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Bayern München v Viktoria Plzeň Live Commentary, 05/10/2022

5 - 0
L. Sané (7)
S. Gnabry (13)
S. Mané (21)
L. Sané (50)
E. Choupo-Moting (59)
Allianz Arena


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Bayern face Borussia Dortmund in their next outing in Der Klassiker on the road on Saturday. Plzen face Mlada Boleslav in the Czech Liga at home on Saturday.
Bayern Munich make it three wins out of three in the Champions League this season with a 5-0 hammering of Viktoria Plzen at Allianz Arena. The German outfit have set a new Champions League record for consecutive group games without losing at 31 courtesy of their triumph tonight. Two goals from Leroy Sane along with strikes from Serge Gnabry, Sadio Mane and Eric Choupo-Moting delivered an emphatic victory for Julian Nagelsmann's side.
90' + 3' SAVE! Sabitzer tries to add a sixth late on as he curls a low strike towards goal from a free-kick. His effort looks to be bending into the bottom-left corner before Tvrdon pushes it past the post.
90' + 1' WIDE! Gravenberch is played into space and he pulls the trigger on a right-footed strike from the edge of the box that drifts wide of the right post.
90' There will be three minutes of added time.
88' SAVE! Stanisic slides an offload to Sabitzer to line up a drive at goal. It travels through a crowd of players with pace, but Tvrdon makes a smart reaction stop.
V. Pilař
J. Mosquera
Viktoria Plzeň
85' Pilar enters the action to replace Mosquera for the closing stages of the game.
84' OVER! Mosquera works an offload into space for Bassey to attack. He takes a good first touch, but just lifts his effort over the bar.
82' INCHES WIDE! Gnabry probes in the final third with a weaving run. He steps past two challenges before placing his right-footed strike just wide of the left post.
82' OVER! Mosquera sums up Plzen's night as he attempts an ambitious effort from distance that sails well over the bar and into the stand behind the goal.
79' The pace of the game has dropped over the last couple of minutes. Bayern seen content to see out the result without the need to press for further goals.
77' Mane drops his shoulder to cut inside from the left flank to line up a strike. Tijani reads it and diverts the ball behind for a corner.
76' CHANCE! Sabitzer makes a run to latch on to De Ligt's ball over the top. He stretches to make contact, but he can only produce a tame effort straight at Tvrdon.
75' Gnabry whips a dangerous corner into the box from the left flank, forcing Tvrdon to take action to punch the ball behind and away from De Ligt. However, the referee does not see the glancing touch and awards a goal-kick.
M. Sabitzer
L. Goretzka
Bayern München
73' Goretzka notched two assists tonight and is now replaced by Sabitzer.
B. Pavard
D. Upamecano
Bayern München
72' Pavard makes his way on to the field to replace Upamecano at the back.
70' Mosquera releases Jirka to break on the counter for Plzen, but he takes the wrong option to go on outside to the right flank and the attack peters out.
67' CHANCE! Choupo-Moting releases Gnabry in the inside-right channel, but the forward can only blast his strike into the side-netting from the angle.
66' WIDE! Bassey combines with Mosquera in the final third, but he launches his effort wide of the target on the slide amid pressure from De Ligt.
M. Tijani
L. Hejda
Viktoria Plzeň
63' Tijani replaces Hejda at the back for the visitors, who was struggling with an injury.
62' Bayern have put on a clinic this evening. It has been an excellent attacking display from the off and the visitors have had no answer.
60' Holik lines uop a blast from distance, but he sees his effort held with ease by Neuer.
L. Goretzka
Bayern München
59' Goretzka continues his outstanding display with an incisive throughball for Choupo-Moting to score.
E. Choupo-Moting
Bayern München
59' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! CHOUPO-MOTING FINISHES IN STYLE!!!!! 5-0 BAYERN!!!! The home side play through the Plzen defence as Goretzka tees up Choupo-Moting to score. The midfielder threads a simple pass behind the Plzen backline for Choupo-Moting to collect and find the net with the aid of the right post.
M. Tel
L. Sané
Bayern München
58' Tel enters the action as Sane is withdrawn after his two-goal performance.
F. Bassey
T. Chorý
Viktoria Plzeň
58' Bassey replaces Chory as the Plzen spearhead in the final third.
E. Jirka
J. Kopic
Viktoria Plzeň
58' Jirka enters the fold to replace Kopic in the final third for the visitors.
56' Kopic charges at the Bayern defence from the left flank and cuts inside to shoot on his right foot, but Upamecano gets across to put in a vital challenge to rob him of possession.
