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Milan v Dinamo Zagreb Live Commentary, 15/09/2022

3 - 1
O. Giroud (45 pen)
A. Saelemaekers (47)
T. Pobega (77)
M. Oršić (56)
Stadio Giuseppe Meazza


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That win lifts Milan to the top of Group E, with Chelsea and Salzburg due to kick off shortly. They play Napoli in Serie A at the weekend before the international break. Dinamo's six-match winning streak comes to an end with this result, and they have NK Lokomotiva next up in the league.
Milan get their first win in the Champions League this season, beating Dinamo Zagreb 3-1. The game took a while to get going before Milan were awarded a penalty on the stroke of half-time after Leao was clipped by Sutalo, and Giroud confidently dispatched it. They made a quick start to the second half though, with Saelemaekers doubling their lead just two minutes in with a thumping header. Orsic pulled one back for Dinamo, but Pobega rattled one in off the crossbar to secure the points.
A. Marin
Yellow Card
Dinamo Zagreb
90' + 1' Marin caught Calabria in the face during an aerial challenge, and he's shown a yellow card.
90' Milan's attack comes down the right this time, with Peric stretching to clear Calabria's cross. It falls to Pobega on the edge of the box, but he rushes it by taking it first time, firing it wide of the far post.
88' Dinamo just can't get out of their own half at the moment, and they give away a needless free-kick. Hernandez swings it in from the left but hits the first man.
86' Leao is given too much space down the left once again, and he lifts another good cross into the middle. This time, Dest does get on the end of it, but his header loops over the bar.
A. Marin
M. Oršić
Dinamo Zagreb
84' And the goalscorer, Orsic, is also taken off, with Marin on in his place.
M. Baturina
B. Petković
Dinamo Zagreb
84' Final changes for Dinamo now, and Petkovic is the first to make way, with Baturina replacing him.
82' Milan are on the attack again, and Leao loops a wonderful deep cross in from the left. Dest has peeled away at the far post, but he can't stretch far enough to get a touch.
80' Milan look a lot more comfortable now they've restored their two-goal cushion. Krunic spots Messias in space down the right, but he was just offside and the flag goes up.
J. Drmić
S. Ristovski
Dinamo Zagreb
78' Dinamo are also making a change of their own. Ristovski is taken off for Drmic.
S. Dest
Brahim Díaz
78' And Dest is on for Diaz.
R. Krunić
I. Bennacer
78' Bennacer is also making way, with Krunic on in his place.
Junior Messias
A. Saelemaekers
78' Milan are making a triple change following that goal. Saelemaekers is the first to go off, with Messias replacing him.
T. Hernández
77' None of the Dinamo defenders spotted Hernandez's run and it's a good pullback from the byline to pick out Pobega.
T. Pobega
77' POBEGA SCORES! When Milan can't find a way down their right, they switch it to the left, with Pobega sliding it into the box for Hernandez. Pobega continues his run and gets it back from the defender, firing his first-time shot over Livakovic and in off the bottom of the bar. 3-1 Milan!
76' Diaz is still trying to make something happen down Milan's right, but he has two Dinamo defenders tight to him and they are making it difficult for him to have the same influence he did in the first half.
M. Oršić
Yellow Card
Dinamo Zagreb
75' Orsic goes down and at first, it looks like he was tripped on the edge of the box by Bennacer, but replays show there was no contact. The referee was going to let it go, but now books him for diving.
72' The pace of the game has slowed right down now, and Milan are still struggling to find a way through. Bennacer tries to lift it through to Diaz, but Peric makes an important interception.
70' Milan are enjoying a good spell of possession, but they haven't been able to do anything with it yet. Leao threads it down the left for De Ketelaere, but there's too much on the pass as it rolls out for a goal-kick.
C. De Ketelaere
O. Giroud
68' And Giroud is also making way, with De Ketelaere on in his place.
T. Pobega
S. Tonali
67' Milan are making a double change now. Tonali is the first to go off, with Pobega on for him.
65' Orsic has space to run into but has to slow down the attack as nobody else is getting forward for Dinamo. He eventually goes for the big switch out to Spikic, but he can't pick out a cross either.
D. Špikić
S. Moharrami
Dinamo Zagreb
63' Dinamo are making the first change of the game, with Spikic coming on to replace Moharrami.
62' Milan's high press is causing Dinamo some problems here, with the visitors unable to get out of their own half. Ivanusec tries to set Moharrami away down the right, but he's blocked off by Hernandez.
60' Peric slides in with a late foul on Leao, clipping his ankle to stop the run and Milan have a free-kick just outside the D. Bennacer rolls it to Hernandez, but his low shot is blocked by the wall.
