Managerless club rules out applications based on Football Manager

Football Manager 2017
Non-league Altrincham Football Club are seeking a new boss...but real-life experience of coaching is a must


Applying for top managerial jobs based on achievements on Football Manager is a common joke, made famous by Middlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson's brilliant 2006 response to applicant John Boileau, who included "Signing Thierry Henry, Raul and Fernando Torres as the three main strikers at Doncaster" as among his achievements.

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But managerless non-league club Altrincham aren't playing along, after ruling out applications based on Football Manager or Championship Manager credentials on Twitter.

The Greater Manchester club, who play in the National League North, are seeking a replacement for Jim Harvey, who left the club on Tuesday, but they will only be considering candidates with real-life football experience, which will surely narrow the field considerably.

It's also likely that their tweet will only inspire mischievous FM- or CM-addicts to flood them with CVs...