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Bernardo Silva
K. De Bruyne
3 - 3
E. Haaland
3 - 2
K. Trippier
3 - 1
C. Wilson
A. Saint-Maximin
2 - 1
M. Almirón
A. Saint-Maximin
1 - 1

Match Stats

31% 68%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 10
Total Passes 275 608
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City are still unbeaten, but they miss the chance to go level on points with Arsenal at the top, and they move into second. Next up for them is a charity game against Barcelona on Wednesday. Newcastle's unbeaten run also goes on and their attention now turns to the EFL Cup when they travel to Tranmere Rovers.
Manchester City come from behind to earn a 3-3 draw with Newcastle. It was City that took the lead just five minutes in, but Newcastle turned it around before the break with goals from Almiron and Wilson. They started the second half well too, with Trippier whipping in a brilliant free-kick from just outside the D to make it 3-1. City rallied quickly and two goals in four minutes from Haaland and Silva brought them back level. The Magpies had a scare when Trippier was shown a straight red for a high challenge on De Bruyne, but a VAR check saw it overturned.
90' + 7' Gundogan is completely unmarked at the far post and Foden's cross deflects out to him. He lets it drop before drilling a shot on goal, but Botman throws himself in front of it to make a vital block.
E. Krafth
D. Burn
90' + 5' Burn is back on his feet, but he's told to go straight off the field as Krafth is brought on for the final minutes.
90' + 4' After Joelinton's foul on Haaland, Trippier kicked the ball away, but accidentally hit it straight at Burn. It struck him in the face, and the medical team are on to give him treatment.
Yellow Card
90' + 2' Joelinton thought he was fouled by Rodri, but nothing was given and he channels his frustration as he slides in on Haaland to stop the break. He goes into the book.
90' + 1' Newcastle are camped out in their own box now as City push forward again. Silva's cross deflects out for another corner and this one is played short to Dias. He tries to float it in to Haaland, but Pope collects.
89' City are doing everything they can to try and find a late winner here and Gundogan goes for the big switch to Foden. He decides to go it alone, despite having support on either side, and his long-range shot deflects wide.
87' It looks like Foden's overdone it when he knocks it around Longstaff, but Murphy doesn't get enough power on the backpass to Pope. Foden continues to chase it down, but the keeper just manages to get there first.
85' City are dominating possession now, and although Newcastle are trying to press them high, they can't get on the ball. It's switched out to Foden, but he can't pick out a cross.
J. Murphy
M. Almirón
83' The third change for Newcastle now sees Almiron make way for Murphy.
82' Foden weaves his way through the crowd of players on the left before squaring it to Rodri on the edge of the box. He has another go from range, but drills this one straight at Schar.
80' Among players to score five or more Premier League goals, Trippier (4/5) has netted the highest such ratio from direct free-kicks in the competition.
78' GREAT CHANCE! Newcastle are all over the place at the back as Gundogan chips a cross into the six-yard box. Foden is millimetres away from it when Burn gets a leg in and Haaland then blazes it over the bar from a few yards out.
K. Trippier
Yellow Card
76' The original decision of a red card for Trippier is overturned, with the referee now giving him a yellow for the challenge instead. Newcastle still have 11 men on the field.
75' VAR had a long look at the replays and the referee has now gone over to see it himself. There wasn't a lot of contact by Trippier on De Bruyne, who got straight back to his feet, and this looks like it'll be downgraded.
73' TRIPPIER IS SENT OFF... OR IS HE? De Bruyne is breaking away through the middle and Trippier lunges forward to stop him. He's off the ground as he catches him on the knee with his studs before he gets the ball. The referee shows him a straight red, but VAR is having a look at this...
71' GOOD SAVE! Haaland's throughball is blocked, but he still somehow manages to squeeze it through to Gundogan. He takes the shot on the spin, but Pope makes himself big to smother it just as the offside flag goes up.
C. Wood
C. Wilson
70' Newcastle are making a double change as they look to regain their lead. Wilson is the first to go off, with Wood replacing him.
S. Longstaff
J. Willock
70' And Willock is also making way, with Longstaff on in his place.
68' Joelinton manages to dribble away from two City defenders but takes on one too many as Gundogan picks his pocket. He looks to set Foden away down the left, but Pope rushes out of his box to clear it.
66' De Bruyne flashes a long-range effort wide of the post and Pope has sat down now the ball is out of play. He receives treatment, but it looks like he's okay to carry on.
K. De Bruyne
64' De Bruyne has acres of space in the middle of the field and he sends his throughball between Willock's legs and into Silva's feet.
Bernardo Silva
64' SILVA EQUALISES! And just like that, City are level! Yet again, De Bruyne cuts open Newcastle's defence with a throughball and Silva times his run perfectly to stay onside. His first touch takes him into a yard of space and he slots it into the back of the net. 3-3!
62' GREAT SAVE! Haaland pushes his way past Botman, who is left on the floor, and the Norwegian is one-on-one with Pope. The keeper rushes out and makes himself big, smothering the shot.
