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R. Lukaku
T. Meunier
3 - 0
D. Praet
Y. Carrasco
T. Vermaelen
J. Vertonghen
T. Meunier
2 - 0
R. Lukaku
1 - 0

Match Stats

66% 33%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 1
Total Passes 721 354
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Belgium BEL Belgium 3 3 0 0 7 1 +6 9 W W W
2 Denmark DEN Denmark 3 1 0 2 5 4 +1 3 W L L
3 Finland FIN Finland 3 1 0 2 1 3 -2 3 L L W
4 Russia RUS Russia 3 1 0 2 2 7 -5 3 L W L


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That win takes Belgium to the top of Group B, above Finland on goal difference, after the first group games. Their next match is against Denmark on Thursday. As for Russia, they're bottom of the group and Cherchesov will need them to bounce back quickly as they face Finland on Wednesday.
Belgium cruise to a 3-0 win over Russia in their opening game at the Euros. Semenov's mistake left Lukaku in on goal just 10 minutes in and he slotted in before dedicating it to his Inter team-mate Christian Eriksen down the camera, who collapsed in Denmark's game earlier today. Meunier then capitalised on Shunin's mistake to make it 2-0 at the break. Lukaku then rounded it off with his second of the game late on, firing past Shunin to secure the points.
90' + 1' Miranchuk does step up to take the free-kick right outside the box and he lifts his effort over the wall, but he can't get enough dip on his effort and it flies high over the bar without troubling Courtois.
90' Russia are going to get a late chance for a consolation goal here after a heavy challenge from Boyata on Ozdoev right on the edge of the box. He's pleading his innocence, but he did catch the player and Miranchuk is standing over it.
T. Meunier
88' It's a brilliant driving run through the middle from Meunier which cuts through Russia's midfield before he slides in Lukaku for the goal.
R. Lukaku
88' LUKAKU SCORES AGAIN! It's a great run through the middle by Meunier and Diveev tries to stop Lukaku from getting onto it, but he can't get near the forward. He gets his head up in the box before keeping his cool and slotting the ball into the near bottom corner to get his second of the game. 3-0 Belgium!
87' Belgium are just happy to knock the ball around in midfield still and they're under no pressure from Russia. The fans are urging their team to do something, but Belgium are well in control here.
85' Cherchesov is a frustrated figure on the touchline and he's making those feelings clear after the ball goes out near him for a throw-in to Belgium. He thinks it should've been awarded to his side and the referee has to go over and have a word to calm him down.
83' Dendoncker plays himself into trouble after taking a heavy first touch and he brings down Mukhin in his attempts to win it back. The resulting free-kick is swung into the box by Miranchuk, but it's cleared at the near post by Tielemans.
81' The Russian players are starting to look tired and they're not pressing Belgium as quickly as they were earlier in the second half. Ozdoev plays another loose pass which is cut out by Meunier and he swings in a cross from the right, but it's cleared by Diveev.
79' Eden Hazard tries to pick out Lukaku on the edge of the box, but the forward's first touch is heavy and he can't control it. Hazard gets it back and swings a cross in this time, but it's blocked by Dzhikiya.
D. Praet
Y. Carrasco
77' Carrasco is also being taken off, with Praet on to replace him.
T. Vermaelen
J. Vertonghen
76' Double change for Belgium now and Vertonghen is coming off after picking up an ankle injury earlier, with Vermaelen replacing him.
76' Ozdoev touches it through to Miranchuk and he drifts away from Thorgan Hazard to get into the box. He steps past Boyata, but Alderweireld gets back to nick it off him before he can have a shot.
74' Belgium are just starting to dominate possession again, but it's still all in front of Russia. They're patiently working it from right to left in an attempt to open up space, but can't get through at the moment.
E. Hazard
D. Mertens
72' Second change for Belgium here and it's Mertens that's going off for Eden Hazard.
71' Vertonghen has knocked the ball out of play under no pressure here and it looked like he was doing it so Belgium could make a change, but he's gone over to the medical team. He's holding his left ankle but he's going to carry on for now.
69' It's a lovely long ball over the top from Tielemans to pick out Lukaku's run into the box and he does well to hold it up as he waits for support. He pulls it back to Mertens on the edge of the box, only for it to be cut out by Semenov.
67' Carrasco knocks the ball past Fernandes on the left before a heavy touch sends it rolling into the box. He hopefully chases it down, but Shunin is quickly off his line to clear the danger for Russia.
65' Belgium are still struggling to get around Russia's high press and they're not being given any time on the ball. Courtois knocks it through to Vertonghen and he's pushed off it by Dzyuba to earn a free-kick.
A. Miranchuk
D. Cheryshev
63' Cheryshev, who was brought on for Kuzyaev after his injury in the first half, is the other player to make way, with Miranchuk on for him.
M. Mukhin
R. Zobnin
63' Final two changes for Russia now and Zobnin is the first to make way, with Mukhin on in his place.
