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'Playing is believing' - Konami's all-new PES 2020 delivers realism to football gamers

03:38 GMT+3 23/10/2019
1080x1080 eFootball PES 2020 cover Lionel Messi
PES 2020 features improvements to Master League, added a segment called Matchday and has new online gaming features...

Konami Digital Entertainment Limited has a simple motto that it seeks to deliver to gamers all over the world with the latest release of their award winning product Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2020 – Playing is believing.  

Central to PES’s popularity and widespread acceptance is its push towards an exceptionally high degree of realism in game coupled with fan feedback, through which they deliver a very innovative experience to users. 

The gaming franchise recently won the Game Critics Awards’ ‘Best Sports Game’ title, during Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), 2019. So sharp was Konami’s focus on immersion and authenticity that they listed the help of Andres Iniesta, whose football influence is visible in the game.

PES 2020 features improvements to the all-time favourite Master League, wherein users are thrust the managerial reigns of clubs they must ensure become the top of their division. 

These enhancements are centred in on transfer fees being as realistic as possible, while focus has also been given to players having the freedom to choose accurate responses that suit their personal personality. 

PES has added a segment named Matchday which, in the company’s own words, “seeks to lift the spectator out of the stands and put him on the pitch.” The game enables players to choose one of two teams, as per the latest Derby schedules, and compete against opposition users as part of a weekly event.

Every goal scored, every pass completed and every tackled successfully executed will result in an array of points for every user’s side. At the end of the event, the PES representatives analyse the best performing users from groups and are subsequently chosen as representatives for their side in a grand finale. 

The mega event will see these representatives push their PES limits to ensure their sides come out on top and claim the winners crown. 

Konami have also unveiled online tournaments and eFootbal.Pro, for football fans around the world to enjoy competing against each other. 

Besides the above, PES have also focused on in-game improvements such as finesse dribble (which allows use to weave rings around defenders using heightened agility), a smarter first touch for players depending on a wide variety of factors,better ways to defend and a new technology called context sensitive kick-accuracy, which enables users to shoot or opt for placement.

Konami have left no stone unturned in ensuring accurate player and club representations after acquiring the rights to Juventus’ name, players and Stadium exclusively for the 2020 edition of the game. 

Besides the seasoned Italian giants, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Arsenal and FC Barcelona are clubs who’ve already jumped onto the PES wagon. 

With these introductions to the game, Konami seeks to place PES firmly in the minds and hearts of users with two important tenants to their overarching motto, complete freedom and control.