Warriors FC coach Azlan Alipah; a man under pressure

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Garena Yong Lions vs Warriors FC 2016 S.League
His team are still in search of their first league win this season and that can't bode too well for the Warriors coach

Warriors FC coach Azlan Alipah is a man under pressure, especially after his team, recorded another loss, to Geylang United despite a good first half showing.

He will definitely feel aggrieved about his team's defeat to the Eagles after his captain Poh Yi Feng was sent off harshly, altering the complexion of the game; in favor of Geylang.

But for a club, the size of Warriors, regular losses can't be tolerated nonchalantly. This is, after all, Singapore's most successful club since the Republic created its professional top-flight league.

Though he may be a coach who is still finding his feet given his age and experience, he must start to rally his troops and this is where he will earn his money, considering the demoralising defeats his players have endured.

For a start, Azlan must fix the goalkeeping department. Both Shahul Rayyan and Riki Kimura have made too many high-profile errors, eroding the confidence of their defense. Whether is it spending extra time doing goalkeeper drills, or other exercises related to handling, Azlan must resolve this issue immediately.

Warriors have some good players such as Ignatius Ang, Gabriel Quak and Emmeric Ong. All of these players should they start performing can propel the team to greater heights. It is up to Azlan to extract the best from them, or the worst is yet to come for him.