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Eintracht Frankfurt v Olympique Marseille Live Commentary, 27/10/2022

2 - 1
D. Kamada (3)
R. Kolo Muani (27)
M. Guendouzi (22)
Deutsche Bank Park


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That win takes Frankfurt above Marseille in the table and keeps them in with a chance of reaching the knockout stages. Marseille are bottom of the group, but just two points separate them from Spurs at the top. It's all going down to the final game next week, with Marseille hosting Tottenham and Frankfurt travelling to Sporting.
Frankfurt hold on to beat Marseille 2-1. The hosts made a great start to the game, with Kamada putting them ahead just three minutes in with a brilliant low finish. Marseille fought back, equalising through Guendouzi's excellent volley into the roof of the net, but just five minutes later, Frankfurt led again through Kolo Muani. Marseille pushed for another equaliser after the break, with Trapp denying Sanchez from a free-kick and Tavares firing wide, and they just couldn't finish.
90' + 2' Kamada slides it through to Ndicka and he squares an early cross into the middle towards Borre. Mbemba scuffs it away in front of him, and Rode can't pick him out with the follow-up cross.
90' Marseille are committing a lot of bodies forward as they chase an equaliser and it's leaving them vulnerable to a counter. Kamada does go long for Borre through the middle after clearing a corner, but Veretout does well to stop his run.
88' CHANCE! Alidou finds some space down the right and he lifts a good cross into the middle for Borre. He has Balerdi tight to his back but still manages to volley a shot on goal, though it's straight at Lopez.
L. Suárez
Yellow Card
Olympique Marseille
86' Just seconds after coming off the bench, Suarez finds himself in the referee's book after complaining about a free-kick going against him.
L. Suárez
J. Clauss
Olympique Marseille
86' Final roll of the dice for Marseille as they look to get something out of this game. Clauss goes off for Suarez.
85' Tavares is bundled off the ball and Rode quickly looks to play Kamada into the box. He finds his way blocked by Kolasinac and he's looking for a free-kick that isn't given.
83' DOUBLE BLOCK! Harit touches it into Sanchez just inside the box and he helps it onto Under at the far post. He keeps his first shot low and Jakic throws himself forward to make the block before smothering the substitute's follow-up just as the flag goes up.
81' Ndicka tries another long ball over the top and it looks like Borre is through on goal until Kolasinac gets across. The forward just clips his heels as he takes it around him, and the foul goes against the hosts.
F. Alidou
E. Ebimbe
Eintracht Frankfurt
79' And Ebimbe, who has just been booked, is taken off and replaced by Alidou.
R. Borré
R. Kolo Muani
Eintracht Frankfurt
79' Final changes for Frankfurt now. Kolo Muani is the first to make way, with Borre on in his place.
77' MISS! Tavares dribbles past two Frankfurt defenders as he cuts inside from the left and he decides to try his luck from the edge of the box. He drills a low shot towards the near post, but it rolls just wide.
E. Ebimbe
Yellow Card
Eintracht Frankfurt
75' Ebimbe is the latest player to be shown a yellow card after catching Harit with a late challenge.
73' It's better from Frankfurt here as Rode knocks it back to Gotze. He tries to knock it back to the substitute, but he has to leave it as he's drifted offside and Marseille have it back again.
71' Tavares is starting to get some real joy on the left wing and he fizzes another dangerous cross into the box. Under slides in to meet it, but catches it wrong and ends up clearing it away from goal.
S. Rode
J. Lindstrøm
Eintracht Frankfurt
69' Second change for Frankfurt now as Rode comes on in place of Lindstrom.
68' Rongier loops an early, deep cross into the far post where Tavares has just peeled off the back of his defender. He volleys it back across goal, but Trapp is having to just shield it out of play.
66' Marseille are still dominating possession here, but Frankfurt are staying compact in their shape. Tavares surges forward down the left again, but can't find a way past Ebimbe.
64' Pellegrini is caught on the ball inside his own box by Mbemba, who quickly tries to get it out of his feet. He does manage to dig out a cross, but he hits it straight against the Italian before it bounces out off him.
62' Tavares' cross from the left deflects off Ebimbe straight to Clauss on the edge of the box. He runs onto it, hitting the shot first time, but Sow is right in front of it to make the block.
S. Kolašinac
S. Gigot
Olympique Marseille
60' And Gigot is also taken off, with Kolasinac replacing him.
C. Ünder
M. Guendouzi
Olympique Marseille
60' Marseille are making a double change as they look to get back into this game. Guendouzi is the first to go off, with Under on for him.
59' GOOD SAVE! Sanchez steps up to take the free-kick just outside the left side of the box and he's aiming for the far top corner. It's dipping under the bar and Trapp stretches to tip it wide.
H. Smolčić
Yellow Card
Eintracht Frankfurt
57' Smolcic gets across to Harit and lifts his leg to try and block the cross. He misses and brings down the winger just outside the box instead. He goes into the referee's book.