62' Belgium win a corner and it's a great cross into the box from Mertens. None of his team-mates make a run into the middle and Shunin unconvincingly punches it away, just managing to get it far enough.
60' It's slow from Belgium when they do win the ball back and Russia are happy to sit back and let them have possession. Carrasco links up with Hazard, but neither of them can find space down the left and they have to go back to Tielemans.
58' Another sloppy pass in midfield gives Russia a chance to break on the counter and Dzyuba drives forward through the middle. He can't sort his feet out quick enough to have a shot before he's closed down but Russia keep hold of it as he plays it back to Golovin.
56' Russia's high press is still causing Belgium a lot of problems here as Golovin cuts out Dendoncker's pass in midfield. He switches it out to Cheryshev on the left, but the flag goes up against him as he'd just strayed offside.
54' Russia have never won in any of the 11 matches at a European Championship in which they've gone behind (D2 L9).
52' Tielemans' throughball is cut out by Diveev on the edge of the box and he tries to set Zobnin on a quick counter-attack. He spots Cheryshev breaking through the middle, but it's a heavy pass into him and Dendoncker cuts it out.
50' Hazard's pass is cut out by Fernandes and he links up well with Zobnin to open up a bit of space to pull it back for Golovin. He swings a good cross into the box towards Dzyuba, but Courtois comes off his line to punch it away.
48' It's been a much brighter start to the second half by Russia with Diveev playing a long ball down the right for Zobnin. He steps away from Hazard to get into the box but fires his shot high over the bar.
46' Belgium get us back underway for the second half! 
I. Diveev
D. Barinov
46' Russia are making their third change at the start of the second half and it means a change in formation to three at the back as Barinov goes off for Diveev.
It's been comfortable for Belgium so far and Martinez will be pleased with what he's seen. They're in control and will look to pick up where they left off. As for Russia, they've created their own problems at the back and need to make a big improvement to stop Belgium from adding to their advantage.
Belgium are in control and lead Russia 2-0 at half-time. Lukaku gave them the lead just 10 minutes in after Semenov failed to clear Mertens' cross and he picked out the bottom corner. Meunier doubled their advantage after coming off the bench when Shunin's save fell to him and he slotted in. Carrasco also fired over after a great run while Fernandes saw a header saved at the other end.
45' + 2' CLOSE! Carrasco dances his way past three Russia players, riding the challenges coming in, before getting into the box. He then drifts past Semenov before trying to lift his shot over Shunin, but it's just over the bar.
45' Meunier slides it into Tielemans on the right and he cuts inside before deciding to have a go from distance. He drills his effort towards the near post, but two Russia defenders throw themselves in front of it to make a block.
V. Karavaev
Y. Zhirkov
43' Zhirkov went down holding his knee after making an interception earlier and it looks like he's still struggling with it as Karavaev is brought on to replace him.
42' Russia are still struggling to get on the ball here, but at the moment, they're happy to let Belgium just keep possession in front of them and try to keep the space tight in behind.
40' Shunin rushed off his line but was miles away from the ball as Semenov headed it clear in the middle. Ozdoev heads it back into the danger zone though and Meunier gets it before running straight into Zhirkov.
38' Golovin is standing over a free-kick just outside the box through the middle and he floats a good cross into the box. Dzyuba rises to meet it and instead of heading it on goal, he sends it to the far post but Barinov can't sort his feet out quick enough.
36' Lukaku is pointing to where he wants the ball and Tielemans plays a good throughball into the box. It's just out of the forward's reach though and Zhirkov slides in to stop him from getting a chance.
T. Meunier
34' MEUNIER SCORES! Hazard whips a wonderful cross into the box and Shunin gets down to push it away from goal. He gifts it straight to Meunier though and he takes a touch before slotting it into the bottom corner and making it 2-0 Belgium! 
33' Belgium are still patiently making their way upfield, but they're struggling to get in behind Russia at the moment as they've dropped so deep. They're switching it from left to right to try and open up some space.
31' Barinov slid in to stop the ball from reaching Mertens, but the forward looks to have accidentally landed on his as he tried to jump over the challenge. Both players have gone down, but it looks like they'll be able to carry on without treatment.
D. Cheryshev
D. Kuzyaev
29' It looked like Kuzyaev was going to carry on after being patched up following the collision with Castagne, but he's taken off the pitch by the medical team and Cheryshev is on in his place.
29' Belgium are keeping Russia penned back deep in their own half now and Alderweireld has travelled a long way up the pitch. It's squared to him just outside the box and he has a go from distance but fires it over the crossbar.
T. Meunier
T. Castagne
27' Castagne is taken straight down the tunnel, with the ice pack still being held to his head, and Meunier is coming on to replace him.
26' Kuzyaev is quickly back to his feet and patched up, but Castagne has stayed down and has an ice pack on his head. Meunier is warming up and it looks like they won't be taking any risks with Castagne.
