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København v Sevilla Live Commentary, 15/09/2022

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Both teams get their first point on the board in Group G but stay third and fourth respectively. Sevilla's last game before the international break is away to Villarreal, while Copenhagen will travel to Midtjylland.
It finishes goalless between Copenhagen and Sevilla. It was a match of few opportunities, with Copenhagen not managing a single shot in the second half. Rakitic fired just over early on in the first half before Ryan made a good save to deny En-Nesyri. Sevilla's only other effort on target came through Isco in the 69th minute, but it was a comfortable stop for the keeper in that instance.
José Ángel Carmona
Yellow Card
90' + 4' As the ball loops up, Carmona makes a late run onto it. He catches Sorensen with a high boot though and has his name taken by the referee.
90' + 3' The home fans aren't happy as Lerager is left on the floor and Sevilla continue their attack. It's their last chance to try and get a winner, but Carmona sees another cross blocked.
90' + 1' Into the first of three added minutes here and Sevilla are still patiently trying to work it out from the back. It's all in front of Copenhagen though, and the hosts are happy to let them keep it.
89' Suso is knocked over by an overenthusiastic Kristiansen and Sevilla win a free-kick down the right. Telles swings it in, but it's too close to the keeper and Ryan holds onto it.
C. Sørensen
Í. Bergmann Jóhannesson
87' Copenhagen make their last change now, as Sorensen comes on in place of Johannesson.
86' Kristiansen gets away down the left again and backheels it into Mukairu on the edge of the box. He doesn't catch it right though, and it bobbles wide of the near post.
A. Januzaj
84' It looks like Isco has picked up an injury as he receives treatment after making his way off the pitch. Januzaj is on for him.
M. Stamenic
Yellow Card
82' Stamenic is late getting across to Fernando and the ball is already gone when he catches the midfielder with his studs. He's booked for the challenge.
82' Sevilla's frustration is starting to show as they continue to struggle to break down Copenhagen. Gomez tries to spread it out to Carmona down the right, but plays it behind him, giving away a needless throw-in.
H. Haraldsson
V. Claesson
79' And Claesson is also making way, with Haraldsson replacing him.
L. Lerager
R. Falk
79' Copenhagen are making a double change now. Falk is the first to go off, with Lerager on for him.
77' Dmitrovic is quickly put under pressure by Claesson so he puts his foot through it. Dolberg brings it down and tries to spin away from Vavro, but the defender comes away with it.
Joan Jordán
Yellow Card
75' Zeca brushes his arm across Jordan's back and the midfielder falls to ground right in front of the referee. He's unimpressed and books the substitute for diving.
K. Dolberg
Y. En-Nesyri
74' And Dolberg also comes on in place of En-Nesyri.
E. Lamela
73' And there's a double change for Sevilla as well. Lamela is the first to make way, with Suso on for him.
P. Mukairu
M. Daramy
73' Copenhagen are making their first change of the game. Daramy, who has caused Sevilla all sorts of problems today, is replaced by Mujairu.
71' Jordan has his heels clipped as he sets himself for a shot in the D, and Sevilla have another free-kick in a good position. Isco steps up but curls his shot into the wall.
69' Telles' cross runs all the way out to Carmona, but his attempt deflects up off Kristiansen before Vavro slices it away. He only gets it as far as Isco, who curls a shot towards the far post, but it's a comfortable save for Ryan.
P. Gómez
T. Delaney
67' Sevilla are making the first changes of the game. Delaney is taken off and replaced by Gomez.
Joan Jordán
I. Rakitić
67' And Rakitic is also making way, with Jordan on in his place.
64' Sevilla win a free-kick through the middle and Telles tries to whip it into the far post. Rakitic is closest to it, but he's nudged off it by Vavro.
62' En-Nesyri topples over just inside the box and he's asking for a penalty. Nobody else is looking to the referee though as the forward is told to get back to his feet.
60' Copenhagen are enjoying a good spell of possession, but when they can't pass their way through, Zeca goes for the big switch out to Damary. He holds it up to pick out Falk, but his throughball for Kristiansen is too heavy.
