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Disgrace! How did Tunisia qualify for World Cup? Nigeria would have done better – Disappointed fans

11:18 PM MYT 26/11/2022
Tunisia vs Australia World Cup.
The Carthage Eagles failed to capitalize on the huge support they enjoyed from fans at Al Janoub Stadium

After Tunisia went down 1-0 to Australia in a Group D match, fans have claimed Nigeria and Egypt would have done better at the World Cup.

The North Africans conceded in the first half and could not get at least an equalizer to avoid defeat. Mitchell Duke's 23rd-minute glancing header made the difference in favour of Australia whose another defeat would have ended their World Cup with a game to spare.

With the win, Australia – who lost to France in their opening match - sparked their campaign and kept their dream of progressing to the Round of 16 much alive.

Meanwhile, Tunisia have failed to score in 53 percent of their matches at the World Cup (9/17), though this is just the second time they've failed to score in their opening two games at a single edition of the tournament, after 1998.

As they struggle for wins and goals, fans have questioned the Carthage Eagles’ quality at the Mundial.

  • Tunisia Australia WC


    How did Tunisia qualify for the World Cup? Nigeria and Egypt could've done better. - @AJ_Onjoro

  • Tunisia World Cup 2022.

    Qatar in disguise

    Not sure what Tunisia had to do to qualify for the World Cup, but the competition leading up to it couldn’t have been of any quality. Just Qatar in disguise. -@DamienDzanic

  • Cornelius Denmark Tunisia

    Below par

    There was nothing to expect from them, not surprised. Qualifying without scoring a goal in the two legs, just a lucky own goal away in Bamako, and a goalless draw at home.

    Even at Afcon [Africa Cup of Nations], their performance was below par. - @TakuChinaz

  • Tunisia vs Australia World Cup.

    Hardly do well

    They hardly do well in tourneys but somehow always manage to qualify, and always qualifying means they get top seed which means they get weaker teams from pots B, C, and D.

    We need pray for Tunisia to get a bad run of form so they stop qualifying for tourneys. - @DualOctane

  • Tunisia vs Australia.


    Tunisia are amazing!

    Just need to work on their short and long passing, shooting, movement off the ball, positioning, crossing, decision-making, set pieces, man-marking, dribbling, fitness, ball control, tackling, counter-attacking, overlapping, running, blocking, and scoring goals. - @Menacee0

  • Denmark vs. Tunisia

    Pain to watch

    Tunisia are bad. They were already a pain to watch against Denmark, but this time they reached the bottom. Weakest team by far, even Costa Rica and Qatar played better than that. - @RachidBenzora

  • Tunisia vs Australia.

    Totally out

    Well done to the Aussies, Tunisia were totally out of it, no way they were going to come back into this, even if the match was played until the end of the World Cup. - @tumza_kby

  • Tunisia vs Australia.

    Just like Potter’s Chelsea

    Tunisia is like Brighton with Graham Potter, where their expected goal is high, but end up goalless. This is what resulted in them being in this position. - @LeaguesLover

  • Tunisia World Cup 2022.


    Tunisia shouldn’t be allowed to qualify for the World Cup anymore. Always disgracing Africa on the world stage. African teams should make sure to knock them out of the qualifying stage. - @92cold_hearted

  • Tunisia World Cup 2022.


    North African teams are a spectacular disappointment in international football, outside Africa.

    A very low point for teams that have existed and played in Fifa competitions for more than 50 years. - @NkosiJeromeZung