61' Rodri did well to get a touch on the ball to help it onto Haaland with Schar tight to him.
E. Haaland
61' HAALAND PULLS ONE BACK! The corner was taken short to De Bruyne and he swings a great cross into the far post. Dias can't do anything with it, but Rodri manages to get it to Haaland who volleys in. 3-2!
58' Saint-Maximin is away from Walker again and he picks out Joelinton, who moved into the space he left. He tries to cushion it down for Willock, but Stones manages to hook it away.
56' City are looking to make an instant response to that goal as Gundogan helps it onto Silva down the right. He fizzes a dangerous low cross into the box and Botman slides in to stop it from reaching Haaland.
K. Trippier
54' WHAT A GOAL! Trippier scores from the free-kick! He stands over it just outside the D and whips it past the wall and into the top-left corner. Ederson was scrambling, but he had no chance of keeping that one out. 3-1 Newcastle!
J. Stones
Yellow Card
52' Newcastle go straight up the other end on the counter and Stones trips Saint-Maximin, taking one for the team as his name goes in the book.
52' GREAT SAVE! Dias makes a great run upfield and lays it off to Haaland on the edge of the D. He takes it around Botman before firing a low shot on goal and Pope tips it onto the post.
50' Walker sells Rodri short with a pass and Guimaraes rushes onto it, getting there first. Rodri catches him as he attempts to clear it, but he's okay and the ball loops back to Ederson.
48' Trippier swings another good set-piece into the box, and Rodri's attempted clearance hits Cancelo and bounces back into the crowd. Wilson can't react quick enough though and Rodri hooks it away.
46' Newcastle get us back under way for the second half!
Howe will be pleased with how his side reacted to going behind early on and his side have been brilliant, especially on the counter, which he'll be hoping they can keep up after the break. City were rattled by conceding the goal and things got a bit frantic. One thing Guardiola will look at is trying to find a way to keep Saint-Maximin quiet in the second half.
Newcastle take a 2-1 lead over Manchester City into half-time. The visitors made the perfect start to the game, with Gundogan volleying them ahead just five minutes into the game, with De Bruyne and Foden also forcing good saves out of Pope early on. Newcastle kept pushing though and Almiron's glancing effort caught out Ederson to equalise for Newcastle. Another counter saw them go ahead, with Wilson firing into the near post.
45' + 4' CHANCE! The last piece of action in the first half is going to be De Bruyne's free-kick from the right. He whips it into the far post where Stones meets it, but he thumps his header over.
45' + 2' Newcastle are packing bodies into the box for their corner and Trippier swings it into the crowded six-yard box. It's Ederson that reaches it though, punching it away.
45' Saint-Maximin's flick goes straight to Dias, who quickly sets Gundogan on the counter. He spins before sliding it through to Haaland, but he was standing in an offside position.
43' Newcastle are packing bodies back into the box to stop City from passing their way in, so Rodri's forced to have a go from range. He keeps his shot low, but there's no power on it and Pope holds it.
41' City are moving it upfield quickly again as they look to get back on level terms and Gundogan swings in a cross. Foden trips before he gets there and Schar stops it from reaching Haaland.
C. Wilson
39' WILSON SCORES! It's another counter-attack for Newcastle and City were all over the place! Schar goes long and Walker can only help it onto Saint-Maximin. He picks out Wilson, who knocks it past Dias before lifting a shot over Ederson and inside the right post. 2-1 Newcastle!
A. Saint-Maximin
39' Saint-Maximin breezed past Rodri as he cut inside and he slotted it through to Wilson for his second assist of the game.
37' Foden curls a good cross towards Haaland on the penalty spot, but Botman gets himself in the way of it. It bounces straight to Gundogan, who hits the shot first time, but again the defender throws himself in front of it.
35' De Bruyne takes the free-kick down the left and he's looking towards Stones at the far post. Pope rushes off his line to punch it away and Joelinton helps to clear the danger.
F. Schär
Yellow Card
34' Foden is away down the left and Schar steps across him to stop the run. The defender is the latest player to go into the book.
32' It's getting a bit frantic here, with both teams looking for the next goal. It's Saint-Maximin that's breaking forward yet again, and Rodri can only bring him down in an attempt to stop him.
30' Newcastle's high press catches City out again and no surprise, Joelinton looks to Saint-Maximin again. He squares it to Wilson this time, but his shot hits Dias and Ederson collects it.
A. Saint-Maximin
28' City just haven't been able to deal with Saint-Maximin's threat in this game so far and he dribbled away from two players to get his cross in this time.
M. Almirón
28' ALMIRON EQUALISES! It's Saint-Maximin again with some brilliant work down the left and he whips another dangerous cross into the box. Willock misses it, but Almiron leans forward just enough to glance it in off his thigh. The flag went up, but he was onside and VAR says it stands! 1-1!
27' Newcastle are asking for a penalty, but Wilson's header actually hit De Bruyne's back. The resulting corner is played deep to Burn, who nods it down to Wilson, but his shot is straight at Ederson.
