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G. Di Lorenzo
F. Bernardeschi
5 - 0
M. Kean
F. Bernardeschi
4 - 0
G. Raspadori
3 - 0
E. Utkus
Own Goal
2 - 0
M. Kean
1 - 0

Match Stats

71% 28%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 1
Total Passes 726 280
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Italy ITA Italy 6 4 2 0 12 1 +11 14 W D D W W
2 Switzerland SUI Switzerland 6 4 2 0 10 1 +9 14 W W D D W
3 Bulgaria BUL Bulgaria 7 2 2 3 6 10 -4 8 W L W D D
4 Northern Ireland NIR Northern Ireland 6 1 2 3 5 7 -2 5 L L D W D
5 Lithuania LTU Lithuania 7 1 0 6 4 18 -14 3 L W L L L


Final Tournament


So, what's up next time? For Lithuania, they'll return home and host Bulgaria in October. But for Italy? Next stop is the 2021 Nations League Finals on home soil - and they'll be determined to add to their trophy cabinet. Until then however, thank you for joining us - and have a great week!
But Roberto Mancini can delight in that as his side write themselves into the record books again. An under-powered side, if anything, have given him some more headaches for the future - but he surely won't mind them on a night like this.
Valdas Ivanauskas will have not learned too much from that, will he? It's another loss in a year where his side have been downed in every game they've played. They'll head home having played their part in history - and having been on the wrong side of it.
Giovanni Di Lorenzo's cross-turned-finish is the only goal of a more sedate second half - but it doesn't change the outcome, as Italy make history - and take the record outright for the most games unbeaten in a row in men's senior international football! Full-time, it finishes Italy 5-0 Lithuania.
90' There's going to be two added minutes for a last spot of magic.
89' A Italy free-kick is skimmed to the right by Berardi, just wide of the goal. The hosts continue to press.
87' Setkus does well to take a deflection now as Italy come bearing down on goal again. There's perhaps one last flourish from the Azzurri to bring up six here.
85' Berardi tries his luck with a left-footed effort now, but it is wide of the mark and Lithuania keep it at a five-goal deficit.
A. Tutyškinas
L. Klimavičius
83' Linas Klimavicius is off for Lithuania - and even in defeat, there is a moment for them now as Artemijus Tutyskinas comes on to win his debut cap.
81' Italy have truly pulled the rug though, even with less goals - they've had almost three-quarters of possession heading into the tail-end of this match.
79' As it stands - and as it has stood for most of this match - Italy are well on their way to consolidating that place in Qatar. They'll have to wait to confirm their place, of course, but they're surely a lock for next year.
77' Berardi is now caught offside, then Cristante sees an attempt blocked. Italy continue to probe but Lithuania are holding on for the consolation of not having a 6-0 loss against their name right now.
75' Italy are pushing to make it half-a-dozen here but they are finding themselves a little bit stymied right now. Balls flash across the box with abandon, but they're just missing their marks.
D. Berardi
M. Kean
73' Moise Kean will have to wait for his hat-trick another day too as he makes way for Domenico Berardi in Italy's last change.
K. Uzėla
E. Dubickas
73' Karolis Uzela is the newest Lithuania face on the pitch now, replacing Edgaras Dubickas.
L. Klimavičius
Yellow Card
71' Klimavicius is booked for the challenge too, before Italy subsequently blaze over with the resulting set-piece.
70' Castrovilli is dragged down on the edge of the box and it will be a close-run thing as to whether a penalty goes Italy's way here. It's a free-kick in the end - just.
68' There's a quarter of this match to go, and both teams are starting to heave a little. Even when they've been chaotic, Lithuania have run themselves ragged in pursuit of Italy around the park.
66' Kean wants that hat-trick, and he continues to unfurl some fancy footwork to keep Lithuania's defence on the edge. He's toyed with them to a point since the interval. 
64' There's been a dozen attempts from Italy tonight and they've scored with five of them. Dumb luck, deadly accuracy or a horrendous night at the back for Lithuania? Make your own mind up.
G. Scamacca
F. Bernardeschi
62' Federico Bernardeschi meanwhile makes way for Gianluca Scamacca in the Azzurri's fourth swap.
G. Castrovilli
61' Gaetano Castrovilli replaces Jorginho in Italy's third change of the game.
60' The hour mark comes up and Italy are well in command of this contest. They need four goals in half-an-hour to match their record win, if we're still counting, though time looks to be against them now.
58' A searing cross makes its way into the six-yard area and Sirigu does well to dodge not only the Lithuania attacker but his own defender going up for the ball after an apparent spot of miscommunication.
56' Bernardeschi now goes looking for a finish himself but sees his half-decent strike blocked by Lithuania's defence, who - to their credit - have simply not retreated into themselves. They are still looking to make the moves when they can.
F. Bernardeschi
54' Bernardeschi laid on the touch for the defender there, and shaped to move towards the box, only to find he wasn't needed in the end. Italy look more delighted about that goal than any other they've scored so far.