V. Claesson
Yellow Card
58' It's a heavy challenge from Claesson on Isco, and he's shown a yellow card.
56' Rakitic wins it back in the centre circle and his first thought is to slide it down the middle for Lamela to chase. There's too much on the pass though and Ryan comes out of his box to clear his lines.
54' GOOD SAVE! It's a brilliant run from Daramy as he cuts inside from the left, dancing his way past three Sevilla defenders as he takes it to the byline. He's trying to cross it, but Dmitrovic takes no chances as he smothers it.
53' CHANCE! It's a good corner for Sevilla, and Carmona just hovers in the middle of the box, ending up with a free header. He thumps it towards goal, but it sails just over the bar.
52' Stamenic lets Vavro's pass run, not realising that Delaney is closest to it. Sevilla burst forward on the counter, with Telles finding space down the left, but his cross is blocked.
50' Copenhagen are moving the ball quickly when they win it back, but they're struggling to get in behind Sevilla. Diks tries to play a one-two with Stamenic to get past Telles, but it's cut out.
48' Zeca is caught on his heels when Diks passes to him and Fernando breaks quickly on the counter. He lays it off to En-Nesyri on the edge of the box and his shot takes a deflection which loops it onto the roof of the net.
46' Sevilla get us back underway for the second half!
Lopetegui may well be feeling the pressure again as his team struggled to keep up with Copenhagen as the half went on, and he'll be looking for a big improvement after the break. Thorup will be the happier of the two managers, but he will be hoping for a more clinical performance in the second half.
It's goalless at the break between Copenhagen and Sevilla. The visitors had the better of the early chances with Rakitic firing just over before Ryan made a good save to deny En-Nesyri. After that, Copenhagen ramped up the pressure, with Kristiansen coming closest when he sent a first-time shot sailing over the bar.
44' It's a lovely turn from Daramy down the left to take two Sevilla defenders out of the game before he squares it to Johannesson on the edge of the box. He tees up Diks for a cross, but Claesson heads it over.
42' Yet again, it's switched out to Carmona on the right and he has four to aim for in the box. No surprises though as Kristiansen quickly closes him down and blocks another cross.
40' Carmona sets Sevilla on the counter again, with Fernando picking out Rakitic's run down the right. He drills a low cross into the box, looking for En-Nesyri, but Khocholava makes another vital interception.
38' Stamenic tries to weave his way into the box, but he's tripped on the edge of the D and Copenhagen have a free-kick in a dangerous position. Varvo curls his shot low around the wall, but Dmitrovic holds it.
36' Every Sevilla attack is still going down their right side, but Kristiansen is equal to everything Carmona does at the moment. The right-back tries to skip past him but finds his route blocked again.
34' Johannesson's free-kick is put straight out for a corner, and he swings that into the box as well. He picks out Diks at the near post, but he nods his effort just wide of the near post.
32' GOOD CHANCE! Zeca wriggles his way out of a tight spot on the right and spots Kristiansen in acres of space on the opposite flank. He puts it on a plate for the left-back, but he fires his shot over the bar.
30' Copenhagen are enjoying a good spell of possession until Kristiansen is rushed into a forward pass by Rakitic. His throughball is too heavy for Falk, who chases it down in vain before Dmitrovic clears his lines.
28' It's a wonderful, curling cross from Daramy down the left, and Johannesson rises above Telles to nod it into the six-yard box. Dmitrovic reads it well though and gets in front of Claesson to collect it.
26' Sevilla's corner is half-cleared and Rakitic volleys it back into the middle. Ryan comes out to collect it and crashes into Khocholava in the process. The defender stayed down to receive treatment, but he's okay to carry on.
24' GOOD SAVE! It's a wonderful throughball between Copenhagen's defenders by Lamela to pick out En-Nesyri's run. His first touch forces him slightly wide and Ryan rushes out to smother his shot.
23' It's Rakitic that crosses it in from the right this time, drilling a low ball to the edge of the box for Lamela. Falk initially cuts it out, but the forward picks his pocket, only to take a heavy touch and lose it again.
