Sakata Ball tournament now changes name

FKF President Nick Mwendwa and Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore
This is the third time that the football tournament is changing name since it was inaugurated in 2009

Safaricom sponsored Sakata Ball is set to kick-off across the country but under a new name.

The ​annual ​tournament​ that w​as plucked off football calendar five years ago, returns to pitches across the country but will now be known as Chapa Dimba.

Another change in the age group competition is that, unlike the previous edition which was open to player between the age of 17-23, this edition will only accommodate players between the age of 16-20. This is the third time that the tournament is changing name since inauguration in 2009.

In the first two editions (2010/2011), it was known as the The Safaricom Soccer Challenge, ‘Live the Dream’ then to Sakata Ball and now Chapa Dimba.