56' SO CLOSE! Rongier clips a wonderful ball over the top to pick out Sanchez, who times his run perfectly to stay onside. He brings it down on the turn before lifting his shot over the onrushing Trapp, but it skims the near post as it flies wide.
R. Kolo Muani
Yellow Card
Eintracht Frankfurt
54' Ebimbe goes long and Gigot can't jump high enough to intercept it. Lopez rushes out of his box to stop Kolo Muani from reaching it and is clattered by the forward, who receives a yellow card.
52' Marseille are keeping Frankfurt penned back deep in their own half and Harit has space to clip a cross in from the left. He's looking for Rongier at the far post, but Ndicka gets in front of him to block it.
50' Frankfurt win it back deep in their own half and Sow bursts forward through the middle, with options on either side. He chooses Kolo Muani to his left, and his low cross is blocked by Mbemba before the offside flag goes up.
48' Kamada slides in with a perfectly-timed tackle to dispossess Tavares and he sets Ebimbe away down the right. He drives to the byline but the cross lets him down as it's fired well behind Kolo Muani.
46' Frankfurt get us back underway for the second half!
As things stand, Frankfurt have moved above Marseille in the table and are keeping themselves in the race for a place in the knockout rounds. Marseille aren't out of contention yet, despite this resulting dropping them into fourth place - they just need a bright second-half performance.
Frankfurt take a 2-1 lead over Marseille into half-time. It was the perfect start for the hosts, with Kamada putting them ahead just three minutes into the game by slotting home after a quick break. They could've been out of sight not long after, but Gotze and Ndicka both fired wide before Lenz was denied by Lopez. Guendouzi volleyed in a brilliant equaliser, but Frankfurt led again just five minutes later through Kolo Muani's cool finish.
45' + 2' Marseille are trying to get back on level terms before the break, with Mbemba going long looking for Sanchez again. There isn't enough on the pass, though, and it's another comfortable clearance for Ndicka.
45' GREAT SAVE! Guendouzi fizzes it along the edge of the box and Harit plays a one-two with Sanchez to open up a better angle. He volleys his shot towards the far bottom corner, and Trapp stretches to help it wide with his fingertips.
L. Pellegrini
C. Lenz
Eintracht Frankfurt
45' Lenz's attempt to carry on after receiving treatment on his knee injury didn't last long as he's taken off and replaced by Pellegrini.
44' Lenz stretched to block the earlier cross from Clauss and he jarred his knee in the process. He's down receiving treatment, but it looks like he's going to try and carry on.
42' Marseille move the ball well from left to right, but they're still struggling to get it into the box. Clauss tries to swing in a cross but sees it blocked by Smolcic, and the resulting corner is also cleared.
J. Veretout
Yellow Card
Olympique Marseille
40' It's a really poor challenge from Veretout as he goes flying in on Lindstrom. His boot is very high, and he's lucky that the winger hurdled over him and avoided much contact. He's booked.
38' Gigot goes long over the top and Sanchez peels off the back of the defenders to bring it down. He spins before scuffing a shot towards goal, which Trapp saves before a belated flag goes up.
36' After a good spell of possession for Marseille, they give the ball away sloppily, and Kolo Muani breaks on the counter again. He picks out Lenz ahead of him, but another Frankfurt attack is ended by the offside flag.
34' Only two goals have been conceded in the first three minutes of Champions League games this season, with both of them conceded by Marseille.
32' Marseille win a free-kick on the right and Tavares' whipped cross is half-cleared on the edge of the area. He gets it straight back and tries to clip it to the far post this time, but it's over everyone in the middle.
30' WHAT A BLOCK! Marseille break quickly, with Harit leading the charge down the left. He slides it forward for Tavares, who fizzes a dangerous low cross into the six-yard box and Rongier is following in, but Smolcic slides in with a vital challenge ahead of him to put it out for a corner.
29' Lindstrom isn't being picked up by any of the Marseille defenders in the box, so Lenz tries to pick him out with an early cross. Gigot quickly spots the danger, though, and gets across to cut it out.
M. Götze
Eintracht Frankfurt
27' Gotze continued his run into the box after seeing his initial cross blocked, and then drags the defender away to open up the space for Kolo Muani.
R. Kolo Muani
Eintracht Frankfurt
27' KOLO MUANI SCORES! What a lovely goal by the hosts! Gotze's low cross to Kolo Muani is cut out inside the box, but the forward doesn't give it up as he latches onto the rebound. He plays a one-two with Gotze before slotting his low shot under Gomez's outstretched hand and into the back of the net. 2-1 Frankfurt!
Nuno Tavares
Yellow Card
Olympique Marseille
25' Tavares is shown the first yellow card of the match after catching Kamada with a late challenge.
24' Glasner is urging his side to keep their heads up after the equaliser as Kamada looks to get Kolo Muani in behind. The forward just set off too early though, and the offside flag is up.
C. Mbemba
Olympique Marseille
22' Mbemba had time to get his head up and spot Guendouzi's run before picking the Frenchman out with his cross.
