starts on the bench, while Antonee Robinson misses out due to an ankle injury he picked up in that game.
Steve Cooper makes three changes to the side that started against Bournemouth two weeks ago. Boly makes his debut for the club, with Freuler and Awoniyi also coming into the team. Worrall, Kouyate and Lingard all drop to the bench.
FULHAM SUBS: Daniel James, Shane Duffy, Carlos Vinicius, Tom Cairney, Luke Harris, Nathaniel Chalobah, Neeskens Kebano, Kevin Mbabu, Marek Rodak.
FULHAM STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Bernd Leno; Kenny Tete, Tosin Adarabioyo, Tim Ream, Issa Diop; Harrison Reed, Joao Palhinha; Bobby De Cordova-Reid, Andreas Pereira, Willian; Aleksandar Mitrovic.
NOTTINGHAM FOREST SUBS: Emmanuel Dennis, Wayne Hennessey, Cheikhou Kouyate, Lewis O'Brien, Guilian Biancone, Jesse Lingard, Harry Toffolo, Joe Worrall, Sam Surridge.
NOTTINGHAM FOREST STARTING XI (3-4-1-2): Dean Henderson; Willy Boly, Steve Cook, Scott McKenna; Neco Williams, Ryan Yates, Remo Freuler, Renan Lodi; Morgan Gibbs-White; Brennan Johnson, Taiwo Awoniyi.
These sides are meeting in the Premier League for the first time ever. Forest are looking to avoid a fourth consecutive defeat in the competition after a good start to their season - they squandered a 2-0 lead against Bournemouth last time out in a 3-2 defeat, and sit in the relegation zone. Fulham have had a more positive start, earning eight points since their return to the top-flight. They've struggled to pick up points on the road though, despite good performances (D1 L2).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Nottingham Forest and Fulham at the City Ground!