24' Russia break quickly on the counter following a Belgium corner and they get it out of their own half with a series of one-touch passes. Kuzyaev and Castagne both jump for it and there's a clash of heads which has the referee waving on the medical teams.
22' GREAT SAVE! Belgium are piling the pressure on now and Carrasco's drilled cross bounces off Barinov before falling to Hazard. He hits the shot first time from a tight angle on the left of the box, but Shunin rushes off his line to smother it.
20' Lukaku is Belgium's top scorer at major tournaments (World Cup and European Championships), with eight goals in 16 games. Seven of those eight goals have come in the group stages.
18' It's a loose pass along the halfway line from Semenov and Lukaku latches onto it before driving forward into the box. Dzhikiya makes a great recovering run to get back and touch it away from the forward just before he can have a shot.
16' It's better from Russia now and Fernandes swings a good cross into the box. Dzyuba chests it down before laying it off to Ozdoev on the edge of the box, but he drags his effort wide of the far post.
14' CHANCE! It's a good corner into the box from Golovin and Fernandes is unmarked as he throws himself forward to get his head on the ball. It's a powerful effort but it's straight at Courtois, who holds onto it.
12' Russia are keeping the ball well at the moment but all of their possession is in their own half, in front of Belgium. They're trying to move it upfield quickly, but they can't find a way into Belgium's half.
R. Lukaku
10' LUKAKU SCORES! It's poor at the back from Russia as they fail to intercept Mertens' pass. Semenov can't sort his feet out and Lukaku latches onto it before firing it into the bottom corner. He was standing in an offside position when the initial pass was played, but the defender's touch means that the goal stands. 1-0 Belgium!
8' Russia's high press catches out Belgium again after Zobni intercepts Hazard's throw-in. He tries to turn before setting himself for a cross, but Hazard recovers well to win it back.
6' Russia have struggled to get out of their own half so far, but they get lucky after a loose pass from Dendocker is cut out by Kuzyaev. He threads it through for Dzuyba and he earns a corner after his cross deflects wide off Alderweireld.
4' Belgium are trying to carve out an early chance here and Tielemans plays a long ball over the top towards Castagne on the right. He can't catch it in time though and it bounces out of play before he can swing a cross in.
2' Barinov goes down here holding his head after being sandwiched in between Lukaku and Dzhikiya. The referee quickly waves the medical team on, but the midfielder is able to walk off the field himself to get treatment and he'll be able to carry on.
1' Dzyuba gets the game underway for Russia!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung and kick-off is now just moments away!
None of Belgium's last 12 games at the European Championships have ended in a draw (W5 L7), a run that started in the 1980 final (1-2 v West Germany).
Stanislav Cherchesov also makes two changes to his team after their friendly win over Bulgaria, bringing Fernandes and Kuzyaev into the side. Karavaev and Ionov start on the bench.
Martinez makes just two changes to the side that beat Croatia in their last friendly match before the tournament. Boyata and Thorgan Hazard are the players that come in, with Denayer and Chadli dropping to the bench.
RUSSIA SUBS: Matvey Safonov, Vyacheslav Karavaev, Denis Cheryshev, Alexander Sobolev, Yuri Dyupin, Roman Evgeniev, Aleksey Miranchuk, Aleksei Ionov, Maksim Mukhin, Rifat Zhemaletdinov, Anton Zabolotny, Igor Diveev.
RUSSIA STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Anton Shunin; Mario Fernandes, Andrey Semenov, Georgi Dzhikiya, Yuri Zhirkov; Dimitri Barinov, Magomed Ozdoev; Roman Zobnin, Daler Kuzyaev, Aleksandr Golovin; Artem Dzyuba.
BELGIUM SUBS: Matz Sels, Nacer Chadli, Michy Batshuayi, Jeremy Doku, Dennis Praet, Simon Mignolet, Christian Benteke, Thomas Munier, Eden Hazard, Jason Denayer, Thomas Vermaelen, Leandro Trossard.
BELGIUM STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Thibaut Courtois; Toby Alderweireld, Dedryck Boyata, Jan Vertonghen; Timothy Castagne, Leander Dendoncker, Youri Tielemans, Thorgan Hazard; Dries Mertens, Yannick Carrasco; Romelu Lukaku.
Belgium were the first team to qualify for the tournament, winning all 10 of their games and scoring 40 goals in the process. It's Roberto Martinez's second major tournament in charge and he'll be looking to try and emulate their success from the 2018 World Cup in Russia where they finished third. As for Russia, they finished second in their qualifying group behind today's opponents. They had an underwhelming Euros in 2016, finishing bottom of their group, but with a solid defensive record behind them, they'll be feeling much more comfortable this time around.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the UEFA 2020 Group B clash between Belgium and Russia at the Saint Petersburg Stadium in Russia!