Sekagya reveals discussion with Henry on Uganda defender Kizza

Thierry Henry Montreal Impact
The Cranes left-back signed a two-year deal with the MLS side a few days ago

Former Uganda international Ibrahim Sekagya has revealed Montreal Impact coach Thierry Henry called him to enquire about youngster Martin Kizza.

The 20-year-old signed a two-year contract with the Major League Soccer (MLS) side after an impressive run in the Ugandan Premier League with KCCA FC. The due procedure had to be followed before the player was signed and one of them was to get enough information about the left-back.

"[Henry] called me, but we just talked briefly," Sekagya told Daily Monitor.

"He was asking my opinion of the boy, whether I know him and whether he is disciplined.

"Of course I said good things about the boy because he is good; we shall see how things work out for him."

The 39-year-old Sekagya played with Henry at the New York Redbulls in 2013-14. 

"Let us keep our fingers crossed to see the boy [Kizza] makes it through," Sekagya advised.

"It is good he is going to be in good hands... and at least I am in touch with [Henry] frequently. 

"I will try to see how we can push him. I am also in touch with the boy and he seems excited and ready to join the new challenge."  

Kizza will still be at KCCA on loan from his new team owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. He will join the Canadian outfit in December when the situation improves.

In a separate interview, his agent Adamson Mansoor revealed optimism regarding the future of the player.

"Kizza is not staying at Montreal Impact for so long, his goal is to target one of the five big leagues in Europe. Montreal Impact is a platform for him to reach another bigger level.

"He is happy about the choice he made and cannot wait to play in Major League Soccer and I believe that we made the right choice."

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According to the agent, MLS is a good league for his client and believes if the player puts enough effort into the game, he will end up being one of the best defenders.

"MLS is not a step too high or too low, and it has become a good league because they started recruiting young players," he continued.

"Kizza has the potential to become one of the best players in his position if he continues to put in hard work."