58' Dinamo are happy to just sit back and let Milan keep the ball in their own half at the moment. The visitors are keeping their shape well, stopping Milan from pushing forward.
B. Petković
Dinamo Zagreb
56' Petkovic has three Milan players around him, but he does well to get it out of his feet quickly, poking it through to Orsic.
M. Oršić
Dinamo Zagreb
56' ORSIC PULLS ONE BACK! He isn't closed down when he has the ball and he plays a one-two with Petkovic, getting the return pass just inside the box. He hits the shot first time, curling it around Calabria and into the far bottom corner, out of Maignan's reach. 2-1!
55' It's better from Dinamo as they patiently work it out from the back and Moharrami lifts in another good cross from the right. Calabria brings it down, not realising Orsic is hovering behind him, but he clears his lines just in time.
53' Aged 35 years and 349 days, Giroud's penalty has made him the second-oldest French player to score in the Champions League behind Laurent Blanc for Manchester United in 2002 (36y 338d).
Yellow Card
51' Pioli thinks his side should've had a free-kick when Saelemaekers goes down, and when it goes against him, he makes his way out of his technical area to tell the referee. He's booked for dissent.
49' Dinamo are moving the ball quickly, looking for a way to quickly get themselves back into this game. It's swept out to the right and Moharrami swings a deep cross into the box, but Calabria clears it ahead of Orsic.
Rafael Leão
47' It was the stepover from Leao that caught out Ristovski and gave him the space he needed to put in the cross.
A. Saelemaekers
47' SAELEMAEKERS SCORES! It's the best possible start to the second half for Milan! Leao gets away from Ristovski down the left and clips a wonderful cross into the middle. Saelemaekers run onto it and thumps his header over Livakovic and into the back of the net. 2-0 Milan!
46' Milan get us back underway for the second half!
Pioli was a frustrated figure on the touchline for most of the first half, with his side wasting some of the better chances that fell to them. He'll be hoping they can build on their lead from here though. Dinamo have looked dangerous on the ball though, and Cacic will feel they have a good chance of getting back on level terms.
Giroud's spot-kick gives Milan a 1-0 lead over Dinamo at half-time. It was a fairly even first half, though Milan did have the better chances, with Livakovic making comfortable saves to keep out Bennacer, Giroud and Leao The hosts got their big opportunity just before the break when Leao was tripped by Sutalo and Giroud confidently dispatched the penalty.
O. Giroud
Penalty Goal
45' GIROUD SCORES! It's a confident spot-kick from the Frenchman and he gets a lot of power behind the shot as he fires it into the bottom-right corner. Livakovic dives the wrong way and Milan lead 1-0!
44' Leao stays down in need of treatment after the challenge from Sutalo. He's quickly back to his feet, though moving gingerly, but he's going to carry on.
43' PENALTY TO MILAN! Dinamo are split wide open by another throughball and it's a clumsy challenge by Sutalo, who clips Leao's heels in his attempts to get in front of the forward. The referee points straight to the spot.
41' Bennacer is looking for Leao with his throughball, but Ristovski slides in to stop it from reaching him. It bounces kindly for Giroud, who gets his shot away on the half-turn, but it's straight at the keeper again.
39' Three Milan players crowd around Ivanusec to stop the break, and Milan's attack stays alive. Diaz lays it off to Saelemaekers, who takes it around Ljubicic before hitting the shot from the edge of the box, but it's a comfortable save for Livakovic.
37' Dinamo are keeping their shape well and making it difficult for Milan to play their way out from the back. Tomori eventually goes long looking for Leao, but the pass is just too high for him.
35' CLOSE! Dinamo take a free-kick in their own half quickly and it's swept out to Orsic down the left. He runs at Calabria, using the defender to shield his shot as he curls it towards the far post, but it's just wide.
33' GREAT CHANCE! It's another great cross from Diaz down the right and Leao is unmarked at the far post. He goes for the first-time volley but ends up putting it out for a throw-in on the far side.
32' Hernandez moves it quickly down the left again and whips a good cross into the middle for Giroud. He glances the header on, but it's straight down the middle at Livakovic.
30' It's better from Dinamo here as they keep Milan penned back in their own half. Ljubicic links up well with Orsic down the left, but the forward can't pick out Petkovic with his cross.
28' GOOD SAVE! Ljubicic picks Saelemaekers' pocket and Ivanusec switches it out to Moharrami down the right. He has acres of space and cuts inside to curl a shot into the near post, but Maignan pushes it wide.
26' Ristovski's clearing header hits Leao and the winger tries to open up some space for a shot. He cuts inside before curling it towards the far post, but the defender recovers well to block it.
