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'I'm mentally exhausted' - Lorenzo Insigne explains 'f*ck you' outburst at Toronto FC supporters as ex-Napoli star hits out at 'unjustified' criticism of his MLS performances

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  • Insigne apologised for outburst
  • Swore at Toronto FC fans last week
  • Insigne frustrated by criticism

WHAT HAPPENED? The Italian international was seen shouting back at Toronto FC fans after being targeted with insults during the club's MLS fixture against FC Cincinnati last week. Insigne, who was not part of the matchday squad, screamed, "Hey, f*ck you. Respect" at the audience before heading back to his seat. The forward has now apologised for his sudden outburst and explained what triggered his strong reaction.

WHAT THEY SAID: Addressing the Toronto FC fans, Insigne said: "I knew that was irresponsible and I shouldn't have behaved that way. But while I was sitting there taking these insults, my family was there, my kids were there. They were crying. They thought something was going to happen to me and I kind of reacted as a father, not as a player. I'm a professional. I know these things should not happen. And I apologise again to all the fans of Toronto. And this won't happen again."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: He also added that he has been left frustrated with the criticism he has received for his MLS performances this season despite being injured for a prolonged period.

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He said: "This is the first time that something like this has ever happened to me, that I'm receiving all these insults that I believe are unjustified — that I'm here just for the money when I'm not. This has been very difficult for me mentally because I'm coming off an injury from (a game against) [Inter] Miami. And I can't understand why something like this would happen. I'm mentally exhausted."

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WHAT NEXT? Toronto will be next seen in action on Wednesday when they take on Charlotte in MLS.