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‘It is possible’, MFM’s Fidelis Ilechukwu fires exit warning

20:42 GMT+3 11/09/2018
MFM vs. Kwara United
The Olukoya Boys gaffer has expressed his disgust at the goings on in the club and has offered to review his association with the team soon

MFM head coach, Fidelis Ilechukwu has revealed that he is unsure about his immediate plans with the Olukoya Boys after the club's shock exit in the Federation Cup Round of 64 to Sokoto United on Monday in Lokoja.

Ilechukwu shortly after the game disclosed that he will make public his decision about his future in the coming days but that he is miffed at the goings on the club and won’t mind ending his 12 years association with the club if things are not properly run.

The 2018 Caf Champions League representatives were eliminated by National League powerhouse, Sokoto United at the Confluence Stadium, Lokoja on Monday and Olukoya Boys tactician blamed the club management for their defeat.

He expressed his disgust at the ill-timed decision of the club to allow key members of the team to leave shortly before their exit from the Caf Champions League and other issues that could jeopardise the existence of the club if not properly checked. 

“That is football and that is why they called it the Challenge Cup. It is a competition where they small teams give the supposed big team hard time,” Ilechukwu told media.

“We created a lot of scoring chances but we were unable to convert them. Yes, I knew that the game would be difficult because I got information about how physical they are. I told the boys about it. At the same time, you just have to do your best. It is the end of the road for MFM in the Federation Cup and there is nothing one can do about it.

“For now I think I need to go on a little break and then try to have a proper look about my future. It is very important. This is my 12th year with MFM and whatever is going to happen maybe in few days I will make my decision known. But know that a leader without a successor is not a good leader.

“Honestly speaking it is very possible. Because I am not happy with the way things are happening in the club after our continental engagement when we lost almost 11 players with six of them in the starting 11. No club tries it without going into relegation. Me I cannot continue this way because I know what it takes to raise the profile of a team.

“It is not good to lead a club to promotion and still remain in charge to return them to the lower league. You must always stand on the path of truth and always say the truth. Part of the problem we faced at MFM this season was because of the way the management managed the team. I thank God for the grace he has given us to sustain ourselves in the league until the end of the season.

“I am a human with feelings. Every time I have always been hiding because I don’t want to talk. I am been keeping quiet all these while. The game we lost (against Sokoto United) it was the management that lost it. It was not due to the fault of the players or the coaches.

“Before God and man, Dr D.K Odukoya is a man of God you will like to work with for the rest of your life because he has done everything for me. He has given me all that I needed to stand but at the same time, you reach a certain level that you have to be consistent. My blood is MFM and so is my family but at the same time, I want to remain at the top level.

“I cannot be having up and down. It is not good for me. I have not said I have resigned but I am telling you for now that it is important I take a rest. If I have to still remain with MFM, the club must do things right. I must work with a condition and they must do things right. I can’t work with the kind of condition I worked this season with the players and the team next season.”