Salah saluted by WWE superstar Ali for 'breaking down barriers' beyond football

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The Liverpool forward may be famed for his efforts on the pitch, but his influence around the world now stretches well beyond his sporting field

Mohamed Salah now boasts a reputation that stretches well beyond football, with the Liverpool forward having been hailed by WWE superstar Ali for “breaking down barriers”.

The Egypt international transcends his chosen sport and has become an icon to millions around the world.

It is performances on the field that have helped to carry him to this point, but his efforts away from the pitch have made him much more than a footballer.

His presence on a recent cover of TIME magazine, and inclusion on their list of the most influential people on the planet, highlights how far Salah has come in a short space of time.

Praise has rained down on him for some time as he continues to star in his day job, with another Golden Boot acquired in 2018-19, but he has also been saluted for the inspiration he offers as a person.

Wrestling star and fellow Muslim Ali is among those to have paid homage to the work Salah has done in putting his profile and celebrity standing to good use.

“I'm not a big sports guy, I watch WWE and that's about as far as it goes for me in terms of sport,” Ali told Sky Sports.

“What's awesome about Mo is his representation is so far-reaching. I saw a clip recently where he took his daughter onto the field and the entire stadium erupted.

“You know the reception for her is tied into their love for him and that's what I want to do here.

“I've got a daughter and I've brought her to WWE events and the moment people realised that's my daughter, they gave her a standing ovation.

“It's so cool to break down those barriers.

“Mo Salah is from the same faith as me, he looks like me in certain aspects and what he is doing is inspiring me.

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“Not as a football fan, as a human being I'm thinking 'this guy's awesome' for what he represents.”

While earning plaudits for his efforts off the football field, Salah’s focus is currently locked on that stage.

Liverpool, who missed out on the Premier League title to Manchester City by a solitary point, have a Champions League final date with domestic rivals Tottenham to take in on June 1.