24' Milan are starting to up the pressure again here as Leao switches out to the right. Giroud has peeled away to the far post, but the low cross gets nowhere near him as Sutalo hooks it away.
22' GOOD SAVE! It's another lovely bit of skill from Diaz, who wriggles his way out of trouble to tee up Bennacer. He takes the shot first time from range, but it's straight down the middle at Livakovic, who punches it away.
20' CHANCE! It's good work from Diaz to nick the ball off Ljubicic deep in his own half, and he turns before going long to pick out Leao. He bursts into the box before hitting his shot, but it's blocked by Moharrami.
18' Diaz drills a low throughball into the box this time, but it's a poor first touch from Giroud as it bounces straight out of his side. A belated offside flag goes up as he throws his hands up in frustration.
16' Livakovic looks to get his side upfield quickly, setting Moharrami away down the right. He lays it off to Ivanusec in the middle, who decides to have a go from range, but he drags it wide of the far post.
14' Petkovic is caught late by Kalulu, and the referee initially tries to play the advantage to Dinamo before pulling it back. Ademi swings it in from the left, but it's straight into Maignan's gloves.
12' Ristovski starts the move in his own half and bursts down the right to get the return pass from Ivanusec. A loose touch gets away from him, allowing Hernandez to set off on the counter until Misic stops his run.
10' After their win over Chelsea on MD1, Dinamo are looking for consecutive Champions League wins for only the second time, after November 1998 under Zlatko Kranjcar (Porto and Ajax).
8' Giroud is brought down by Misic, but he quickly gets back to his feet, dragging the ball with him to the edge of the D. He tries to curl it into the top far corner, but it sails over the bar.
6' CHANCE! After winning it back high upfield again, Diaz picks out Saelemaekers' run down the right, and he lifts a good cross into the middle. Tonali has so much space but sends his first-time effort over the bar.
4' It's a sloppy pass out from Ristovski and Bennacer latches onto the loose ball. Tonali is in space on the edge of the D to his left, but it's a good interception by Misic this time.
2' Diaz lifts a lovely ball over the top of Dinamo's defence to pick out Giroud, but he can only hook it towards the penalty spot due to the awkward angle. Leao is in the middle, but Sutalo gets there first.
1' Ademi gets the game underway for Dinamo!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Milan haven't won any of their last six home games in the Champions League (D3 L3), their longest-ever run without a home victory in the competition. Their last win at San Siro was against Celtic back in September 2013 (2-0).
After making wholesale changes in the league at the weekend, Ante Cacic reverts back to the team that started against Chelsea last Tuesday in the Champions League. Orsic, their leading goalscorer in European competition, scored the winner in that game and partners Petkovic again.
Stefano Pioli makes four changes to the side that beat Sampdoria on Saturday, bringing Tomori, Bennacer, Saelemaekers and Diaz into the starting line-up. Kjaer, Pobega, Messias and De Ketelaere all start on the bench, as does Krunic after returning from injury.
DINAMO ZAGREB SUBS: Kevin Theophile-Catherine, Martin Baturina, Antonio Marin, Petar Bockaj, Mahi Emreli, Daniel Zagorac, Dario Spikic, Josip Drmic, Emir Dilaver, Marko Bulat, Rasmus Lauritsen, Daniel Stefulj.
DINAMO ZAGREB STARTING XI (5-3-2): Dominik Livakovic; Sadegh Moharrami, Stefan Ristovski, Josip Sutalo, Dino Peric, Robert Ljubicic; Arijan Ademi, Josip Misic, Luka Ivanusec; Bruno Petkovic, Mislav Orsic.
MILAN SUBS: Andreas Jungdal, Rade Kunic, Matteo Gabbia, Fode Ballo-Toure, Sergino Dest, Junior Messias, Antonio Mirante, Tommaso Pobega, Charles de Ketelaere, Simon Kjaer.
MILAN STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Mike Maignan; Davide Calabria, Pierre Kalulu, Fikayo Tomori, Theo Hernandez; Ismael Bennacer, Sandro Tonali; Alexis Saelemaekers, Brahim Diaz, Rafael Leao; Olivier Giroud.
It's Dinamo that are the surprise, early group leaders after their shock 1-0 win over Chelsea last week. They'll be looking for an equally eye-catching result here today, as they aim to continue their six-match winning streak in all competitions. Milan opened their Champions League campaign with a 1-1 draw against Salzburg. In their last seven games in all competitions, they've alternated between a win and a draw (W4 D3), and come into this on the back of a 2-1 victory against Sampdoria.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group E meeting between Milan and Dinamo Zagreb at San Siro!