25' SAVE! Stones sloppily gifts the ball to Schar and Guimaraes picks out a good throughball to Saint-Maximin. He dribbles his way past Stones before cutting inside to have the shot, but Ederson pushes it away.
23' Since Guardiola's first season as a Premier League manager in 2016-17, City have scored the opening goal of a match within the first five minutes 29 times - at least 14 more than any other club in this time (Liverpool 15).
Rúben Dias
N. Aké
21' It looked like Ake pulled his hamstring a couple of moments ago, and he's not able to carry on. He's replaced by Dias.
20' SAVE! City win a free-kick just to the right of the D, and De Bruyne steps up to take it. His shot is curling in at the far post, but Pope stretches to push it away.
João Cancelo
Yellow Card
18' In the build-up to that shot, Cancelo clipped Almiron's heel and the referee goes back to show him a yellow card.
17' GREAT CHANCE! It's better from Newcastle here as they keep the pressure on. Saint-Maximin's first cross is behind everyone, but he gets it back and this time picks out Almiron. He takes the shot first time but blazes it over the bar.
16' GOOD SAVE! Pope is called into action again as Gundogan slides it through to Foden down the left. He peels off the back of Schar before hitting a low shot across goal, but the keeper sticks out a leg to deny him.
14' CHANCE! Haaland's scuffed shot goes straight to Burn and he sets Saint-Maximin away on the counter. He bursts down the left before touching it through to Wilson, and his low cross is cut out by Ake just ahead of Almiron.
12' City are moving it upfield quickly and Gundogan is the one with space down the left this time. He takes one touch too many in the end though and knocks it out of play before he can pick out Haaland.
10' GOOD SAVE! Silva cuts out a loose pass from Burn and Haaland plays in De Bruyne who has a clear run down the right. He surges into the box before hitting a low shot at the near post, but Pope keeps him out with his legs.
Bruno Guimarães
Yellow Card
8' De Bruyne knocks the ball away just before Guimaraes gets across to clip him, and the Newcastle man has picked up an early booking.
7' Newcastle are still pressing City high upfield, but they can't get close to them at the moment. The visitors look to Silva down the right again, but he can't pick out a cross this time.
Bernardo Silva
5' Even after the Newcastle defenders close Silva down, they can't get near him as he slaloms away from them to make more space for the cross.
İ. Gündoğan
5' GUNDOGAN SCORES! Silva has acres of space down the right and it's his work that catches out Newcastle's defence. He weaves this way and that before clipping a brilliant cross to Gundogan. He brings it down with a good first touch before cracking a shot past Pope from close range. 1-0 City!
4' CLOSE! Haaland is forced wide by Gundogan's throughball, but City manage to keep it alive, with Foden pulling it back to Rodri on the edge of the box. It's a good hit from the midfielder, but it's just over the bar.
2' Trippier's cross is deflected out and Newcastle win an early corner. It's taken short to the right-back, who curls a deep cross towards the far post, but Ederson holds onto it.
1' City get us under way!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
City are unbeaten in their last 19 Premier League away games. If they avoid defeat here, it would be the sixth different unbeaten run of 20+ Premier League matches on the road, with Manchester United holding the outright record (29 between 2020 and 2021).
Pep Guardiola makes two changes to his City side after the win over Bournemouth last weekend. Stones is brought in for his first start of the season, with Silva also coming in. Dias and Mahrez drop to the bench, and new signing Gomez is also named among the subs.
Eddie Howe was clearly pleased with what he saw in the draw with Brighton last tmie out as he names an unchanged line-up today. Newcastle also have Fraser and Krafth on the bench after they passed late fitness tests.
MANCHESTER CITY SUBS: Julian Alvarez, Stefan Ortega, Rico Lewis, Riyad Mahrez, Kalvin Phillips, Ruben Dias, Cole Palmer, Sergio Gomez, Luke Mbete.
MANCHESTER CITY STARTING XI (4-3-3): Ederson; Kyle Walker, John Stones, Nathan Ake, Joao Cancelo; Kevin De Bruyne, Rodrigo, Ilkay Gundogan; Phil Foden, Erling Haaland, Bernardo Silva.
NEWCASTLE UNITED SUBS: Chris Wood, Elliot Anderson, Martin Dubravka, Ryan Fraser, Jamaal Lascelles, Emil Krafth, Sean Longstaff, Matt Ritchie.
NEWCASTLE UNITED STARTING XI (4-3-3): Nick Pope; Kieran Trippier, Sven Botman, Fabian Schar, Dan Burn; Joe Willock, Bruno Guimaraes, Joelinton; Miguel Almiron, Callum Wilson, Allan Saint-Maximin.
City are looking to keep their perfect record going at the start of the campaign by continuing their winning run. So far, they've beaten both West Ham and Bournemouth without conceding a goal. Newcastle have also made an unbeaten start to the season, following an opening day victory over Nottingham Forest with a goalless draw at Brighton and Hove Albion last time out.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Newcastle United and Manchester City at St James' Park!