Government now threatens to stop AFC Leopards elections set for June 23

Goal Kenya.
Sport Registrar orders Ingwe to adhere to specific rules before the club can proceed with the exercise set for June 23

The Kenyan government has given tough conditions to AFC Leopards which must be followed before the club's elections on June 23.

In a letter signed by a member of the Sports Registrar, Rose Wasike, and obtained by Goal, the government also vowed to stop the exercise if the conditions are not met before the date of the elections.

“There are complaints to this office from stakeholders that the Panel appointed to deal with your elections is not independent,” stated the letter.

“Further, it is alleged that the list of members is not all inclusive as it leaves out several registered and life members.

“It is my request that you appoint an Independent Panel of five members to deal with the organizing your elections and submit their names indicating what they do, where they work and their contacts.

“Such persons should not be drawn from any Sports Organization/Association or club and neither should they be athletes among others; that is why they should be independent like IEBC or any other independent body/persons.

“It is also my request that you submit a list of all the members of AFC Leopards (life and registered) indicating their legal status (whether full paid-up members or not.

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“Finally, it is my request that you submit the names of those vying for various positions plus all their clearance certificates as required under paragraph 20(2) (f) of the Sports Registrar’s Rules and Regulations of September 2, 2016.

“Please note that failure to do so will leave this office with no option but to cancel the elections scheduled to take place on June 23.”

The move by the government to intervene comes just a few days after one of the aspirants – Boniface Ambani – moved to court to stop exercise, arguing that he was being blocked from contesting the chairmanship post.