21' Fernando helps it out to Carmona yet again for Sevilla, and he tries to curl the cross onto the penalty spot for Isco. There's not enough on it though and Zeca throws himself forward to head it clear.
19' Again, Sevilla work it down their right as they try to open up Copenhagen's compact space. Carmona feeds it through to Isco, but his pullback to En-Nesyri is blocked by Vavro.
17' Ryan goes long to Claesson to try and get his side upfield, and the forward nods it down. He's the only one forward for Copenhagen though, and Sevilla easily win it back.
15' A sloppy pass from Carmona is pounced on by Daramy and he outmuscles the defender before touching it onto Kristiansen down the left. He drills a low cross into the six-yard box, but Dmitrovic collects it.
13' Copenhagen are trying to press Sevilla high up the pitch, but the visitors are moving it around quickly. Telles tries to go long to Isco, but Diks cuts it out.
M. Daramy
Yellow Card
11' Carmona and Daramy both go in with a high boot as the ball bounces, with the right-back kicking into the midfielder. Daramy stays down, but when he gets back up, he's shown a yellow card.
10' Copenhagen have failed to win all 12 of their previous meetings with Spanish opponents in European competition (D4 L8). They've lost each of the last four, twice against Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, failing to score in three of those games.
8' GREAT CHANCE! Carmona is being given so much space down the right and he lays it off to Rakitic in the box. He quickly sort his feet out and lifts his shot over the keeper, but it flies just over the bar.
6' Telles surges past Diks down the left and fizzes a dangerous cross into the middle for En-Nesyri through the middle. Khocholava reads it well though and slides in to block it.
4' Kristiansen makes a good interception for Copenhagen and plays a clever one-two with Daramy to open up some space down the left. He fizzes a low cross into the middle, but can only pick out Gudelj.
2' Sevilla are enjoying all of the possession in the opening minutes here and it looks like Carmona is going to drive forward into the space down the right, but he thinks better of it and works it backwards instead.
1' Claesson gets the game underway for Copenhagen!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Sevilla have lost three of their last four Champions League group stage games (W1), as many as they lost in their previous 22 such matches in the competition (W10 D9).
Julen Lopetegui also makes four changes from the win over Espanyol last time out. Dmitrovic starts in goal, with Telles, Rakitic and Delaney also coming into the side. Bono, Acuna and Jordan all start on the bench.
Jess Thorup makes four changes to the side that lost to Odense Boldklub at the weekend. Vavro, Zeca, Johannesson and Daramy are all brought in, with Boilesen, Haraldsson, Lerager and Karamoko dropping to the bench.
SEVILLA SUBS: Karim Rekik, Suso, Bono, Adnan Januzaj, Marcos Acuna, Joan Jordan, Jesus Navas, Kasper Dolberg, Rafa Mir, Papu Gomez, Tanguy Kouassi, Alberto Flores.
SEVILLA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Marko Dmitrovic; Jose Carmona, Nemanja Gudelj, Kike Salas, Alex Telles; Ivan Rakitic, Fernando, Thomas Delaney; Erik Lamela, Youssef En-Nesyri, Isco.
COPENHAGEN SUBS: Orri Oskarsson, Christian Sorensen, Paul Mukairu, Karl-Johan Johnsson, Lukas Lerager, Nicolai Boilesen, Roony Bardghji, Mamaoudou Karamoko, Hakon Haraldsson, Elias Jelert, Andreas Dithmer.
COPENHAGEN STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Mat Ryan; Kevin Diks, Davit Khocholava, Denis Vavro, Victor Kristansen; Zeca, Marko Stamenic; Rasmus Falk, Isak Johannesson, Mohammed Daramy; Viktor Claesson.
Neither side got off to a winning start in their opening Champions League game last week; Copenhagen lost 3-0 to Borussia Dortmund while Sevilla were brushed aside 4-0 by Manchester City. Copenhagen haven't really got going so far this season and have won just one of their last five outings in all competitions (D1 L3). Meanwhile, Sevilla finally held on to get their first win of the season against Espanyol at the weekend, ending a six-match winless run in the process (D1 L5).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group G meeting between Copenhagen and Sevilla at Telia Parken!