Kibu Vicuna: You can't play good football in these conditions

Mohun bagan
It has been raining heavily in Ludhiana and the pitch conditions at the Guru Nanak Stadium is far from optimum...

Kibu Vicuna is a concerned man as Mohun Bagan are set to play Punjab FC on a pitch that the coach thinks would suit 'water polo' more than football. It has been raining incessantly in Ludhiana and the pitch at the Guru Nanak Stadium has become virtually unplayable. 

"It is not possible to play football in these conditions. If the ball is not running then how do you play football? They don't suit any team. We are not playing water polo. It is very wet conditions. The training ground was okay but I don't know about the main ground. Whether it is possible to play good football in these conditions. But I hope that the weather changes for the better in the next 24 hours. The cold is not a problem as we played in similar conditions in Kashmir," commented the coach. 

Both Bagan and Minerva come into this match in a good vein of form and the Spaniard is not willing to take the former I-League champions lightly. 

"You have two teams who are in good form. Punjab are not losing games. They scored in the last moment against Aizawl whereas against TRAU they had some more chances to score. This is a tough competition and there are lots of differences between the teams." 

Although Mohun Bagan had played in similar conditions during the Calcutta Football League (CFL), Vicuna believes that it would not matter as one cannot play football on these kinds of pitches. 

In spite of these constraints, he is not willing to leave the pitch without three points and also made it clear that he believes that throughout the league his team has been playing good football although results have not been favourable in the first two matches. 

"The problem was results. I don't think we had many problems with the team in the beginning. We were playing well. We played a good first half against Aizawl and in the second game we conceded too many goals. We are improving and tomorrow will be a tough match. They have a good team and they are playing well. But our objective is to get the points again," concluded the coach.