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Atlético Madrid v Club Brugge Live Commentary, 13/10/2022

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Estádio Cívitas Metropolitano


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Next up, Atletico travel to Athletic Bilbao in LaLiga, with Brugge heading to Anderlecht in the Belgian Pro League.
A sublime performance from Brugge goalkeeper Mignolet helped the Belgian outfit qualify for the Champions League knockout round for the first time in their history. The former Liverpool goalkeeper stretched out his leg to deny Griezmann in the first half, before an Atletico onslaught in the second. Forced to defend, the visitors were put under pressure after Sowah was given his marching orders. He did so without making a challenge. He first received a yellow card for arguing in the opening 45 minutes before kicking the ball away after a free-kick was given. With eight minutes remaining, Mignolet stepped up, bravely saving a powerful effort from Morata with his head before blocking a poked shot from Cunha. Brugge had opportunities of their own and thought they had a penalty just moments before the break. Buchanan went down under the challenge from Molina after a fast counter-attack with the referee giving a penalty. However, after VAR stepped in, the decision was overturned. Twisting on the ball, the Brugge man was judged to have stepped on Molina’s ankle.
90' + 5' Morata pushes Mata to the floor looking to win the ball. Brugge are close to a historic result.
90' + 3' Kondogbia tries his luck from distance again, but the shot is blocked by Meijer. Every outfield Atletico play is in the Brugge half pushing for a winner.
90' + 2' De Paul curls a ball towards the back of the box from the right. With Cunha the target, the Atletico man pokes a low shot against Mignolet who makes himself big to preserve his clean sheet.
S. Mignolet
Yellow Card
Club Brugge
90' Mignolet gets a yellow card after shouting at the referee. Going up to catch the ball, he is nudged off the pitch by Carrasco, conceding a corner. He was not happy about the decision.
89' SAVE! A cross from Carrasco eventually falls to Morata who smashes the ball against the head of Mignolet from close range.
86' Carrasco twists and turns down the right before firing a cross straight into the gloves of Mignolet.
Clinton Mata
T. Buchanan
Club Brugge
83' Substitution for Brugge. Buchanan is replaced by Mata.
82' RED CARD! Sowah's yellow card for kicking the ball away after a free-kick is given is his second of the game. Brugge will have to defend with 10 players for the rest of the match.
81' Vanaken looks to slip the ball towards Sowah who is positioned down the left of the box, but it rolls away.
G. Kondogbia
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
80' Kondogbia gets a yellow card for a high sliding challenge on Buchanan. He should have no complaints about that one but does.
A. Witsel
A. Griezmann
Atlético Madrid
79' Substitution for Atletico. Griezmann is replaced Witsel.
77' Rushing out of defence, Odoi bursts down the right of the pitch under no pressure. He cracks a low shot from the edge that deflects wide. However, the referee gives a goal-kick, with the former Fulham man frustrated with the decision.
75' De Paul chips the ball to Molina who looks to beat Sylla down the right but he is tacked. The Brugge defender comes away with the ball.
É. Balanta
Ferran Jutglà
Club Brugge
73' Substitution for Brugge. Jutgla is replaced by Balanta.
Matheus Cunha
Atlético Madrid
73' Substitution for Atletico. Níguez is replaced by Cunha who started their previous match. It's an attacking substitution with Griezmann still on the pitch.
72' Kondogbia drives a low shot from the edge towards the goal but the ball is blocked by Nielsen who gets in the way.
71' De Paul lifts the ball in, but Gimenez's header goes straight at Mignolet who catches the ball.
70' Kondogbia is crashed into by Sowah and Atletico have a free-kick in a crossing position just to the right of the box.
69' Madrid have only won one of their last nine home games in the Champions League (D5 L3), although that victory did come in their most recent one – beating Porto on MD1, thanks to an Griezmann winner in the 101st minute. Can the Frenchman break the deadlock this time?
68' Molina lays the ball back to de Paul this time. He then looks for Griezmann with a chipped ball in but puts too much height on it and Brugge get a goal-kick.
66' Molina and De Paul combine down the right with Vanaken tackling the ball out for a corner. Brugge have been forced to stay inside their defensive third.
64' After the Atletico substitutions, it has been the home team that has dominated. Brugge are retaining a defensive shape knowing that they only need a point to qualify for the knockout round.
62' Morata drives down the right of the box and has a shot blocked out for a corner. Mignolet tries to keep it in but the ball spins out for a corner.
R. De Paul
Atlético Madrid
60' Substitution for Atletico. De Paul replaces Koke.
Álvaro Morata
T. Lemar
Atlético Madrid
60' Substitution for Atletico. Lemar is replaced by Morata.
