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O. Zubkov
M. Shaparenko
V. Kovalenko
S. Sydorchuk
S. Sydorchuk
O. Karavaev
1 - 1
B. Pavard
Yellow Card
A. Griezmann
1 - 0

Match Stats

63% 36%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 1
Total Passes 788 470
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 France FRA France 6 3 3 0 8 3 +5 12 W D D W W
2 Ukraine UKR Ukraine 7 1 6 0 9 8 +1 9 D W D D D
3 Finland FIN Finland 6 2 2 2 7 7 0 8 W L L W D
4 Bosnia-Herzegovina BIH Bosnia-Herzegovina 6 1 4 1 8 7 +1 7 D W D D L
5 Kazakhstan KAZ Kazakhstan 7 0 3 4 5 12 -7 3 L L D L D


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That's it from me here tonight. Until the next time, goodbye!
Next up in the World Cup qualifiers, France have got two away fixtures. They play Kazakhstan on Sunday, then Bosnia and Herzegovina next Wednesday. Ukraine are at home for their two games against Finland and Kazakhstan.
The world champions are held; France have to settle for a draw as Ukraine hold on. The hosts were far from their best and didn't really threaten until Griezmann curled in a magnificent opener after 20 minutes, but they couldn't build on their lead and were made to pay as Sydorchuk's shot snuck in after a huge deflection off Kimpembe. Pogba, Dembele and Martial came on as Deschamps looked to switch things up but even with a slight change of shape, France finished the game with only three shots on target. Improvements needed.
90' + 3' A loose ball drops to Hernandez at the left side of the area. He looks for the far top corner with a powerful half-volley, but sends it miles over the crossbar.
90' + 1' Four minutes added on.
90' Ooh! France throw almost everyone forward for a last-minute corner on the left. Griezmann picks out Kimpembe in a central position and he does reasonably well, making a strong connection and guiding his header down, but it's straight at the goalkeeper.
89' Pogba and Dembele combine at the right side of the area and it looks to open up for the latter, but his shot is charged down.
88' Only a couple of minutes left for Ukraine to claim a really valuable point. Does anybody know the French for 'stick it in the mixer'?
87' Rabiot can't get a clean connection on his header as he goes up for the corner and Kimpembe is flagged offside as he picks up the loose ball at the far side of the area.
O. Zubkov
M. Shaparenko
86' Another Ukraine change, Zubkov on for Shaparenko.
85' Krivtsov awkwardly hooks his foot around the ball in mid-air to put a Pavard cross behind for a corner.
83' Kante drives towards the area from the left and pulls the ball back to Dembele at the edge of the D. He stops the ball with his studs, laying it off for Griezmann to shoot first-time, but his right-footed effort is blocked.
81' Pogba comes infield from the right and tries his luck with a left-footed drive from range, but he cuts across the ball and it flies high and wide of the far top corner.
80' Zabarnyi gets up well in a crowd of players to head a Griezmann free-kick clear from the centre of the area.
V. Kovalenko
S. Sydorchuk
79' And now another Ukraine change, Kovalenko coming on for Sydorchuk.
A. Martial
K. Mbappé
77' Mbappe's night is over. A frustrating one for him. Martial comes on.
77' Pavard gets away on the overlap down the right and lifts a cross into the area looking for Mbappe, but Krivtsov gets ahead of him to nod clear.
75' Into the final 15 minutes now. France have still only had one shot on target, other than the Griezmann goal.
74' Hernandez fouls Malinovskiy over on the right touchline in the France half. It looks a good position for a cross but Ukraine don't really send anyone forward. They opt to take it short but are pushed back into their own half almost immediately.
Júnior Moraes
R. Yaremchuk
72' Ukraine make their first change, an attacking one. Moraes is on for Yaremchuk.
72' Bushchan has just taken an absolute monster of a free-kick after an offside inside his penalty area. One bounce, straight through to Lloris. Pointless, but impressive.
71' Ukraine clear the resulting corner and again look to spring a promising counter-attack, but Kante gets back to mop up the danger on the halfway line. As Kante does.
70' Hernandez stands up a cross towards the back post from the left and Bushchan does well to back-pedal and tip it into the top of the crossbar and behind. 
69' Rabiot tries to flick a backheel round the corner for Hernandez as he drifts into the area from out wide, but the left-back can't latch onto it.
68' For a moment, it looks as though Ukraine have the advantage of numbers as they spring a counter-attack, but a weak pass out to Mykolenko on the left sees the move fizzles out. It's played back to the halfway line, where Griezmann commits a foul.
66' Pogba lifts in a dangerous-looking ball into the area from deep on the left of midfield. Mbappe chases it down and latches onto it just outside the corner of the six-yard box, but it just won't come down for him to hit on the half-volley and he ends up scuffing his effort high and wide.
65' It looks as though Mbappe and Griezmann will push further forward with Giroud taken off. They had both been roaming around behind him, but hadn't really got their link-up play going.
O. Dembélé
K. Coman
63' And now Dembele comes on for Coman.
P. Pogba
O. Giroud
63' France make two changes. First, Pogba replaces Giroud.