54' Bayern have been outstanding today in the final third. They have played through Plzen with ease and have been clinical in front of goal. It has been a difficult night for the Czech outfit.
52' With that goal, Sane is now the top-scorer in the Champions League this season with four to his name.
S. Mané
Bayern München
50' Mane angles a ball over the top that Sane takes in stride to fire past Tvrdon.
L. Sané
Bayern München
50' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! SANE SCORES BAYERN'S FOURTH!!!!! 4-0!!!!! The home side continue to pour on the agony for Plzen as Sane takes a sublime first touch before burying a strike past Tvrdon. Mane loops a long ball over the top for Sane that he takes in stride before firing into the back of the net on his left foot. All too easy for the hosts.
49' SAVE! Mane cuts in from the left flank and fires at goal on his right foot, only to see his effort comfortably saved by Tvrdon.
46' We're back under way at Allianz Arena.
V. Jemelka
A. Vlkanova
Viktoria Plzeň
46' Vlkanova makes way at the break for Plzen for Jemelka.
J. Stanišić
A. Davies
Bayern München
46' Davies is withdrawn by Nagelsmann and is replaced by Stanisic.
E. Choupo-Moting
J. Musiala
Bayern München
46' Choupo-Moting enters the action to replace Musiala at the break.
It has been almost like a training match for Bayern. Plzen have offered little moments of a threat through headers from Tomas Chory, but the home side have been extremely comfortable. Expect them to add further goals in the second half.
Bayern Munich are in complete control of their Champions League clash against Viktoria Plzen, taking a 3-0 lead into the break at Allianz Arena. Leroy Sane put the home side ahead with a fine run and finish after seven minutes. Serge Gnabry added a second with a composed effort before Sadio Mane made it three with a left-footed blast. Bayern were denied a fourth by VAR, but it was a minor setback in a game they are dominating.
45' There will be one minute of added time.
43' Sane lines up an ambitious effort from a free-kick from 30 yards after Musiala is fouled. He goes for the blast, but gets too much height on his effort and clears the bar.
42' Vlkanova almost turns his way towards goal in the Bayern box, but he just loses at the vital moment before he can pull the trigger amid pressure from De Ligt.
40' MANE SHOULD SCORE! The striker collects in space from Goretzka's pass, but he sends a tame effort straight into the hands of Tvrdon.
39' CHANCE! A half-chance for Plzen as Chory connects with a cross from the left flank from Vlkanova. He gets there ahead of De Ligt, but sends his effort just over the top.
38' OVER! Mane pounces on a loose ball in the Plzen box and brings it down to fire at goal on his right foot. He connects well with his effort, but it soars narrowly over the bar.
36' DISALLOWED GOAL! Musiala believes that he has made it 4-0 to Bayern, but his goal is disallowed. Gnabry and Mane combined to tee up the forward, who finished in style from close range. However, the goal is chalked off for offside against Mane in the build-up.
35' Davies and Mane combine for a give-and-go down the left flank, but the delivery from the full-back fails to find a red shirt in the middle.
34' Davies runs at the Plzen defence and offloads for Musiala. He tries to turn, but loses possession before Havel clears it away from Gnabry. The offside flag goes up late anyway.
31' Mane finds space down the left flank and tries to dig out a cross back to Gnabry, but the ball deflects off Hejda and into the grasp of Tvrdon.
T. Chorý
Yellow Card
Viktoria Plzeň
29' Chory battles with De Ligt and catches the Dutchman with a boot in the chest. He is booked by the referee.
26' Plzen try to respond and Vlkanova whips a dangerous low cross towards the back post from the right flank that just evades the run of Chory.
25' SAVE! Musiala should make it four as Gravenberch plays his team-mate through on goal. He tries a left-footed drive, but Tvrdon spreads himself to make a fine stop.
24' Davies cuts in from the left flank and slides a pass towards the run of Musiala, but he just cannot stretch to reach as Tvrdon gathers.
S. Mané
Bayern München
21' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! MANE FIRES HOME!!!!! 3-0 BAYERN!!! The Senegal international gets on the scoresheet with a low blast into the bottom-left corner. Mane turns past two defenders before receiving a slice of luck as the ball deflects off N'diaye. He charges onto the loose ball to get there first ahead of the Plzen defence and holds his composure to smash a left-footed strike home. Mane is off the mark in the Champions League this season.
19' The home side are cutting open Plzen with ease at the moment. The visitors look helpless at the back and completely at the mercy of Bayern's finishing.
17' SAVE AND OVER! Gnabry goes for a curling strike from the left flank that Tvrdon beats away. Mazraoui gathers the rebound and tries to place a left-footed effort at goal, only to lift his attempt over the top.
