U-17 World Cup: Ghana’s Fabien Samuel – We feel at home in India

Samuel Kwasi Fabin coach of Ghana U17
The Ghana coach chose not to comment on the overage controversy which shrouds the African nations…

Ghana coach Fabien Samuel stated that he is very much pleased with the preparation ahead of their opening game against Colombia in the Under-17 World Cup.

“I am happy. The last two months we had very good preparation and I am happy with that,” he mentioned.

Ghana have qualified for the Under-17 World Cup after 10 years and coach Samuel was questioned whether other African nations have superseded them.

“I don’t think African teams have taken over us. We are still the leaders and we are here to prove others. It has taken a long time to come here. Every good thing takes time and we are okay. Everybody will see that from tomorrow,” he responded.

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African teams have been blamed for fielding overage players in age group competitions. Samuel refused to give his thoughts on the same.

“I don’t know. I cannot answer this. It’s an allegation. For us, we will do the right thing and hence we are here. If you do the wrong thing, you won’t be here.”

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On being asked about his impressions of India and the pollution levels in Delhi, Samuel admitted that they haven’t yet adjusted to the food.

“I was here in July for the draw. We came to Delhi. It’s a beautiful country, very beautiful vast and diverse. Today the world is a global village. Wherever you go, things work the same as it works all over the world. Not getting used to the food but I hope we will before the end of the competition.

“I see the weather here just like Ghana. There is a lot of sunshine in Ghana. We are at home,” he signed off.