G. Di Lorenzo
54' GOAL! GIOVANNI DI LORENZO GETS ITALY'S FIRST OF THE SECOND HALF! 5-0! The defender might not have intended this one as he shapes a cross towards the left post on the far side - but it beats everyone and loops itself beautifully in at the top corner. Superb stuff!
52' Italy have the ball in the back of the net - but the offside flag is up! It's the right call after a spilled save is rattled in by Raspadori, but he is several feet in front of the last defender.
50' Italy have not scored for 20 minutes now, the longest they have gone in this game - and it can be seen. The energy is a little bit low here - they could do with a ball in the back of the net again.
48' Bernardeschi takes a clattering challenge and needs some treatment. Mancini will hope that he can avoid any problems with squad members in this final hurdle of the international break.
46' With half of the possible changes in this game now made, we are back underway. Will Italy's swaps be able to deliver further goals or will this one be content to cruise along now?
S. Sirigu
G. Donnarumma
46' The hosts also make a change in goal, with Gianluigi Donnarumma off and Salvatore Sirigu on for another cap.
D. Calabria
C. Biraghi
46' Italy meanwhile bring on Davide Calabria for Cristiano Biraghi.
D. Barauskas
V. Slavickas
46' Dominykas Barauskas also arrives for Vaidas Slavickas for Lithuania.
L. Mėgelaitis
M. Dapkus
46' Martynas Dapkus is replaced by Linas Megelaitis for the visitors.
B. Šatkus
E. Utkus
46' With the second half looming, a fleet of changes are coming into what is now basically a dead rubber. Edgaras Utkus makes way for Benas Satkus for Lithuania.
If the second half can serve up a similar number of finishes, then we are in for even more excitement after this. Roberto Mancini could yet introduce some other key figures - and isn't that a fearsome prospect.
A Moise Kean double is the pick of the goals - and there's been plenty of those! - in a superb first-half performance, one that has shown the Azzurri's quality in depth. The hosts are well on the way to making history - at half-time, it is Italy 4-0 Lithuania.
45' + 1' We're into the only minute of scheduled added time, though we'll likely have an extra one.
44' There's a pause in play now that will likely eat into injury time, with Raspadori down and clutching at his ankle. He'll get some treatment before the game resumes.
42' Cristante sees a right-footed effort deflected and then the visitors are handed a free-kick for a clumsy challenge by Italy as they look to break. It allows a breather - if only a brief one - for Lithuania.
40' There's five minutes until the break now. Can Lithuania hang on without conceding a fifth? It truly has been a first half to forget for them.
38' Raspadori comes close to a second but slips as he goes to shoot under pressure and blazes well over the crossbar as a result. He pounds the ground in frustration.
35' A surprise corner for the visitors on the back of a break allows a spot of rare pressure but nothing comes their way again and Italy once more ferry the ball back towards opposition territory.
33' It's a party mood in the stands too. The home crowd might not have the A-listers who won Euro 2020 out in full force today, but they are being treated to some delightful football. Lithuania are surely in damage limitation mode now.
31' Talk about a festival of football from the Azzurri. Moise Kean is definitely making a claim for a place in next month's squad with those finishes. It's bizarre to think he was playing for Everton's reserves only the other week.
F. Bernardeschi
29' You could frame Bernardeschi's pass and hang it in an art gallery, just as much as you could Kean's finish. Italy are absolutely blazing a path through Lithuania now, who seemingly have collapsed into full breakdown at the back.
M. Kean
29' GOAL! MOISE KEAN BAGS A DOUBLE FOR ITALY! 4-0! And what a finish that is! Federico Bernardeschi lobs a chip pass into the box and the forward promptly volleys it from the left side into the far top corner with a sublime touch. Delicious stuff!
28' Donnarumma was having a busier night than expected over the initial flush of this match but it is fair to say that he can put his feet up now, with slippers and a cup of tea, Wallace and Gromit-style. He's in for a quiet one.
26' At the pace we're going, it feels prudent to say that Italy's record win is a 9-0 victory over the USA, recorded in 1948. We shouldn't get there - but stranger things have happened.
G. Raspadori
24' GOAL! GIACOMO RASPADORI RACKS UP ITALY'S THIRD! 3-0! Giovanni Di Lorenzo flashes the square ball in and it is defended directly back to the striker on the edge of the six-yard box, who duly buries it in the roof of the net. Game, set and match to the Azzurri now, surely.
22' Italy are a shade under 60 per cent possession as the quarter-mark of this match approaches. Lithuania will be particularly disappointed to have leaked twice so far, given they haven't been entirely outmatched and outgunned.
20' Jorginho - sporting the captain's armband today - is proving that vital conduit in midfield once more. Not everything is running through him, but enough is to suggest he is the conductor of this orchestra.
18' There's still work to be done here for Italy, even if the three points looks like they have it wrapped up as results go. Every finish is arguably an audition for these players, with the Nations League Finals looming.
