'Griezmann got away with it' - Mahrez’s disallowed penalty vs Man City divides football fans

The Leciester City attacker accidentally touched the ball twice during his spot kick against Manchester City, seeing his effort correctly ruled out

Leicester City winger Riyad Mahrez put the ball in the net from the spot against Manchester City, but saw his penalty ruled out in controversial circumstances after touching the ball with both feet when kicking it goalwards.

Referee Bobby Madley immediately whistled to award City a free-kick, leading many people to question what just happened.

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The reaction online agreed with Madley's decision, with most fans shocked to see the penalty ruled out after Atletico Madrid's Antoine Griezmann had gotten away with a very similar incident in the Champions League.

Mahrez was visibly disappointed after the decision, but Manchester City fans were delighted as it helped their side's Champions League chances.


But why was Mahrez's penalty disallowed, and should he have been allowed to retake the penalty? After all, you can pass the ball to a team-mate to score, but not to yourself!

The FIFA Laws of the Game and the FA's rulebook both contain explicit rulings on infringement, feinting during the run-up, and everything else regarding penalty taking.

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Mahrez's effort fell under this ruling whereby the following is outlawed: "the kicker touches the ball again before it has touched another player."

The correct decision in this instance is to award an indirect free-kick to the opposing team, which is exactly the decision that referee Madley made.

However, despite the rules being the same for everyone, some people were still annoyed at the decision.