Vihiga United cries foul over poor officiating

Stafford Ondego/Goal Kenya.
Vihiga United had to intervene to calm their fans in a high tempered 0-0 draw with Nakumatt

Vihiga United are urging match officials to employ the highest standards in officiating to avoid falling victims of fan violence.

This come a few days after a female match official escaped the warth of fans, who were infuriated by her decision to call off what appeared a genuine goal for Vihiga in a 0-0 draw  against Nakumatt.

Vihiga United officials had to intervene to calm down the charged fans in a high tempered match where the host claimed that they were denied two penalties by the centre referee.

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“The referee was very unfair to us. She called off our goal for an offside; and still went ahead to deny us two clear penalties,” Vihiga United chairman, Indimuli Kahi lamented.

Kahi added: “There was a serious tackle from behind on our player inside the six-yard box and a clear handball later but the referee did nothing.”

Vihiga United will take on Zoo FC in  round six of Kenyan Premier League this weekend.