From Liverpool to Colorado... The worst kits ever!

Zamora CF
Goal takes a look at the truly awful to the truly bizarre shirts that have graced football pitches across the globe

Spanish club Zamora have set the internet ablaze with their reveal of a new third kit.

The fourth-division side have released a kit featuring an entire circulatory system, joining a long line of strips that have either dazzled or disgusted supporters.

Goal has taken a look at some of the worst kits ever to grace a football pitch!

  1. CD Palencia

    CD Palencia

    The club used these shirts for the promotion play-offs in the Spanish fourth division in 2015-16. 
  2. Australian Football Federation


    The Socceroos revealed these kits in 1990. Unfortunately, they did not qualify for the World Cup, denying millions of a chance to see them in action.
  3. Lugo

    CD Lugo

    Yep, that's an octopus tentacle on the 2014-15 kit for CD Lugo, who were in the Segunda B at the time.
  4. Bedale FC

    Bedale FC

    Bedale FC don't hide the fact their kits are ugly and this season introduced condiments of ketchup and mustard to a "hot dog" kit. 
  5. Olympique Lyonnais

    Olympique Lyonnais

    Lyon wore these kits for the 2010-11 campaign, which saw them finish third in Ligue 1. You may not be surprised to learn it did not make a return the next season.
  6. Girondins de Bordeaux

    Girondins de Bordeaux

    The 2016-17 third kit of Bordeaux tried to pay homage to the city. Maybe you had to be from there to fully appreciate it...
  7. Liverpool FC


    These third kits didn't win many supporters for the Reds in the 2013-14 campaign. On the other hand, they nearly won the league that season, so at least they weren't bad luck!
  8. Chelsea FC


    Chelsea tried this look out for a pair of seasons between1994-96.
  9. Colorado Caribous

    Colorado Caribous

    It was 1978! It was the North American Soccer League. It has fringe! What isn't there to like from this offering from the Colorado Caribous? 

  10. Athletic Bilbao

    Athletic Club

    The 2004-05 season saw the Basque club roll out with these kits for their European campaign. A top of the group finish in the UEFA Cup followed, though Athletic and their kit were knocked out in the round of 32.
  11. Recreativo


    Recreativo decided to try out these kits during the 2012-13 season. They were not well received and lasted just the one campaign.
  12. Huddersfield Town

    Huddersfield Town

    Huddersfield's kits in the 90's were either unforgettable or something you don't want ever want to recall, depending on your point of view. This goalkeeper kit was in use for the 1993-94 season.
  13. Lorca


    Do you like broccoli? If so, you'll love CD Lorca's kit from the 2013-14 season, which has it on both the shirt and shorts!