'Time to find a new sport!' - Football fans outraged at proposed new 48-team World Cup format

Gianni Infantino in Nigeria
The proposal to expand the World Cup by an extra 16 teams was met with utter disdain by the football community, who expressed their disappointment online

When Gianni Infantino backed the proposal for the World Cup to be expanded to 48 teams, he probably thought he would please fans by showing them more football. It seems, however, that he could not have been more wrong!

FULL STORY: Infantino backs 48-team World Cup

The revised competition would see 16 groups of three teams compete in the first round, with two progressing to an expanded knockout stage. 

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After the news was announced, football fans took to social media to express their sheer disgust, saying that the new FIFA president has ruined the World Cup.

But at least one Scotland fan was somewhat pleased...!