New mechanism for next FAM elections in 2021

The FAM congress has passed a statue change with regards to it's nominees for any election that will come into action in two years time.

Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) are making plans to ensure that any personnel who wishes to assume the biggest responsibilities within the fraternity of the governing body, must represent the interest of a majority of the members associations after changes were made to the way someone can be nominated for the top posts in FAM.

In the past, only one nomination from any of the 19 associations will be sufficient for that person to be able to challenge for any position in FAM including the president role. The latest change will see six nominations required for the president's post, five for the vice-president, four for the deputy-president and two for the executive committee.

Datuk Wira Yusoff Mahadi who is the current vice-president of FAM voiced his pleasure at the acceptance of the proposed change that will hopefully ensure that more qualified personnel will be able to challenge for the top positions in the future.

"There are a few changes that we have done that are in-line with the latest requirements of AFC and FIFA. As for the change in the number of nominations require for to challenge for the top posts, we definitely see a need for the change on top of matching what is required by AFC and FIFA.

"Every time there is a nomination, we do not want to see candidates without credibility competing. If we see in the past for example, there were 18 nominations for one candidate and only just the one for the other candidate, which still enabled that person to challenge for the president's post.

"That goes to show that the candidate does not have enough credibility to compete for the president's post because that is a big job with big responsibilities. We feel that there is a need for the candidates for the bigger posts to be someone who is active and have the support of the respective associations. This is also to avoid the big roles to be a mockery," said Yusoff in the press conference after the congress.

The proposed change was requested to be amended by Datuk Seri Afandi Hamzah who suggested a new voting mechanism that will see the any new president requiring only a simply majority win rather than the previous two-thirds majority win that was also approved by the congress.

In the 55th FAM congress held on Saturday morning, manager of PDRM FA Dato Kamarul Ariffin was also elected into the executive committee, replacing Subkhiddin Mohd Salleh who resigned from the position last year. Kamarul edged out Syed Yazid in the process to garner 25 votes from the 39 available.


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