M. Guendouzi
Olympique Marseille
22' GUENDOUZI EQUALISES! It's a superb cross from Mbemba, who is allowed to get forward down the right again. He puts it on a plate for Guendouzi, who doesn't have to alter his stride as he opens up his foot and volleys it over Trapp into the roof of the net. 1-1!
21' Mbemba is allowed to carry the ball a long way upfield and he curls a brilliant cross to the edge of the box. Sow misjudges the flight of the ball and Tavares would've been in on goal if he'd anticipated the defender missing it.
19' GOOD SAVE! Frankfurt are really upping the pressure here as Lenz surges through the middle of the field. His throughball is cut out by Balerdi, but Lindstrom intercepts his subsequent backpass and touches it back to Lenz, whose shot is smothered by Lopez.
17' CHANCE! Lenz puts a long throw-in into the box from the left, and Ndicka is behind Mbemba, so he improvises by lifting a backheel flick towards the near post. It has Lopez scrambling, but it hits the side netting.
15' WIDE! Frankfurt break quickly on the counter again through Lindstrom down the right, and his first cross is blocked, but he loops a better one in on the second attempt. Gotze meets it in the middle, but thumps his header wide of the near post.
13' The Frankfurt fans aren't happy as Kolo Muani is down, but the referee is allowing Marseille to carry on. After a while, he does stop the game so he can receive treatment for his knee. He's fine to carry on.
11' CHANCE! Sanchez touches the ball back to Guendouzi just outside the D, and he helps it onto Clauss, who is unmarked on the right of the box. He drags at his shot, though, sending it well wide of the far post.
9' Marseille work it upfield nicely again, and Tavares opens up a pocket of space to clip a cross in from the left. It's blocked by Smolcic, and Harit fouls Lindstrom in an attempt to recycle it.
7' Guendouzi's cross is straight at Jakic, and he sets Kamada away on the counter. He plays a wonderful throughball down the left for Lindstrom, who drags it past Gigot before hitting the shot, but a deflection off Balerdi helps it back to Lopez.
5' Again, Marseille go back to keeping the ball, but Frankfurt are closing them down much better this time. Mbemba eventually decides to go long for Sanchez, but the flag goes up against him.
E. Ndicka
Eintracht Frankfurt
3' Marseille were slow to close Ndicka down and he had so much time and space to pick out his cross to Kamada.
D. Kamada
Eintracht Frankfurt
3' KAMADA SCORES! What a start for Frankfurt! They win it back on the halfway line and Ndicka has acres of space down the left. He plays a low cross to the edge of the D and Lenz lets it run through to Kamada, who holds off Balerdi before slotting it past Lopez into the bottom corner. 1-0 Frankfurt!
2' It's Marseille with all of the early possession here, but they're struggling to get it into the box. Guendouzi drives forward down the left, but instead of swinging in a cross, he goes back to Clauss and the visitors have to start again.
1' Sanchez gets the game underway for Marseille!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Frankfurt have a 100 per cent-win ratio against Marseille in European competition, beating them twice in the 2018-19 Europa League group stages, and on matchday two in the Champions League this season (1-0).
There's also just one change by Igor Tudor to the side that lost to Lens in the league on Saturday. Gigot is brought into the back line for Kolasinac, who drops to the bench.
Oliver Glasner makes just one change from the win over Borussia Monchengladbach at the weekend, and it's an enforced one. Tuta is suspended after being sent off against Spurs in their last Champions League game, so Smolcic comes in to replace him.
MARSEILLE SUBS: Ruben Blanco, Sead Kolasinac, Gerson, Cengiz Under, Luis Suarez, Dimitri Payet, Issa Kabore, Simon Ngapandouetnbu.
MARSEILLE (3-4-2-1): Pau Lopez; Chancel Mbemba, Leonardo Balerdi, Samuel Gigot; Jonathan Clauss, Valentin Rongier, Jordan Veretout, Nuno Tavares; Matteo Guendouzi, Amine Harit; Alexis Sanchez.
EINTRACHT FRANKFURT SUBS: Timothy Chandler, Faride Alidou, Lucas Alario, Rafael Borre, Jerome Onguene, Luca Pellegrini, Jens Grahl, Sebastian Rode, Diant Ramaj.
EINTRACHT FRANKFURT (3-4-2-1): Kevin Trapp; Kristijan Jakic, Hrvoje Smolcic, Evan Ndicka; Eric Ebimbe, Daichi Kamada, Djibril Sow, Christopher Lenz; Jesper Lindstrom, Mario Gotze; Randal Kolo Muani.
It's tight in Group D going into the final two games. Frankfurt start the day bottom of the table but could leapfrog Marseille with a win. If they lose, they'll be unable to reach the last 16, and if a defeat is coupled with a Sporting CP win, then they'll be confirmed in fourth place. They've won their last three games since the 3-2 defeat to Tottenham last time out in this competition though. As for Marseille, if both they and Spurs win today, they will be through to the knockout rounds. They have won their last two Champions League outings, but their league form has slipped as they've lost their previous three.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Champions League Group D meeting between Eintracht Frankfurt and Marseille and Deutsche Bank Park!