Subahan to vacate Selangor presidency with pride

According to Selangor's Subahan Kamal, the Selangor Crown Prince Tengku Amir Sultan Sharafuddin will replace him as association president.

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Selangor president Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal on Thursday officially announced that he will resign from the post.

Speaking to the press immediately after an executive committee meeting at the association's office in Kelana Jaya, Subahan confirmed that when he officially vacates his post on July 3 this year, it will likely be taken over by the Selangor Crown Prince Tengku Amir Shah Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah. However, Subahan was quick to add that he is not privy to Tengku Amir's plans for the club.

"It is time for us to transfer the leadership, on July 3 I will hand over the presidency to the Selangor Crown Prince. God willing, he (Tengku Amir) will take over the post.

"It is a good move as he is a young man, experienced but still willing to learn, and he will bring a different approach. I believe the Red Giants will do better," said the Malaysian FA (FAM) deputy president.

He also took the time to clarify that the players are not owed two months' worth of wages, and payment will be made on the following day (Friday).

"Our treasurer has managed the account well. By tomorrow, zero (debt). No overdue salary. 

"In fact we don't owe anybody anything. By tomorrow, all will have been paid. I'm very responsible; when I leave I will make sure all debts and bonuses are settled. I'll hand over (the presidency) with a clean slate," he pointed out.

On top of this, the association will also move its office to a nearby building, according to Subahan.

"Selangor have been around for so long but we have no asset, nothing. The current office is in disarray, it's leaking everywhere, it's very sad. But praise Allah, I've managed to identify a building behind the current place, and within three months we will pay the deposit, sign the documents and move there.

"It will be a proper office, all four stories of it and I'm proud to be completing this during my stint. This will herald better things to come for Selangor," he explained.