Y. Carrasco
Á. Correa
Atlético Madrid
60' Substitution for Atletico. Correa is replaced by Carrasco.
59' Jutgla gets space outside the box and shoots from distance but the ball goes well over the bar.
57' Morata and de Paul are ready and waiting to come on.
55' Atletico have looked for multiple long balls forward but Brugge have dealt with them well.
52' Nielsen has a tame shot from the centre of the box saved by Obak. He had his back to the goal, lofting the ball into the gloves of the goalkeeper.
51' Madrid have failed to score a first half goal in all four of their games. For Brugge, they have stopped the opposition from scoring a first half in all four of their games.
B. Meijer
A. Skov Olsen
Club Brugge
50' Substitution for Brugge. Olsen is replaced by Meijer.
49' Griezmann gets onto a reverse pass from Lemar, letting the ball bounce in front of him. His chipped attempt is blocked by Mignolet with Correa smashing over the rebound.
49' Saul hits a tame shot after getting onto a chipped pass from Savic but his tame attempt is collected on the second attempt by Mignolet.
48' OFFSIDE AGAIN! Griezmann shoots the ball across the goal with Mignolet pushing the ball straight out to Correa. He puts the ball into the empty net but he is in an offside position.
H. Vanaken
Yellow Card
Club Brugge
46' Vanaken gets an early yellow card after elbowing Saul while looking to head the ball. The Atletico man does not jump for it, winning the free-kick.
46' Atletico gets the game underway for the second half.
Almost combining for a penalty, Brugge must continue to look for Olsen and Buchanan. They have looked dangerous when breaking down the right side of Atletico's defence and should look to hit the Spanish outfit on the break. For the home side, they have looked good at times, but have only created two clear opportunities. Griezmann has tested Mignolet on several occasions, but the former Liverpool goalkeeper has only been made to make simple saves. They should look to get more crosses into the box, with Griezmann looking threatening in the air.
Brugge were denied a late first half penalty as the two teams head into the tunnel with the deadlock yet to be broken. Minutes before the break, Brugge broke forward with a devastating counter. Bursting forward, Olsen slipped the ball through to Buchanan who was tripped inside the box by Molina. Immediately pointing for a penalty, the referee was asked to go to the monitor to review the tackle before overturning his original decision. For Atletico, Griezmann has topped the charts with six shots, but it was Correa who had the best chance. Playing a quick one-two with Koke, the striker lashed a low shot across the goal, just wide of the post.
K. Sowah
Yellow Card
Club Brugge
45' + 2' Sowah gets a yellow card for smashing the ball away.
S. Savić
Yellow Card
Atlético Madrid
45' + 2' Savic gets a yellow card for dissent.
T. Buchanan
Yellow Card
Club Brugge
44' Buchanan gets a yellow card after fouling Molina. The decision looks harsh, with the foul looking accidental. Simeone waves his pretend card.
43' NO PENALTY! The decision has been overturned with Buchanan deemed to have fouled Molina.
41' PENALTY! Olsen feeds the ball to Buchanan. Inside the box, he is tripped by Molina, with the defender fooled by the Brugge man faking to shoot before cutting back. There will be a VAR check with the referee going to the monitor.
39' Atletico have attempted the last nine shots in this game. Brugge's last shot was taken by Jutgla in the 10th minute.
37' Smart movement from Griezmann. Gimenez launches it forward. Letting the ball bounce, he fools the defence by swerving his body inside and then out before smashing his shot over.
35' Griezmann connects with a cross again. This time it is Saul who finds him but it bounces off the head of the striker and goes wide of the goal.
33' Wonderful acrobatics from Odoi. He looks to be trapped in a corner by Lemar, but flicks the ball up and clears it away with an overhead kick.
31' On the break, Vanaken finds for Olsen who chips the ball across the goal. Jutgla looks to knock the ball towards Sowah, but his attempt is poor and Oblak has it.
30' Lemar looks for Griezmann with a deep cross but Mechele rises to flick the ball away with the top of his head.
27' Correa gets the ball in the box before passing it off to Lemar. He then tries to get past Sylla who slides the ball away.
25' SAVE! It's all Atletico at the moment. Niguez puts the ball towards Griezmann who rises the highest. The striker powers a header but can only direct it at Mignolet who pushes it over. Quick reactions from the former Liverpool man.
23' OFFSIDE! Atletico have the ball in the net, but it will not count. Correa runs behind the defence before going around Mignolet. From a tight angle, he then squares the ball to Saul, but the flag goes up. The striker was in an offside position in the build-up.
21' Lemar looks for the bottom corner after he receives the ball from Reinildo, but the midfielder powers it wide.
19' WIDE! Big chance for Atletico. The home side keeps the ball well with Griezmann chipping the ball over to Correa. The striker then plays a one-two with Koke before drilling a low strike just wide of the post.