16' Mane probes down the left flank and draws a foul from Hejda on the edge of the box. Bayern have a free-kick in a useful position.
14' SAVE! Musiala plays Mane into space on the edge of the box and he opens up room for a strike on his right foot that he drills straight at Tvrdon.
L. Goretzka
Bayern München
13' Goretzka supplies a pinpoint throughball for Gnabry to collect and convert the chance.
S. Gnabry
Bayern München
13' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! GNABRY MAKES IT TWO!!!!!!!!! BAYERN 2-0!!!!! The home side cut open Plzen on the counter and Gnabry provides a clinical finish. Goretzka threads the needle to find Gnabry in the box. He takes a touch before slotting his effort past Tvrdon into the bottom-right corner.
13' Chory knocks the ball down to Vlkanova, who cuts inside from the left flank and fires at goal. His effort is deflected by De Ligt and travels safely into the hands of Neuer.
10' Kalvach swings a cross into the box for the visitors that Mosquera attacks, but he can only flick his header narrowly over the bar.
9' Sane has now scored in his last three Champions League matches.
J. Musiala
Bayern München
7' Musiala works the ball back to Sane in a one-two before the winger does the rest with his powerful strike.
L. Sané
Bayern München
7' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! SANE BLASTS BAYERN AHEAD!!!! 1-0!!!!! Sane is afforded far too much space and time after combining with Musiala and powers an effort past Tvrdon. The German plays the give-and-go with Musiala to surge to the edge of the Plzen box. There he picks his spot and fires his left-footed drive into the roof of the net.
5' Havel has to be alert at the back post to head behind Davies' cross amid the lurking presence of Sane.
4' Kopic lines up a blast from the angle, but can only send his effort high and wide over Neuer's bar. Not a bad start from the visitors.
3' Kopic clips a cross into the box from the left flank for Chory to attack, but De Ligt makes an important header to clear behind.
1' We're under way at Allianz Arena.
Bayern Munich have won all four of their European matches against Viktoria Plzen, beating them twice in the 1971-72 Cup Winners’ Cup and 2013-14 UEFA Champions League.
Plzen have made three changes to their side from their draw against Bohemians 1905 in their last outing. Jemelka and Pilar drop to the bench, while Pavel Bucha misses out. Holik, N'diaye and Kopic all come into the starting line-up this evening.
Bayern have made four changes to their side from their win over Leverkusen last time out. Thomas Muller and Joshua Kimmich are out after contracting COVID-19, while Lucas Hernandez remains sidelined. Mazraoui slots into the backline for Pavard, who drops to the bench. Gravenberch comes in for Kimmich, while Goretzka stars in place of Sabitzer. Gnabry gets the nod in the final third to start for the absent Muller.
VIKTORIA PLZEN SUBS: Mohamed Tijani, Vaclav Pilar, Jan Kliment, Martin Jedlicka, Vaclav Jemelka, Ales Cermak, Jindrich Stanek, Erik Jirka, Fortune Akpan Bassey.
VIKTORIA PLZEN (4-2-3-1): Marian Tvrdon; Libor Holik, Lukas Hejda, Ludek Pernica, Milan Havel; Lukas Kalvach, Modou N'diaye; Jan Kopic, Adam Vlkanova, Jhon Edison Mosquera; Tomas Chory.
BAYERN MUNICH SUBS: Benjamin Pavard, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, Marcel Sabitzer, Sven Ulreich, Mathys Tel, Josip Stanisic.
BAYERN MUNICH (4-2-3-1): Manuel Neuer; Noussair Mazraoui, Dayot Upamecano, Matthijs de Ligt, Alphonso Davies; Leon Goretzka, Ryan Gravenberch; Leroy Sane, Jamal Musiala, Serge Gnabry; Sadio Mane.
Viktoria Plzen were given a tough draw against three established titans of European football and the results have reflected their standing compared to their opponents. They were crushed 5-1 in their opening match of the competiton by Barcelona before losing 2-0 at the hands of Inter last time out. The Czech side need a spirited performance tonight to have any hope of earning a positive result at Allianz Arena, drawing their last outing against in the Czech Liga to Bohemians 1905.
Bayern have enjoyed a perfect start to their Champions League group campaign, winning their opening two matches. Julian Nagelsmann overcame Inter on the road in their first match of the competition before defeating Barcelona 2-0 on home soil last time out. The German outfit will be looking to make it three wins on the bounce tonight fresh off a 4-0 hammering of Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga at the weekend.
Hello and welcome to the live commentary of the Champions League clash between Bayern Munich and Viktoria Plzen at Allianz Arena.