62' Mbappe looks to be bleeding from either his mouth or his nose after taking a whack from a defender.
62' Bushchan almost presents Mbappe with a chance. Pavard plays in Giroud down the right channel, and he pulls back a cross to the edge of the six-yard box. The keeper wafts at it and drops it just in front of Mbappe, and he can't stretch out to turn it goalwards.
61' France really need to step things up now. They haven't been fluent in attack tonight.
59' The ball seemed to take an absolute age to cross the line after it deflected off Kimpembe. Proper slow-motion stuff, but Varane couldn't chase it down.
O. Karavaev
57' Assist Oleksandr Karavaev
S. Sydorchuk
57' GOOALLL! Ukraine are level out of nowhere, a Kimpembe own goal! Karavaev siezes on a loose ball at the right side of the area and pulls it back to Sydorchuk at the edge of the box. He shoots first time and it takes a huge deflection off Kimpembe, dribbling past the wrong-footed Lloris and into the far corner.
55' Ukraine get around the French press and have some space in the attacking half for the first time since the break. However, the move breaks down as Mykolenko passes to Zinchenko over on the left; he lets it run out for a throw-in as he was coming back from an offside position.
54' Mykolenko makes a really good sliding challenge on Coman by the right corner flag as the Bayern winger looked to trick his way around him.
52' Mbappe seems to be roaming around the Ukraine half more since the break, looking to sniff out a pocket of space. He hasn't had a lot to work with so far tonight.
50' Karavaev wins a free-kick in a good position for a cross on the right, but Malinovskiy gets his delivery all wrong and Kryvtsov can only flick it behind for a goal kick.
49' Shaparenko goes down after taking a whack in the face while trying to tackle Rabiot inside the France half.
48' Griezmann sends in an inswinging corner from the right. Varane flicks it on at the near post but nobody can latch onto it and it's headed clear.
47' Griezmann, Mbappe and Coman play the ball between themselves at the right corner of the area, looking for a gap. Eventually it comes to Pavard and he loops a poor cross over Giroud's head.
45' We're back underway. No changes from either side.
Ukraine have come back into the game pretty well after a daunting start. The possession stats aren't far off even, and France's star man Mbappe has hardly had a sniff of a chance.
France lead thanks to a pearler from Griezmann, but they might have wanted more than the one goal so far. He popped up at the right corner of the area and bent a delicious shot into the top-left but, for all France's possession, they haven't had too many other chances - though Giroud probably should have scored with a close-range header. Ukraine have hardly threatened, other than a couple of flashes from Mykolenko, but Griezmann's goal has been the only shot on target from either side.
45' Coman dances his way around a couple of defenders as he comes infield from the right, before trying to thread a pass through to Giroud. His pass deflects back into his path but he can't find room for a shot.
44' Yaremchuk goes down in the area under a challenge from Kimpembe, but the referee isn't interested in the penalty shouts. There wasn't a lot in it.
42' Coman trips Malinovskiy just outside the Ukraine area and a possible attack breaks down.
40'  A loose ball drops for Mykolenko at the left side of the area. He goes for a backheeled pass but there's nobody behind him. France clear.
38' Given the last game between these sides finished 7-1, France haven't exactly been hammering the door down. The Giroud header a little while ago was the only really good chance they've created other than the goal.
36' Shaparenko finds Mykolenko in the area with a diagonal ball from right to left. He feints infield before cutting away onto his left to shoot, but he blazes his effort over the bar. That's as close as Ukraine have gotten so far.
34' Mbappe shoots left-footed from the edge of the area but his low effort is blocked. The loose ball spins out to Pavard on the right but his cross to the far side of the area is nowhere near anyone in blue, and Zabarnyi picks it up without any pressure.
32' Ooh, Giroud should score that. Pavard curls in a lovely cross from the right and it's just the sort of chance he enjoys; he gets above the defenders well at the edge of the six-yard box but can't keep his header down.
31' Griezmann's goal tonight means he is now the fourth top scorer for the France national team, level with David Trezeguet on 34. Only Thierry Henry, Michel Platini and Giroud have scored more. 
B. Pavard
Yellow Card
29' Pavard gets the first yellow card of the night for a late challenge on Mykolenko, treading on his foot.
29' Coman comes in from the right and plays the ball to the feet of Giroud in the area. The striker holds it up for the one-two but can't quite get it back to Coman with his return pass.
28' Mykolenko gets in down the left and wants a corner as his attempted pull-back deflects behind off Pavard. The referee deem it to have flicked back off Mykolenko on its way out, though, so Ukraine will have to wait for their first corner of the match.
26' France are having to take their time once they get to the edge of the area, and they look perfectly content to stroke the ball around until a gap presents itself. Kante has been spraying some nice diagonal passes out to the full-backs, particularly Pavard, who has essentially played as a second winger so far tonight.
24' Coman should do better there. A corner from the left drops onto his foot on the penalty spot but he misses it entirely. Varane missed a header just in front of him, which might have put him off.
23' Penalty? No? Nothing? Pavard launches a ball forward for Coman to chase. He gets away from Matvyenko and reaches the edge of the area where he's clattered to the ground by Bushchan, but referee Tobias Stieler says there's no foul either way. 