17' Madrid’s Griezmann saw his penalty saved in the reverse fixture against Club Brugge last week, his third unsuccessful spot kick in the Champions League. Indeed, of all players to take at least five penalties in the competition since 2003-04 (excluding shootouts), no-one has a lower conversion rate than the Frenchman (57% - scored 4/7).
15' Griezmann heads the ball straight at Mignolet after Correa finds him with a cross. The former Barcelona man was free in the middle of the box but was stretching for the ball.
13' SAVE! Mignolet makes the first save of the game. Onyedika loses the ball with Lemar tapping it through to Griezmann. From a tight angle, the Frenchman blasts a shot low across the goal with the goalkeeper keeping the effort out with his foot. The striker then blasts the rebound against the side of the net.
10' CHANCE! Brugge come forward again. Olsen slips the ball down the right to Vanaken. The midfielder pushes the ball past Reinildo, leaving the defender on the floor, before pulling it back towards Jutgla. Steaming in, the striker crashes the ball wide from inside the box.
8' Griezmann looks to slide the ball into the path of his strike partner Correa, but his pass has too much power on it and Mignolet comes out to claim the ball.
6' Kondogbia receives the ball outside the box with Molina finding him, but his stretching effort goes well wide of the goal.
4' Chance for Brugge. Olsen gets the ball down the right and cuts it back to Sowah who moves inside before blasting a shot wide from outside the box.
3' Club Brugge have never won away against Spanish opponents in all European competition (D5 L9), with their last such visit ending in a 2-2 draw at Real Madrid in October 2019.
1' Lemar finds Reinildo who bursts down the left, but his low cross is blocked by Odoi. Atletico have started with a level of intensity, with the crowd matching their energy.
1' Brugge gets this Champions League clash underway.
Atletico Madrid have won all five of their home games against Belgian opponents in all competitions – the last three of these have all been against Club Brugge, with the LaLiga side netting exactly three goals each time.
As for Club Brugge, Carl Hoefkens makes five alterations to the team that lost against Westerlo in the Belgian Pro League. There are two changes in the defence, with Odoi and Sylla playing either side of Mechele who retains his place. Mata moves onto the bench, with Jorne Spileers dropping out of the squad. Buchanan also starts on the left of the midfield instead of Sobol, with both strikers from the last match missing out on a starting spot. Yaremchuk and Lang come out of the team, with Jutgla and Sowah leading the line.
Atletico make three changes to the team that beat Girona in LaLiga last time out. Niguez comes in at left wing-back, replacing Carrasco who drops to the bench. In the midfield, the Spanish outfit switch from two in the middle to three, with Kondogbia preferred to Witsel. Lemar also comes in as part of the trio, with Cunha moving onto the bench. Correa and Griezmann, who started on the wings in the previous match, play together in the attack.
CLUB BRUGGE SUBS: Antonio Nusa, Noa Lang, Senne Lammens, Cisse Sandra, Eder Balanta, Bjorn Meijer, Eduard Sobol, Clinton Mata, Roman Yaremchuk.
CLUB BRUGGE (3-5-2): Simon Mignolet; Denis Odoi, Brandon Mechele, Abakar Sylla; Andreas Skov Olsen, Casper Nielsen, Raphael Onyedika Nwadike, Hans Vanaken, Tajon Buchanan; Kamal Sowah, Ferran Jutgla.
ATLETICO MADRID SUBS: Alberto Moreno, Alvaro Morata, Rodrigo de Paul, Yannick Carrasco, Ivo Grbic, Mario Hermoso, Axel Witsel, Joao Felix, Matheus Cunha, Antonio Gomis.
ATLETICO MADRID (5-3-2): Jan Oblak; Nahuel Molina, Stefan Savic, Jose Gimenez, Reinildo, Saul Niguez; Koke, Geoffrey Kondogbia, Thomas Lemar; Angel Correa, Antoine Griezmann.
Brugge have been the surprise package of this Champions League season, winning all three of their group games. The Belgian outfit are also yet to concede, scoring seven goals. Playing away just once in the group so far, Carl Hoefkens’ side scored four without reply against Porto. If Brugge can secure a fourth successive victory in the competition, they will qualify for the knockout round for the first time, having failed to do so in their previous nine attempts.
After winning their Champions League opener against Porto at the Wanda Metropolitano, Atletico have failed to pick up any points or score any goals in their following two fixtures in the competition. Travelling to Bayer Leverkusen and Brugge, Diego Simeone’s men lost 2-0 on both occasions and are bottom of Group B.
Hello and welcome to the live commentary for the Champions League clash between Atletico Madrid and Club Brugge.