16' Italy have been waiting three halves of football for a goal and then two turn up at once, just like London buses. They look in the mood now; Mancini is on the sidelines, clearly delighted so far.
E. Utkus
Own Goal
14' GOAL! EDGARAS UTKUS LANDS AN OWN GOAL AND MAKES IT TWO FOR ITALY! 2-0! This could become a long night very quickly for Lithuania. Giacomo Raspadori is fed with a neat ball into the box, but he edges back outside it, turns on a dime and fires a  finish into the top-left corner from a dozen-and-a-half yards or so, deflected hugely off the defender.
13' Lithuania look to respond, showing a little bit of nerve as they move back into Italian territory. The noise of the crowd almost shreds their composure however and they lose out with the ball.
M. Kean
11' GOAL! MOISE KEAN HANDS ITALY AN EARLY LEAD! 1-0! It's all a little too easy in the end and the young forward makes it stick, as he locks onto the neat ball on the left edge of the box, cuts back in and drills past Setkus at the near-post. The Azzurri are on course to make history now.
10' Verbickas with the shot! That feels oddly atypical, but the visitors force Donnarumma to get low and tap his gloves onto the Lithuania effort.
8' Kazlauskas is trimmed by Jorginho and picks up a free-kick for it. The play just allows the sting to be taken out of the growing tempo orchestrated by the hosts.
6' Biraghi pounds his way into the visitors' box and comes up with nothing, as Setkus makes a brave collection under pressure. The pace of Italy is there for all to see - and surely the fitness levels too.
4' It will be curious to see how Italy gel today. The vast number of players who have occupied a fringe spot over the last few months could disrupt their rhythms. Kean pushes up but the ball is duly intercepted and cleared by Lithuania.
2' Early pressure comes - surprisingly - for the visitors after a free-kick and a subsequently deflected shot sets up a corner. It's slapped into the side netting, Slivka unable to control it, and Italy survive a likely rare attack.
1' Referee Craig Pawson blows his whistle and we are underway in this Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifier between Italy and Lithuania!
The anthems have concluded and we are moments away from kick-off.
The teams are headed out now - with the presence of Englishman Craig Pawson as referee - and we'll have the national anthems before we begin.
Will there be goals in store today? Just the one finish for Italy over the international break highlights their frugal nature since the back end of Euro 2020 - but with Donnarumma in goal, very little will get through either. It will be an intriguing battle to see if the PSG man is tested much though.
Goals for Stefano Sensi and Ciro Immobile did the job last time out when these two sides met in the reverse fixture earlier this year - but the visitors did famously earn a draw against the then-World Champions in only the Azzurri's second game after winning the Germany 2006 World Cup. Could history repeat itself?
Subs: Artemijus Tutyskinas, Vytas Gaspuitis, Linas Megelaitis, Titas Krapikas, Edvinas Gertmonas, Benas Satkus, Karolis Uzela, Dominykas Barauskas, Rolandas Baravykas.
LITHUANIA (4-2-3-1): Ernestas Setkus; Justas Lasickas, Linas Klimavicius, Edgaras Utkus, Vaidas Slavickas; Martynas Dapkus, Vykintas Slivka; Donatas Kazlauskas, Ovidijus Verbickas, Arvydas Novikovas, Edgaras Dubickas.
Subs: Gaetano Castrovilli, Gianluca Scamacca, Manuel Locatelli, Nicolo Barella, Alessandro Florenzi, Salvatore Sirigu, Pierluigi Gollini, Domenico Berardi, Leonardo Bonucci, Giorgio Chiellini, Davide Calabria, Rafael Toloi.
ITALY (4-3-3): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Francesco Acerbi, Alessandro Bastoni, Cristiano Biraghi; Matteo Pessina, Jorginho, Bryan Cristante; Federico Bernardeschi, Giacomo Raspadori, Moise Kean.
For Lithuania, there are few names among their ranks likely to draw immediate recognition - but at least striker Edgaras Dubickas won't have a long flight home afterwards. He plays for Piacenza in Serie C, just an hour or so up the road from tonight's host city.
With the quality of their opponent likely to not trouble even a second-string side too much, Italy have fielded just that today. Gianluigi Donnarumma, Giovanni Di Lorenzo and Jorginho are the only three survivors of the Euro 2020 Final penalty shootout win over England to make the cut.
In their way stands a side yet to avoid defeat in 2021. Lithuania's record against non-minnows is not pretty reading - a win over Poland a decade ago is their last major scalp - but the Rinktine, coached by Valdas Ivanauskas, will be far from deterred with their night under the bright lights.
Tonight, history beckons for Roberto Mancini and the Azzurri. Last time out, the newly-minted European champions drew with Switzerland - and matched the all-time unbeaten run record in men's senior football of 36 games. Today, on home turf, they'll be fancied to take it outright.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the September international break as Euro 2020 holders Italy look to continue their path towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup in a UEFA qualifier against Lithuania at Mapei Stadium, Reggio Emilia.