22' Shaparenko carries the ball through the centre before looking up for Yaremchuk, but Kante cuts his pass out.
20' A loose ball sits up nicely for Mbappe to hit at the edge of the area, just to the left of the D. He connects nicely with his first-time effort, but fizzes it just over the bar.
A. Griezmann
19' GOOOOOOALLLL! A BEAUTY FROM GRIEZMANN, 1-0 FRANCE! It's a delightful finish from the Barcelona man. He wins the ball from Zinchenko at the right corner of the area, drifts inside and wraps his left boot around it, floating into the far top corner. Quel but!
17' Coman wins a corner with some fast feet to the right of the area. He and Kante seemed reluctant to put the ball into the box there, with Giroud looking a little frustrated not to get a cross to attack.
15' Ukraine do pretty well to play their way out from the back, taking the ball from right to left and getting around the pressing French forwards. Just as an attack looks to be materialising, though, Sydorchuk gives possession away with a slack pass in midfield.
13' France have had 66 per cent of possession in the first 12 minutes or so, and are starting to find ther way through the massed ranks into the area. This could be a long night for the visiting defence.
11' Chance for Giroud! Rabiot gets into the area down the left and feeds Hernandez on the overlap. He pulls the ball back for Giroud but he just can't get a clean connection on his finish and it's deflected over the bar for a corner, which is cleared.
10' Coman gets some space to run into down the right for the first time, zipping past Matvyenko. His low cross is only half cleared by Karavaev but neither Griezmann nor Mbappe can work the space for a clean shot.
9' Griezmann picks up the ball on the right, coming infield onto his left foot. He chips a cute ball in towards the near post where Mbappe makes a run, but it's an easy catch for Bushchan.
8' Ukraine have kept France at arm's length so far. The home side have had all of the ball, but are running into a wall of yellow shirts when they enter the final third.
6' Giroud is caught offside, latching onto a long quarterback-style ball forward from Kante, who had dropped back alongside the back four.
5' Giroud holds the ball up nicely in midfield and lays the ball back to Pavard, just inside the Ukraine half. He tries to loft a ball over the top for Griezmann to chase but Matvyenko gets above him to clear.
3' Varane gives the ball away with a very loose pass on the halfway line - he just didn't connect with the ball at all - and Zinchenko picks it up. He carries it to the edge of the area but, without an obvious passing option, goes for goal himself and lifts an unconvincing effort over the bar.
2' Pavard and Coman look to combine down the right but the ball runs loose after a breakdown in communication between the pair, and Rabiot comes over to commit a foul and prevent a counter.
1' It's very much worth pointing out that the match ball was delivered to the centre circle in the back of a small remote-control car just before kick-off. Hugely unnecessary, but strangely enjoyable.
1' We're off!
The teams are on their way out onto the pitch. We’ll have the anthems, and then we’ll be ready to go.
France finished top of Group A in qualifying for the 2018 World Cup, finishing ahead of Sweden and the Netherlands with 23 points from their 10 games. Ukraine have only qualified once, in 2006, when they were beaten in the quarter-finals by eventual winners Italy.
That France team is strong, isn’t it? Mbappe recovers from a knock in PSG’s recent game against Lyon to start, but Pogba only makes the bench after some injury struggles of his own. Viktor Tsygankov, who scored Ukraine’s goal in the 7-1 defeat here last year, is out injured while star man Andriy Yarmolenko also misses out.
SUBS: Yevhen Konoplyanka, Andriy Pyatov, Moraes, Oleksandr Syrota, Marlos Bonfim, Bogdan Mykhaylichenko, Anatolii Trubin, Eduard Sobol, Yukhym Konoplia, Evgeniy Makarenko, Viktor Kovalenko, Oleksandr Zubkov.
UKRAINE (4-5-1): Georgi Bushchan; Vitalii Mykolenko, Sergey Krivtsov, Mykola Matvyenko, Illia Zabarnyi; Ruslan Malinovskiy, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Serhiy Sydorchuk, Oleksandr Karavaev, Mykola Shaparenko; Roman Yaremchuk.
SUBS: Leo Dubois, Wissam Ben Yedder, Thomas Lemar, Ousmane Dembele, Mike Maignan, Paul Pogba, Moussa Sissoko, Anthony Martial, Lucas Digne, Clement Lenglet, Kurt Zouma, Steve Mandanda.
FRANCE (4-2-3-1): Hugo Lloris; Lucas Hernandez, Presnel Kimpembe, Raphael Varane, Benjamin Pavard; Adrien Rabiot, N’Golo Kante; Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, Kingsley Coman; Olivier Giroud.
It’s actually not too long since France last played Ukraine. Didier Deschamps’ side ran out 7-1 winners in a friendly back in October, so Andriy Shevchenko and his side will be hoping for a somewhat improved showing tonight.
Hello and welcome to our live coverage of this World Cup qualifying match. The world champions France are beginning the defence of their crown at home to Ukraine, so strap yourselves in for a lovely night of international football on this spring evening just outside Paris.