Perlis' appeal rejected by MFL

Perlis will not be resuming their participation in the Premier League, after they failed to satisfy MFL's financial stipulation.

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Premier League side Perlis' appeal to continue playing in the second tier has been rejected.

In a press statement issued by competitions organiser Malaysian Football League (MFL) on Thursday, the organisation stated that the Northern Lions failed to convince the MFL board that the team still has the financial capability to continue competing.

Perlis had early last week been expelled from the second tier, after the club failed to pay the wages of their players and staff.

They were however allowed a period of seven days to appeal against the decision by MFL, during which Perlis were required to show that they had sufficient balance in their bank account. The period also saw the resignation of association president 'Datuk' Ahmad Amizal Shaifit.

However, the MFL board of members decided on Wednesday that Perlis have failed to meet this requirement.

"They had been informed that an attorney letter must be issued, to acknowledge that they have sufficient funds in their bank account. It was also made clear that the fund or sponsorship must not be conditional on the appeal being accepted.

"...[But] after studying the documents submitted by the association, it came to our attention that the Perlis attorney's letter stated that the sponsor will only issue a sponsorship amounting to RM8 million (USD 1,965,360.00) if the appeal is accepted. This clearly does not meet MFL's stipulation that the funds be deposited first.

"The MFL board decided then to reject Perlis' appeal, which means that their expulsion from the 2019 Premier League will stand," explained the statement.

MFL is expected to announce its decision on the three league matches that Perlis have played next week. It earlier stated that no team will take over the Northern Lions' place in the league, with only 11 teams continuing to participate in Malaysia's second tier.

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